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Published: Thursday, July 10 2014 1:15 p.m. MDT

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one old man
Ogden, UT

We need to find out if the weapons used were purchased legally by this guy. It appears that he had only a record of misdemeanors. If that is the case, he could have had legal "rights" to possess the gun(s).

But remember, we don't need any reform of our Second Amendment "rights" to kill any time we want to.


LaVerkin, Utah

Lets hope that Texas does what it has in the past. Fast justice and equally fast execution. The perpetrator deserves execution which he would probably never get in Utah unfortunately. But, he is in Texas now, and lets hope Texas does not let us down.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country and one of the highest murder rates. These "anti-gun" laws only affect law-abiding people. Criminals, like this guy will break every restraining order and law to do what he wants anyway as seen here, including getting a weapon illegally, if necessary.
The 2nd Amendment, like the 1st Amendment for freedom of speech applies to all citizens, whether we agree with the speech or not, whether we want to own a gun or not.
The criminals and mentally deranged are the problem. The tool they used is not the criminal, unless you want to ban all knifes, hammers, cars, ad infinitum...

Born in Bountiful
Provo, Utah

So when will we recognize the need for greater mental health services and the need to suspend the gun rights of the mentally ill?

Seriously people
Columbus, NE, NE

It doesn't matter what weapon he used. He could have killed them with anything. The problem is we don't take domestic violence seriously. Restraining orders are just a piece of paper if they are not enforced.

raleigh, NC

Why is this discussion about gun rights? This was the first reported use of a gun. As for mental health, he was to get an examination so he could be with his kids, but he didn't undergo that. Can't one be ordered?

The man was reported a hands on physical threat to the ex-wife, to his own mother and sister. The court had ample opportunity to see that the man was dangerous and threatening. What did the court do, restraining orders and all? Nothing that took control of the man, just took away powers from him.

By fleeing to a shelter, the wife protected herself & her kids, but what did that do to the husband? Not being with the children inflamed him, adn the served order on the day of the murders, set him off.

What does a violent man have to do to have the court stop him before acting out?

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

It's time to take the guns away from guys like this. He loses his rights when he becomes violent.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

If he had been dealt with properly by the State of Utah or the State of California no one would be dead in the State of Texas. Horribly tragic story. I pray for the surviving girl.

This article is very confusingly organized.

Orem, UT

Ann Blake Tracy, the only “therapy” the article refers to is a court-ordered evaluation warranted by Haskell's violent behavior. There is no indication that he ever received antidepressant medication or even professional remedial therapy.

It seems that when a story such as this is reported, someone will show up in the DN comments to claim antidepressants as the cause of the perpetrator's actions. It happened when the Joshua Boren story was first reported, and yet in the last few days we learned that no medications were found in his body. But we never see those commenters come back to admit their speculations were wrong. Some people willfully overlook the most likely cause, mental illness, in order to promote their anti-meds agenda.

You make some bold claims about antidepressants but provide no citations to support them. You also refer to yourself as “Dr.” What exactly are your credentials in this area?

Farmington, Utah

Why do we call him an ex-Utahn? How about an ex-Californian, since that is where he lived last?
I lived in Arizona for a few years, but don't call myself an ex-Arizonian. Just wondering.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Why was this man free to continue his violent behavior? He attacked people. He was violent in the presence of children. I fail to understand how a protective order was adequate to stop this threat to the community. He needed to be in prison with those that had also been violent. Is violence upon your spouse less a threat to society than if he would have randomly walked into a place of business and started hitting strangers? Read the frightening history in this story. No home, no community and no society should have the least bit of tolerance when it comes to abuse--whether that be to family or strangers. To me, this is the true story. This is the honest and hardline question that must be answered by our society. We need to take a hardline with the judicial system about this. We need to let them know that we expect to be protected from people with such violent historys by removing their presence and putting them behind bars. Help them to understand society takes their violence seriously. A piece of paper is not adequate in stopping someone with this kind of frightening behavior.

Riverton, UT

Another shooting,, very sad for this family.. Obviously this fellow had problems.. It is unfortunate that we can't zap up a solution to regulate crazy.. It just doesn't work.. Who gets to decide the criteria?

If someone demonstrates (like this fellow) a violent act.. the system already flags them and the NICS / FBI background check will deny the purchase of a firearm through a FFL. If a person is on meds,, does that revoke their right to own?

Anyone who has purchased a gun legally knows that the FBI /NICS application for a firearm specifically queries the purchaser as to any.. domestic violence convictions..felonies, citizenship,,etc.. The article stated that this fellow had priors with domestic violence, a judge was involved so one would think that his problems are of record. If not, the system broke down,, like the Navy yard shooter..

Some folks here tend to believe,, guns are the problem.. I disagree,, the facts do not support it.. This fellow could have used any weapon to inflict harm and death on his estranged family..

We will have to learn more as the "facts' actually manifest themselves..

Carson City, NV

Good example of the failure of our judicial system in domestic violence cases. Good example of the failure of this country to protect its citizens. Good example of bad gun control laws.

Kearns, UT

Texas can't execute this guy fast enough. Killing people that are totally and completely innocent and not even involved in his problems is beyond the pale.

Ivins, UT

Chicago DOES NOT have the toughest gun laws in the country. The Chief of Police has been calling for tougher gun laws for a long time. In the meanwhile, the murders continue.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Bottom line: Guns DO kill people. If this perp had been armed with a knife, yes, someone would likely be dead. But not 6. The time it takes to kill someone with a knife or another object would have given the others time to escape. A gun is a much more efficient killing tool than any other legal device.


Guns don't kill people. People kill people. In this case a sick and violent man did this horrific act. Let's fix the people problem and stop trying to legislate something that won't work, is costly, and unconstitutional.

Alpine, UT

If coming to the door of the victim's house dressed as a Fed Ex employee doesn't show pre meditation, I don't know what does.

Magna, UT

I want to say how thankful I am for the atonement of Jesus Christ. Our temporal experiences are all directly related to the great plan of salvation that was ordained before the foundations of this world and the effects of the fall of Adam are all around us. Lucifer seeks the destruction of us all and is the cause of intense misery and woe when anyone chooses wickedness over faith and obedience. The great blessing is the knowledge of the redemption made effective through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We must have hope in the face of such awful misery.

I pray and hope for all who are affected by this tragedy an over abundance and added measures of hope and comfort by the Holy Ghost and an overshadowing of Love from the Savior and Redeemer.

Logan, UT

Here we live in a country more willing to watch people shoot and kill each other than give up their so called right to bear arms. Australia set a good example when they said no more after their shooting in Port Arthur. Guns do kill people. Why else were handguns made? Or assault rifles? In fact 3/4ths of murders in the US are committed with a firearm, and yet we're unwilling to bury the weapons of war. For members of the church in particular, it's even more sad considering the many times in the book of Mormon where they were more willing to beat their weapons into plowshares and bury them beneath the earth than say it was some right of their's. Shame on us for allowing people like this to be able to obtain firearms.

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