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Published: Thursday, July 10 2014 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

Of the potential adds to the Big 12, BYU is the only school that does generate the positive financial flow to the conference to be considered for addition. UCF, Cincinatti and a couple of other institutions don't quite add the financial value to make a 12 way split of revenues. That is what the main problem is. Finding a partner school for BYU to include in the Big 12 is the major hurdle.

West of I15, UT

@BIG AL...."BYU proves year after year that it can compete well against the Power 5 institutions (only one of the reasons the most recent snub by the SEC is ridiculous). Keep the Independent status, and keep being a fly in their proverbial ointment!"

LOL, thank you for that laugh this morning I really needed it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

"Of the potential adds to the Big 12, BYU is the only school that does generate the positive financial flow to the conference to be considered for addition. UCF, Cincinatti and a couple of other institutions don't quite add the financial value to make a 12 way split of revenues. That is what the main problem is. Finding a partner school for BYU to include in the Big 12 is the major hurdle."

Yeah, that's it, Jeff. Realignment has come and gone 3 or 4 times and byu and their fans are still on the outside saying..."if only there was another team as worthy as us..."

Huge LOL!, Jeff. Just huge.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

To our jealous little brothers:

The numbers don't lie

1 National Championship > none

1 Heisman Trophy > none

15 National Individual Awards > none

6 National Hall of Fame Players > none

17 AP Top 25 Finishes > 5

32 Bowls > 17

11 11+ Win Seasons > 2

16 10+ Win Seasons > 6

410-214-4 (66%) > 323-269-4 (55%)

29 head-to-head wins > 23

Not only has BYU been better lifetime and overall during the last 52 years (WAC/MWC/Ind/PAC era), it's an indisputable FACT that BYU has been SIGNIFICANTLY better than our little brothers.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I guess Duckhunter's comment got removed before I had a chance to read it, but from what others have said in response to him I gather he believes we all live in fear of BYU getting into the Big 12. Many others have responded to refute that and I want to add my name to that list. I would love to see BYU in the Big 12. Not only for the better opportunities that would provide them, but also so their fans can be put in the same situation Utah and TCU have experienced. It won't be any easier for BYU than anyone else to make that jump.

Payson, UT

"Independence is a great place to launch from."

By being independent, we are losing the image of not being a very good member of whatever conference we belong to. This allows us to negotiate with the big conferences without the fear they will call up other members of our current conference. For references (The big conferences never accepted our line that the other conference members were just jealous of our unparalleled success anyways)

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Y Grad/Y Dad, until BYU goes public with their numbers or someone manages to gain access and leak them, you are just speculating. But since you opened the door, let's throw a little more speculation into that. I'd wager that BYU's facilities are heavily subsidized by the Church, since most of their athletic facilities serve dual purposes. Take the Marriott Center for example. More Church meetings are held there in a year's time than basketball games . The Church probably pays the bulk of the maintenance on that building. Other facilities are also used by the general student body who pay student fees for that privilege. Many people consider student fees to be a subsidy and at the U they run about $9 million a year, so that puts a dent in your $10 million surplus. Also, athletes scholarships at BYU are also subsidized by the Church, since the tuition amount they use is the member rate.

Layton, UT

Y's little brother,

Today, 1 P5 membership > none, trumps everything you just posted.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Y's little brother

Not only better overall during the last 52 years, but better recently, during the Bronco/Kyle era:

TWICE as many AP Top finishes
Bronco 4, Kyle 2

THREE times as many 11+ win seasons
Bronco 3, Kyle 1

TWICE as many conference championships
Bronco 2, Kyle 1

More Bowls
Bronco 9, Kyle 7

Better overall record
Bronco 82-34 (71%), Kyle 75-39 (66%)

Higher Sagarin rating
Bronco 5, Kyle 4

Anaheim, CA


Being a perennial bottom dweller in a P5 doesn't make you any better than Indiana, Washington St, Vanderbilt, and many other P5 bottom dwellers who are nothing more than convenient punching bags for the big boys of their conferences.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I may be in the minority as a Ute fan in this opinion, but I think independence was a good move by BYU. Like Utah and every other school in the MWC our exposure was being stifled by the garbage TV deal Craig Thompson agreed to. So was TV revenue. Utah took the opportunity offered to get out and BYU needed to get out too. By going independent BYU has gained more exposure and increased their TV revenue. They seem to now acknowledge it was only an intermediate step and that makes sense. They may have burned some bridges in the MWC, but who cares about the MWC anymore. That conference is now behind both Utah and BYU and we should be looking toward the future, without the MWC.

Orem, UT

Mormon Ute

Thank you for your honest assessment.

Given the changing landscape of college football, Independence isn't ideal, but it's still far superior for BYU football than remaining in the MWC would have been.

It's impossible to predict how things will play out, but I still think BYU is better positioned to remain relevant in the playoff era as an Independent, than as a member of a non-P5. Of course, being in a P5 would certainly make life easier from a scheduling perspective.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

e kute

"Today, 1 P5 membership > none, trumps everything you just posted."

Only in your crimson-colored dreams does simply being a member of any conference trump a national championship, a Heisman Trophy, or any of BYU's other accomplishments on a national scale.


I will probably disappoint fans of both the Cougars and Utes, but here is some objective information, and some of my opinions on what it means:

Since joining the Pac 12, Utah has gone 11-18 against Big 5 teams. The Utes have gone 1-6 against Big 5 opponents who finished the season ranked.

Since joining the Big 12, TCU has gone 7-14 against Big 5 teams. The Horned Frogs have gone 1-6 against Big 5 opponents who finished the season ranked.

Since going independent, BYU has gone 6-11 against Big 5 teams (including Notre Dame and TCU who is now a Big 12 member). The Cougars have gone 0-5 against Big 5 opponents who finished the season ranked.

BYU has gone 0-4 against Utah (0-3) and TCU (0-1) since going independent.

My conclusions:

Utah and TCU have proven that competing in a Big 5 conference is much more difficult than playing in the MWC.

There is no evidence to support that BYU would compete more successfully in a Big 5 conference than those two teams have.

Utah has a long ways to go before they can be considered a consistent contender in the Pac 12.

Layton, UT

Well then, it seems that independence or membership in a mid-major conference are the only viable options for byu since the are recently owned by a "perennial bottom dweller".

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

Whiney utah "fans" complain about my posts and get them removed on occasion, there was no reason for it to be removed, I don't think the mods even check them, if a complaint is lodged they just do it.

As for my assertion, well I am correct, utah "fans" do fear it, it terrifies them. You can say it doesn't worry you, fine, whatever, but the majority of utah "fans" are terrified by that possibility.

It is simple, the one and only thing utah has to offer that could be considered superior to what BYU offers is their pac12 memebership, there is nothing else. If that one and only advantage is gone what can utah possibly offer recruits, especially local and LDS recruits, to keep them away from BYU? BYU already gets more top rated recruits than utah does, and it really isn't very close, if it returns to the days of BYU getting almost all of the best local recruits that would damage what little chance utah has to be even vaguely competitive.

Yes utah "fans" fear it, as does chris hill, kyle whittingham, larry krystkowiak, etc..

Palo Alto, CA



Only in the mind of a delusional, crimson glasses wearer.

The truth is the Utes have simply gotten lucky in winning some recent very close games.

With just a play or two in 2005, 2010, 2012, and 2013, Bronco could very easily be 7-2 versus Kyle.

Overall, the Bronco/Kyle era record speaks for itself,

BYU has more AP Top 25 finishes, more conference championships, more 11+ win seasons, more bowl games, and a better overall record.

Anaheim, CA


The playoff era starts in 2014.

You're only fooling yourself if you think that BYU's head-to-head record with Utah will be even a tiny factor when the playoff committee starts evaluating BYU's playoff resume.

The fact that you think that BYU's head-to-head record with Utah will be a factor speaks more to your little brother status, than it does to BYU's playoff potential.

Layton, UT


Yep. "OWNED"!
I doubt that anybody in Alabama would deny the Tide was owned by the Utes on Jan. 2, 2009.

That style of rationalization only happens in happy valley.

West Point , UT

This is just amazing to me. How do Utah fans like MyPerspective take everything I say and completely twist it around to make BYU look bad? Look MP, it's not me saying BYU needs a partner it's fans of the Big 12 on blogs and writers on espn & CBS sports. I know you would like to pretend that BYU is the lowest of low and adds no value but it's time to wake up from nappy time and see reality. BYU does add value, and most ADs recognize that...there's no one else that does. This is a legitimate concern for BYU fans. I listed several other problems BYU realistically faces which you chose to conveniently ignore. Btw, I feel the same about you...most of the time I respect your opinion then there are times you just act like a hater with blinders on.

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