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Published: Thursday, July 10 2014 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Alaskan Ute
Fairbanks, AK

Culturally, having lived in TX, I think BYU would fit in with the Big-12, realizing that the Big-12 includes schools outside TX. It's a very conservative atmosphere. Having attended Big-12 games, it's a great atmosphere with knowledgeable fans.

As other have stated, BYU should have tried harder years ago to get into the Big-12. As a Ute fan, I don't expect to go to the Rose Bowl on an annual basis, but love to see the Utes compete against PAC 12 competition on a regular basis (please don't show your idiocy by starting the anti PAC 12 rants).

While I'm a Ute, my daughter currently attends BYU and 4 of my siblings graduated from BYU - I'm not a BYU hater. Joining the BIG-12 would certainly make me more interested in watching their games on a more regular basis as the Big-12 is a great conference.

Go Utes!

Springville, UT

Can we give this Big 12 non-story a rest?

The Big 12 is not interested in BYU because the Cougars don't bring enough to the table for it to be worth discussion by the conference.

Enough already.

Next story...

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

"You utah "fans" dread the possibilities of this ever happening, it terrifies you, and that is what makes it fun."

Don't count me in that group. I would love to see BYU in the BIG-12 because the state of Utah would become one of the greatest places for college football in the nation. Having the elite Big-12 and PAC-12 programs visiting stadiums 45 minutes from each other on a regulate basis would be awesome.

Provo, UT

What will tomorrows BYU story be? I believe that there is more angst in cougar land than most realize, they to can see where it's all heading. Pipe dreams won't help what's coming!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Alpine Coug:

"Ekute: Spin it anyway you want, the MWC would kill to have BYU back as their cornerstone program. BYU will never ever willingly choose to return to the MWC."

Spin it anyway you want, but the MWC would never invite the cougars back to join their conference. You'd burned too many bridges to return to the MWC. If you want to make a case for Y rejecting the MWC rather than the MWC having absolutely NO interest in the Y, then do so after they invite you back. If they don't invite you back...well that speaks volumes!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


Thanks for proving my points: Ute fans feel superior because of conference affiliation and are obsessed enough with BYU to comment on their articles (and they have increased significantly in number, I can tell; is the state of UofU football really in that bad of shape?).

It looks like Duckhunter is right about the Ute fans' worst nightmare being BYU getting a P5 conference invite.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Personally I think BYU fits in the Big 12. Wouldn't mind seeming them end up their. That being said, is the Big 12 willing to add another Texas size ego to their mix? No idea, we will have to wait a while if Fox Sports is right:

"Despite persistent rumors and rumblings since the Big 12 settled on 10 members, expansion is assuredly not on the agenda ... BYU, spurned by the ACC and SEC's recent scheduling announcements, won't be sneaking in a back door at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Irving, Texas to make its case for membership now or at any foreseeable point in the future."

-- Fox Sports Southwest

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I'm not sure how this works geographically. Are the proposing football only? Is the Big 12 willing to do that? It would be hard on the non-revenue sports.

Does this really work financially? Does BYU really bring enough extra views to make the pie big enough that each slice of the current ten members won't be less? Are their any hard numbers on this?

It would be interesting for the sports writers at the Deseret News to put together an article called "The Case for BYU in the BIG 12" with real numbers on these and other issues. I think television rights, and "no Sunday Play" would have to be accounted for. Other than the last issue, it would seem everything else is negotiable. It seems like everyone is simply sniping and talking in broad generalities.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Riverton Cougar


"That can't be right can it? We've been told over and over that BYU would be competitive in a P5 league. Didn't Phil Steel rank BYU in the middle of the pack of P5 leagues this year?"

Well, that's certainly better than what Utah has done, so I wouldn't talk. Besides, being in the middle is pretty close to being competitive; is the #5 team in the Big 12 considered to be competitive?


My bad, please remind me again what year did BYU finish #5 in the Big 12?

* BYU played 7 P5 games in one season for the first time in 2013. The results? BYU finished 2-5.

* Utah played 11 P5 games in one season for the first time in 2011. The results? Utah finished 6-5.

Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

The Y will be fine. Conference alignment isn't finished, and the playoffs are just getting started. P5 doesn't go into a 4 team playoff. Something will give. I can't see a change to only 4 power conferences. I wonder about 6 power conferences, as any conference with more than 12 teams becomes unwieldy. I do see the playoff quickly becoming 8 teams, that way you have each of the p5 with a rep and 3 at large teams. Right now I am glad BYU has remained indy for two reasons. First, we aren't ready for a p5 schedule, but through independence we can slowly build to that level through scheduling and better recruiting through our national TV exposure. Second, we wouldn't want to end up like BSU having to back out of something and then pay a lot of money for nothing. If we start winning against the P5 schools we will either get an invite to a power conference or be one of those 8 teams when the playoffs are expanded. We can learn to swim in the shallow end first. Our neighbor to the north chose the deep end first and it isn't pretty to watch.

Palo Alto, CA


"You utah "fans" dread the possibilities of this ever happening, it terrifies you, and that is what makes it fun."

News of BYU joining the Big 12 would send shock waves through Utedom creating a panic attack.

Utah fans know that BYU would be far more successful in the Big 12, than our little brothers have been in the PAC 12.


"BYU joining the Big 12 would send shock waves through Utedom creating a panic attack. Utah fans know that BYU would be far more successful in the Big 12, than our little brothers have been in the PAC 12"


BYU fans, always superior to Utah in hypothetical situations, but never on the field.

I would love to see BYU catch up to Utah and join a major conference. Having two P5 teams that close to home, in different conferences would make things even more interesting, and it would be great for the state.

In the mean time though, the entitled whining / desperation from some of the fans and coaches continues to be entertaining.

Frisco, TX

If BIG XII is forced to have 12 to have a CCG, UCF and BYU have the be the logical choices. It's all about money and recruiting, and none of the other schools have as much to offer as these two.

If BIG XII gets a bye, and is allowed to operate with 10 teams, I expect a couple of the other conferences to shed some dead wood to get back to 10 increase revenue share with the bigger name schools in the conference.

If P5 separate themselves from the other conferences, I expect big realignment in the non P5 conferences. Look for a new conference that plucks the best schools from the non P5 to make a new conference that will be able to compete at the P5 level. Imagine a conference with BYU, Boise, SDSU, Houston, Cincy, UCF, Conn, SMU, Air Force, USU, CSU, S Florida.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I've heard speculation that BYU's athletic department runs about a $10 mil surplus. Maybe if you think traditionally, there is no financial incentive for the Big 12 to go to 12 members. I gotta think with what BYU DOES bring to the table, plus $10 mil to play with, there oughta be a creative way to make BYU financially appealing.

Time to think outside the box. If ESPN money was extra to what the Big 12 already has, there should be a way to keep (increase) our exposure, increase the ESPN revenue and buy our way into a scheduling arrangement, as a full member, football-only member or invited guest.

If they didn't have to share their pie with BYU, maybe a win-win can be structured.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Glad to see little brother utes moved on!

West Jordan, Utah

Obviously the BIG 12 is the first choice but independence is the best option for the present despite its' follies.

A good number of BYU fans still think independence is the answer, but most see it as an eventual disaster if college football continues to morph itself more and more into an elitist capitalist entity. This is ironic considering most cougar fans are in favor of everything capitalistic.

Right now though, BYU gets to play a few profile games with 'exposure' which leaves them ripe for 10 win seasons. The majority of their schedule is against extremely weak cream puffs though. The bowl game thing is a lock, but it is not the game that really excites anyone. On the other hand, the hyped bowl games are probably just as likely for BYU as for Utah, if not more so. Basically, if BYU is a good football team, they have a chance to run the table with the current schedule. Utah doesn't have a prayer to do that. But if the stars align for the Utes, they could win the conference if parity produces a number of losses for each PAC 12 team. Dreaming of roses.

West Jordan, Utah

I have been listening to Trevor Matich for years. He is consistently biased towards BYU. He may say what fans want to hear but his inductive reasoning is flawed.

never break .500
Los Angeles, CA

the problem with the Ute fan argument that "no one wants BYU" is it is proved silly by the ESPN contract given the Cougars. No credible sports fan can say that ESPN was too naive to figure out if BYU brings eyeballs and is a national brand….you trolls are just being silly. Now if you want the truth, the vast majority of college football fans are uncertain of the difference between Utah and Utah State…not sure of their shifting mascot and more importantly, don't care if their games are broadcast unless played against USC or Oregon…Go Utah University Aggies or whatever.

Sandy, UT

ute fans .. before you start feeling all high and mighty, you should realize that utah only has 9 wins against 14 losses against current Big 12 teams. Also, the utes only went 2-7 against P5 teams last year. Reality comes crashing down sometimes doesn't it ?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

If the BIG 12 expands they will head East not West. The order of precedence:

1. UConn (TV market rank: #30)
2. Cincinnati (#34)
3. UCF (#19)
4. BYU (#33)

Source: Brett McMurphy (ESPN)

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