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Published: Wednesday, July 9 2014 9:35 p.m. MDT

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Mark from Montana
Davis County, UT

This is one of the reasons I stopped spending much time on basketball, and sports in general. Things are so out of whack when a Hayward gets a max deal. Very good player, but the vast majority of athletes are grossly overpaid. I came to realize that rooting for people I don't know, and never will, do something so silly as put a ball through a hoop, or in a cup, or through a set of goal posts, is just a complete waste of time.

Lindon, UT

Looks like Parsons is out of the running - he just accepted an offer sheet.

Salt Lake City, UT

Don't do it.

Lindon, UT

The 15% trade option and the 4th year player option, plus the max contract, is something the Jazz management should look at very carefully. You can make a trade if a player isn't helping your team like you thought he would. But with this 15%, it makes it more costly. And the 4th year player option is good for the player but not particularly for the team, if they want to get rid of him after 3 years. He can just opt in, if he doesn't get something better, for example, Raja Bell. I do not think I would match this bad contract. Hopefully, the Jazz will examine it very carefully and weigh all of the options.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I like Gordon however, he is not worth this money. And soon all Jazz fans will talk about how he is another AK.

Layton, UT

What does that guy say on Shark tank? "Stop the insanity!!".

I like Gordon and think he is really an above average player but I think I would think twice on this. We are really talking insane money. How about we pick up a cheaper young free agent, a few more expiring contracts for assets again, play the young guys and get ready to rock and roll in 2015 or 2016. I would like one more dip in the lottery pot.

Jazz championship elimination fever "catch it"

play by the rules

Unless they can get great players in return which is doubtful, they have to match this contract. They cannot field a $30MM roster, the league would not allow it.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Go get Deng.

Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

What's the status of Jeremy Evans ?

Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

Millsap and Jefferson getting paid ?

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

For less money, the Jazz could sign Marvin Williams and Evan Turner--who along with Rodney Hood should be able to replace the production of Gordon Hayward(on more tradeable deals). Why would you want to match someone who has shown he is not a team player by the RFA deal he has signed. If Hayward really wanted to be a part of the Jazz future, he would have allowed the Jazz to sign him for a deal with the same money, but without the "poison pill" elements (trade kicker and the fourth year player option).

Perhaps the Jazz think he can become a star. If so, I guess it may be worth it to match. However, I am reticent to trust the Jazz judgment on that issue, because they have already thoroughly botched the re-signing of Gordon Hayward. It's their job to forecast what kind of offer Hayward may receive in RFA, based on who else will be on the market, and how many teams will have cap space--which they obviously miscalculated. Based on track record, why would I trust their judgment on whether Hayward will become a star.

Logan, UT

Hey, the Jazz just drafted Rodney Hood at small forward.

I think this is a great opportunity for Rodney Hood to join the young cadre as the starting small forward.

Let Gordon go. Don't over-pay/over-commit.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

Michael Jordan appears to still be calling the shots for the Charlotte Hornets on personnel decisions. I think it is a worldwide consensus that Jordan has shown he has terrible judgment in making personnel decisions. Do the Jazz really want Michael Jordan to be dictating how much they should be paying Gordon Hayward for the next four years and under what conditions?

If the Jazz match Hayward's offer, it's almost the same as if they hired Michael Jordan to be their GM on that particular decision. Heaven forbid!!

Arlington, VA

Okay so we could get Evan Turner and Al-Farouq Aminu for less than Hayward and still have plenty of cap space for guys like Trevor Ariza, Greg Monroe, Nick Young and our own free agents. That would make a heck of a team.

Los Olivos, CA

Jazz will match this offer and in three years, it will look like a bargain compared to what other free agents are getting. It is about time that the Jazz sent a message to other team owners that this is not a farm team for others to harvest, whenever they want a particular player. I will be glad to see Hayward back, with new team-mates, a new coach, and one more year's experience. What is his value? It is whatever somebody else is willing to pay him. It is basic economics.

Richfield, UT

There is only a small handful of players in the NBA that their team management should be willing to match any offer for. These are the elite, all-star type players. The ones who can carry a franchise and take them to new heights.

Unfortunately, Hayward doesn't fit that description. He is a good player, no doubt. But certainly not an elite, top-tier player. His shooting percentage has dropped each and every year he's been with the Jazz. That's not a good omen or anything to get excited about.

Good management of any growing company will always assess each situation and do the prudent thing. It would definitely not be prudent to match this way-overpaid offer Hayward currently has. Michael Jordan has a history or making bad team decisions.

The vast majority of fans on these comment boards are in agreement with this opinion and think we should NOT match. There is always the possibility he might turn his career around and end up an all-start. But based on what he's shown so far, that isn't likely.

Get the best bang for the buck, Dennis. Not this.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Can we say Adam Morrison all over again!!! Let Charlotte have him. Go get Deng and Evan Turner. Hayward will never be the go-to guy. He is a role player.

Alpine, UT

I suggest the Jazz play him, let him get some good stats and then trade him for a journeyman small forward and some really good draft picks next year.

I still don't understand why they let Millsap go. They say they need a stretch 4 and Millsap had developed into that. They let him go with nothing in return.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Some stats/trends:

Haywards effective field goal percentage was just 45.4 percent last season. Low.

Per Synergy Sports, he scored 0.88 of a point per possession in 2013-14, = 281st in the league.

He can grab rebounds, but won just 23.3 percent of contested rebounds (in other words, rebounds with an opponent within 3.5 feet). And his overall defense isn’t great — opposing teams scored 111.9 points per 100 possessions when he was on the court for Utah last season and 109.5 when he was off. Horrid!!

Opposing players posting up Hayward shot 54.2 percent, and 43.4 percent when using a pick-and-roll against him.

Here is how Hayward stacks up to the best of the first 10 selections in the 2010 NBA draft. Of those, Paul George, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Derrick Favors are making the amount of money similar to Hayward. All have accumulated more Win Shares since draft day.

Paul George 28.2
Greg Monroe 25.4
John Wall 18.2
DeMarcus Cousins 17.6
Derrick Favors 15.4
Gordon Hayward 15.1
Aminu 8.2
Evan Turner 8.2

Man in Charge
Chihuahua, 00

Let him go. If this happens, the Jazz will have one less team in the running for Burks next year. If the Jazz match this offer, you better believe teams will be handing out max offers for Kanter and Burks just to mess with the Jazz.

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