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Published: Thursday, July 10 2014 1:50 p.m. MDT

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IRS Agent

Mr. Iske doesn't know what he's talking about, because Chris B. said that Brandon doesn't have NBA level talent. I'm sure there must be some mistake.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@IRS Agent

Yes, because averaging 2.8 ppg and shooting 64% from the free throw line clearly demonstrate NBA-level talent.

Just like Jimmer, he will be playing in Europe within 5 years.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT


No need to bring it up what chrissy said

Just hang in there Davies

IRS Agent

@ Sir Robin

That's great. If he stays in the league for five years, he will have had a longer than average NBA career. Nothing wrong with that.

By the way, how long did your professional sports career last?

Layton, UT

Success to Brandon. His humility and hard work is admirable.

Omaha, NE

There is always a place for a part time role player who works hard and doesn't command much money. Somebody has to be in spots 8-10. I think he will do fine in that role. That said not sure where the writer came up with former BYU star. Yes he was a starter but somebody needs to define star, he had plenty of games he struggled in.

South Jordan, UT

Brandon Davies is a great success story in BYU basketball and in life!

Our best to you, Brandon. Go show 'em!

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