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Published: Thursday, July 10 2014 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

BYU is good for the present but needs to look bigger and at a conference affiliation. And that's what they've been doing. They haven't been keeping quiet on the subject and waiting like there's no problem with remaining independent. They've been actively looking for ways to improve their situation and will continue to do so. Good for the BYU AD and Dept for keeping this in the news so much, now some execution on the field will go a long way. Go Cougars!

salt lake city, UT

Won't they have to stay independent unless they're willing to play events on Sunday?

Why, AZ

They could always return to their glory days in the Mountain West. I could see that happening if they don't get in with the Big 12. The Ute's could also come back to the Mountain West to make it 14 teams and then they both can become more relevant.


“I think BYU in the Big 12 makes a lot of sense. It makes sense geographically but it also makes sense from a football standpoint,” Matich said.

Really? The closest school is what, Texas Tech? And then you also have to consider Sunday play. Baseball, basketball, golf, etc. are played on Sundays. The WCC has been very accommodating of that. And, considering BYU hasn't mopped the floor with the WCC like they did the WAC and the MWC, I don't think there will be a lot of leverage for the Big XII to change their current schedules.

If the Big XII does expand, it's going to be east. In my opinion, BYU needs to get talking to Colorado State, the Air Force Academy, or Wyoming to lobby for football-only inclusion to the PAC-12. Sunday play won't be a factor, they actually make sense geographically, and they already have in-state rivals. I think the PAC-12 is still holding out that Texas and Oklahoma will come over, but since the Big XII looks like they are thriving, don't think that will happen.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

"Should Cougars focus on getting into Big 12"? Sure, focus all you want...you're not getting in.

I'm focusing on getting a date with Sophia Vergara. That's about as likely as BYU getting into a P5 conference.

Layton, UT

The Big 12 and the MWC don't want byu. It better focus on conference usa and the aac.

Anchorage, AK

With all of the conference realignment I always wonder what would have happened if Boise State, BYU, TCU, and Utah had stuck together. Could they have generated any excitement? Sure, the MWC had dead weight like UNLV, San Jose State, Wyoming, and others. But every conference has dead weight, look at the Pac-12 with Utah, Colorado, and Washington State. Look at the Big-12 with Kansas and TCU. If BYU could just get a yearly schedule similar to what Notre Dame has then I think they are fine as an independent.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU brings eyeballs to television sets. That makes money for everybody. And when BYU makes you money, you find a place for BYU.”

BYU fans keep reciting this narrative, but it seems to be at odds with reality. WVU's AD is quoted saying ""Our denominator is 10. The more you split it up ... I don't think we can find a partner who's available right now to stay at the value we have (per school) or let alone increase what we have. That's the consensus we have (staying at 10)." If BYU was worth as much as the DNews suggests, they would have been the first team taken when the first round of expansion happened.

Big Al
Chandler, AZ

I personally like the "outsider" role BYU's independence provides--even though I see some of the disadvantages of having no conference alignment. Conference and athletic "independence" seems to fit in with BYU's desire for collegiate independence in virtually all other phases of higher education and academia. I think the "spoiler" role is one BYU should relish--a David amidst all the arrogance of the PAC-12 and SEC and Big-10 Goliaths.

BYU proves year after year that it can compete well against the Power 5 institutions (only one of the reasons the most recent snub by the SEC is ridiculous). Keep the Independent status, and keep being a fly in their proverbial ointment!

Salt Lake City, UT

Another article on the disappointment of independence. I wonder if anyone has stopped to consider the damage control byu will have to do if, after the Power 5 separate themselves from the rest of the pack, byu remains on the outside. Independence will have to be sold to byu fans all over again.

"But if BYU loses a seat at the table as an independent, then being in a conference would be the only option."

byu can't lose something they never had.



Just a note BYU won their second Commissioners cup from the WCC. The cup is an all sports reward presented at the end of the academic year. This last year the 2013-2014 year BYU won the Cup by a record 12.5 points.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Big Al

BYU went 2-5 against P5 teams last year, and 5 (all losses) of those games BYU had a bye week, or extended time to prepare for the game. To me that says BYU can't compete at a P5 level even when the "week-in, week-out" grind component has been removed.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I think BYU's best option is to go football only into the Big 12. Leave the other sports in the WCC. That way they don't have to worry about Sunday play and they get access to everything the want in football. Hopefully the Big 12 will be willing to look consider that.

Salt Lake City, UT

If the Power5 conferences break off from the rest of college football and create their own rules and governing body, what would BYU do (if they didn't get in one of those conferences)? Would they rejoin the MW? Continue independent? Drop sports altogether? Has anyone heard any rumors about this scenario? It's not at all far fetched....

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hey Ute fans, tell us what you think about this subject. We BYU fans really want to know. Really.

TIA, BlueNtheFace

Go Cougs.

Coog Fan in Spokane
Spokane, WA

I completely agree with Mormon Ute: the incentive for expansion for the Big 12 is the same as was indicated for the Pac 10/12 - to be able to have 2 divisions and a conference championship. That's how increasing the so-called "denominator" to 12 makes sense - the additional revenue exceeds the additional 2-team allocation (in theory). You also expend your TV market footprint and hopefully work a more lucrative TV deal. If the Big 12 offers a "Football only" invitation, BYU should take it, no question.

Even if BYU can manage a Notre Dame-type arrangement with the Big 12, to play 5 opponents a year for the time being, they should take it. Anything to improve their conference alignment prospects. When the deck chairs get shuffled again, it will happen quickly.

As far as rejoining the MW, no way, no how. Never.

Salt Lake, UT

What I find funny? Is that all the Ute trolls that tried to make a name for themselves on SL Trib comment boards, have move on over to the Des News comment boards to try to get an audience. Hilarious!

Central, UT

I continue to suffer heartache for my fellow college football fans that happen to cheer for BYU. The outcome is seen by everybody but you. What else would you expect Mr. Matich to say?

1. Go back to MWC - please do a little research and read about the Utah invitation to the PAC and then BYU's move to independence. There is no option to return to MWC.

2. Join Big12 - West Virginia will get a travel partner in the east long before there is a team from the west invited. There could be multiple schools added simultaneously but east first. Then does it make sense to have two teams in the east? Not really...think about it. I predict eastern movement not western (per WV AD Lucks comments). Who would be BYU's travel partner? Could both of those schools generate $20-million+ each to justify divide by 12?

3. Football only membership - nonstarter, no conference is going to bend/break the rules for BYU maybe the AAC. Geographically, the AAC doesn't make sense. Please don't even start with the absurd idea of football only in the BIG-12 or PAC-12, there is no value to the conferences.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"All time, BYU owns a 17-21 record against current Big 12 teams."

That can't be right can it? We've been told over and over that BYU would be competitive in a P5 league. Didn't Phil Steel rank BYU in the middle of the pack of P5 leagues this year?

West Valley City, UT

Forget the Big 12. Do you want to end up with a perennial doormat that can only muster 5 win seasons and embarrassing Pac 12, oops, I mean embarrassing Big 12 window stickers on your car? Play 4 tough games against big name opponents and 8 creampuffs. Win 10 a season and you'll have all the exposure you'll ever need.

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