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Published: Thursday, July 10 2014 8:00 a.m. MDT

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014 4:10 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

We have to accept these children as best we can. Everybody is going to have to step up and do their part. Obama is wrong to send them back to the hellish environments they have come from. But if Obama doesn't do that he's going to be blamed for the whole thing (I guess he already is). Religious organizations can do a lot to ease the pain in this crisis.

E Sam
Provo, UT

Let. Them. Stay.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

For one... the solution must happen BEFORE they get here. Once they are here, it's pretty much too late. Too many well-meaning people won't let our government deport them. And I agree that makes us look pretty inhumane.

So the solutions have to start in their home countries. Not at the border, and not in a detention centers, and not with law enforcement inside our country. But we will always need all of the above for those who don't get the message and still try to sneak into our country illegally.

Not all come for pure immigration reasons, some mean us harm, some are involved in crime (human trafficking, drug trafficking, etc). Border patrol and Law enforcement will always need to be ready.

But getting kids to quit coming unattended... has to start in their homes. Before they even leave for the journey... NOT AT THE END.

We need to send a CLEAR message to these countries and families that this invasion will NOT be tolerated. We currently send a muddled message that SOMETIMES it's tolerated, IF you have a sad enough story, hide well, or get a good enough lawyer.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

sned. them. BACK

and bill their governments for the cost

Orem, UT

E Sam

Can. They. Stay. In. Your. House?


We should poll the native american's and see how they liked the boarding schools we made for them, then make boarding schools anyways.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Before a problem can be solved, its causes must be understood. Why are those children here? Who told them to come to America? Who transported them from their homes to the border? Who ordered the buses to transport them from the border to the holding areas?

The only real solution is to send them back to their parents in Guatemala or where ever their homes are. If they need medical help, they should get it before sending them back. The next step is to find out who is behind this. Who told them to come? Who sent emails, texts, made phone calls or made personal visits to community organizers in other countries to start this influx? Find that person or persons and you'll find the source of the problem, and possibly the source to many other problems that plague America today.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Sad as this situation is we have to send them back for two reasons.

First, allowing them to stay creates a massive incentive for illegal immigration and a society can only assimilate so many immigrants at a time without harm. Sending them back will send a strong message that shipping your kids to the U.S. is not the solution.

Second, and related to this is the fact that we cannot be the relief valve for other country’s problems. Mexico has long governed under this notion (ship the poor to the U.S) with the result that positive change in their own country has been much slower to come. Countries need to feel the internal pressure from all their citizens if change is going to occur in the best & fastest way.

And all of this is related to our own arrogance on both the Left and Right that we should be the world’s police and social services force.

We could learn a lot from Star Trek and the Prime Directive.

Orem, UT

LDS Liberal:

No one is suggesting we "mow down children with machine guns". Give me a break. You don't have to shoot someone to stop them from crossing your border (unless they are a drug smuggler with a machine gun of their own).

Just like the police don't have to shoot someone in order to stop them from shoplifting at Walmart, we can enforce our laws without excessive violence.

But if Walmart and the police made absolutely no effort to stop shoplifters from exiting their stores with a cart full of goods they didn't pay for, then why would you be surprised when large numbers of people join in the frenzy for "free stuff".

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

First of all Obama has to make us believe that he is SERIOUS about stemming the tide of illegal trespassers.
MOST OF US don't believe for one second that he seriously WANTS to stop them before they ever arrive.
Within the executive branch (DHS)there are a whole range of options - provided he wants to use them.
For instance: freeze bank accounts coming and going from Mexico.
Cut off ALL foreign aid to central american countries. (use THAT money to pay for the upkeep of their citizens who came here "to get away from it all").

These are just a couple of examples. But - FIRST he needs to have the WILL to stop the flow.
Something that he seriously lacks.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Remember that the real reason they cannot be sent directly back is law pushed through Congress by GW Bush that requires hearings to be held with government appointed attorneys representing EACH juvenile separately.

How convenient it is to simply ignore facts like that and point fingers at our current President.

And while the GOP members of Congress howl and yowl, where are any of their voices making any actual suggestions for how to handle this? Pointing fingers is so much easier than solving a problem.

What really needs to happen is to clean house in Congress. Vote them all out and replace them with intelligent life.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@one old man,

Re: "What really needs to happen is to clean house in Congress. Vote them all out and replace them with intelligent life"....

But when we do this (ie Joe Cannon (R), Bob Bennett (R), almost got Hatch, etc)... you guys give us no end of grief!

I'm pretty sure you mean just clean house of the Republicans. Life long right to your seat in congress is a tradition for Democrats (just look at Tedd Kennedy and others who were only removed from office by death).

Google "List of members of the United States Congress by longevity of service"... Every single one in the top-10 is "Party affiliation = Democrat".

Democrats call for cleaning house often... but they usually mean, just the other party, not us.

If you're going to say it... at least mean it... and DO IT!

Democrats talk about cleaning house... but Republicans in Utah have actually DONE IT... recently...

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Tyler D
Well said!

Of course anyone who does not agree with you is a heartless, lunatic fanatic who wants to mow everyone else down with machine guns. And yes, those other issue you mention ARE stupid, things were better before people started pushing for them.

old man
nope, not bush’s fault. it’s BO’s 2012 executive order demanding hearings on them all that is encouraging them. bush was not POTUS in 2012.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I'm having a little trouble finding the exact "executive order" reported by CNN in 2012 that Obama signed allowing illegal immigrants under the age of 16 to stay in the United States. That " executive order" is being used by some of the children who have recently crossed into the United States. It's being reported that 35,000 illegal children are entering the United States every month based on the belief that Obama gave them permission to come here and to not be deported.

Maybe the Deseret News could research this and then report on that executive order, what it said and how it is being applied as children risk their lives to come to the United States.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

We need immediate legislation that requires the immediate return of these children to a major airport in their home country, enforced by a military escort if necessary.
Additionally, all adults involved will be charged with human trafficking and prosecuted and/or deported.

Salt Lake City, UT

Close the border to all who lack passports or visas. Period.

Mexico has permitted them to cross their sovereign territory, they can feed and house them as they exit Mexico to their original destination.

Once we control the border, we can then assess the situation of illegal aliens here and decide how to ameliorate their situation in the best interests of the citizens of the United States.

We could accept some illegals to form several combat brigades of trained soldiers, equip them and send them back to clean up their home countries, (he said with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

Right now we have concentrated the children in camps incognito to the outside world. Nice.

Now we have our own concentration camps. Isn't that great?

San Diego, CA

These children are coming here because they come from situations of violence and poverty. They live in hopeless situations. The idea of hope sends them North despite the dangers the trek entails. One cannot live without hope.

We need to address the situation of violence in their home country so the children feel safe and are able to be raised in an environment of opportunity.

We are the richest and most powerful nation on earth, yet to read these posts one might also surmise we are also are also a heartless people.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@OneWifeOnly – “We need to address the situation of violence in their home country”

I have appreciated many of your comment in the past and on this I know your heart is in the right place, but think through way you’re saying.

Is it really our job to address the problems of every dysfunctional country on the planet? Did we learn nothing from Iraq (and what it is currently degenerating into)?

I am all for helping where we can, where we are welcome, and where our efforts truly empower locals, but sadly in most cases these are not the facts on the ground. Most of these efforts in the long run create resentment rather than gratitude and often only kick the can down the road.

By and large people need to solve their own problems, and it may sound heartless (and I might buckle on this if I was looking one of these kids in the eye), but if the kids are returned it will simply provide that much more motivation for the citizens to demand (and fight for if necessary) change in their country.

salt lake city, UT

More illegals will certainly be coming now that the Romney recovery is picking up speed.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@lost in DC – “Tyler D Well said!”

Curious why you think so - was it the prose, the logic/arguments themselves, or was it simply because you agreed with the conclusion?

Not trying to pick a fight, but you and I rarely agree on anything so it makes me wonder if you only like my reasoning when it lines up with yours.

In any case, thanks…

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