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Published: Wednesday, July 9 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT


This Republicans serve only Republicans,
Democrats serve only Democrats just has to stop.

BTW --
This same thing applies to the RICH and Wealthy,
and the new non-human Corporate "entities".

Burke, VA

The author makes a broad assumption - civil servants only serve those with whom they agree - but has no evidence or references to back up that assumption. There may actually be some evidence but that doesn't change the fact the the author has failed to provide them.

Second, the author makes another bold assertion - "If they find ... they should consider a different line of work". Why should they find another line of work. Wouldn't it be better to establish a plan for what to do when one is compromised, like decide to do the right thing, rather than find another line of work.

I suspect that the author might be confusing civil servants with elected officials. The civil servants I know do their job to the best of their abilities and they carry out the policies of the government. They may not always agree with those policies but they carry them out, because that's their job. If a citizen disagrees with a government policy, it's not the fault of a civil servant. Change comes from our elected officials, not from civil servants deciding to act against the policies of the government.

seattle, WA

Last I heard, the military is supposed to protect all of us not just the "good" Americans. And last I heard, the term public servant (referring to elected officials and government employees) were supposed to do their job for all of us, not just the ones they might support politically. And I always thought that people or businesses that provide goods and services to government were supposed to give the services to any citizen, not just the ones they might see in the pew next to them on Sunday.

However, it appears that we now have a new right of religious conscience that says "if you don't like 'em, you don't have to give "em the service, the goods, etc". Apparently the newly discovered "right" to discriminate is in place. Wonder where that will lead us all. Pity every minority, every one who sees and lives differently from the majority. You know have a target on your back. And the arrow used is now religion.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Representatives are elected to represent the will of all the people of Utah, not just those who elected them in their district. The Constitution does not divide a State into districts. It allows a State to have Representatives based on the population of the State. Utah is the most conservative State in the Union. ALL of our Representatives should agree on ALL legislation and be unified when they vote. That has not happened.

Senators are elected to represent the State. With Utah being the most conservative State in the Union, our Senators must vote conservatively, or they are voting against the will of the people.

With Utah being the most conservative State in the Union, the likelihood of our members of Congress voting with liberals should be somewhere between nil and never. That does not mean that they should disregard the phone calls or emails from liberals, but they should educate those liberals WHY they must vote to represent the majority of the people of Utah.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Mike --

The letter to the editor said this:

"Those who would claim to be our civil servants need to understand that they serve all Americans, not just those with whom they agree."

I work for the DoD -- civil servant.
Police, Fire, Mailman, School Teachers, et.al = Civil Servants.

We do not get to pick and choose who we serve and protect.

ALL Americans, period.
No party cards allowed.

Elected Officials should act and behave the same way.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and I have no scientific measurements to back this up - just long experience as a civil servant. The VAST majority of employees, federal, state, and local who work in the public sector - who compete and are hired for jobs (not political appointees) treat the customers (the public) fairly and without regard to political affiliation. I have worked as a uniformed Army soldier as well as a scientist in a federal civilian agency and the political affiliation of our customers is never discussed, never taken into account, and it is not an issue. We serve the public proudly regardless of whether we agree with the policies from the political appointees or not.

Springville, UT

ECR makes a good point. There is a difference between civil servants and elected officials. I think most civil servants do a pretty good job and I am disheartened when they are reviled and demonized for selfish or political purposes. Elected officials need to move from hyper-partisanship when they are elected and endeavor to serve all the people instead of particular constituencies. They need to be pragmatic and moderate so that solutions to problems can be found. They need to find a way to seek common ground with other elected officials, otherwise they have failed. The idea that elected officials should not compromise is a sure path to destruction.

Sandy, UT

LDS liberal. Why exactly do the rich and wealthy need to serve you? If the people are paying their salary, that is one thing. If they start their own business, that is another. They have taken risks and worked hard to get what they have. I simply do not understand the mentality of - you have been successful therefore you owe me. As a small business owner I have good years and bad years. During good years some of my employees assume that they should be entitled to someof my profits. Funny thing, in bad years none of them are interested in foregoing their salary.

The rich and wealthy, as you put it, pay far more in taxes than do the middle class. The most annoying thing to hear is someone who pays little, if any, taxes complaining about others not paying their fare share.

While I am not wealty, I try and follow the teaching of thou shall not covet. (except for a 911 Carera S4 - it does not say anythingabout coveting you neighbors car)

Hayden, ID

Liberals think the are elected to rule, not serve. I make that statement from close observation! Term limits would solve this problem but of course liberals are opposed to that!

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

@Open Minded,

With all due respect, how can any civil servant, elected official, or business owner serve people if those demands are diametrically opposed? If you have a sign on your door that says, "No shoes, No shirt, No service" and some of those shoeless, shirtless people demand service, while at the same time those who respect the rules tell the owner that they will take their business elsewhere if he changes the rules, what would you do? If your church teaches you not to assist, pay for, or promote abortions and the President of the United States tells you to fully fund abortifacients, what are you going to do? Are you going to follow God or are you going to follow the President?

When society is divided because some have lost all belief in absolute right and wrong, and some in society start to demand that society change to enable them to destroy themselves (drugs), to destroy the family (ssm), to corrupt the minds of the youth (why I have two mommies), what is a "civil servant" to do?

Cleveland , OH

@Mike Richards:

Our Republic is dedicated to "liberty and justice for all," the Bill of Rights balancing the will of the majority against the rights of the minority. Your "winner rules with an iron fist" scheme denies the very foundation of the representative republic.

In a pure democracy 51% beats 49%. Your idea would remove the voice of the minority and only allow that minority rights condescendingly granted by the majority. In your view there is no political compromise, no ability to see - or acknowledge - the minority. Only the strongest group has power, only the strongest group is heard. It functions like a dictatorship and, based on most of your other statements, you endorse a theocratic dictatorship where the majority is presumed to be the party of a God and the minority are presumed to be sinners who oppose God.

I know you think your majority actually would be ordained of god and righteous and all, but... That is what they all say. And then they reign with blood and horror.

A parliamentary system would be preferable, where coalitions must be formed to govern. All voices are heard.

American Fork, UT

I'm not sure where you're heading with this, Darrel. Maybe just a chance to throw a rock at government. Truth is, most people who are civil servants, nearly all, are dedicated, conscientious people.

Orem, UT

Lois Lerner is the poster child of government gone amuck. Instead of viewing their resposibility as a servant of the public, they view their role as a dictator who imposes their political will on those who fall under their control. The servant becomes the master, accountable to no one.

The bigger the government becomes, the more this mentality will pervade the system. I hope it is a small minority, but it is still a huge problem nonetheless. We need to root this corruption out whether it is on the right or the left.

The EPA, the FDA, the education system, and the Justice Department are all examples where abuses of power lead to less freedom, not more.

Provo, UT

Why should our elected official represent "everyone" when only a few have enough money to bribe them with "free speech"?

The rest of us are struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, folks like Romney, Koch Bros, etc have millions to bribe our elected officials with.

Until we get rid of special interest bribery, our "democracy" will continue to be an oligarchy.

Sandy, UT

FreedomFighter41 - Interesting that you left unions and left leaning mega-donors out of your list. I have not heard where Romney has ever engaged in large donations to any politician - wherewas the hundreds of millions donated by George Soros and Tom Steyer are well documented. As for the unions, the latest estimates I have seen are that they donate nearly $600 million a year to political causes.

So exactly why were all of the people upset by the Kock brothers and corporations making donations so silent regarding the contributions of unions and liberal donors? The leftist interpretation of the 1st Amendment - you are entitled to free speech - if you agree with us.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

In the Ultra book of values the street sweeper is just as important to society and the voluntary military person.

Civil servants, sometimes called public servants, are all a cut above the ordinary citizen, but only because they have been given the authority and duty to be employees of society.

To carry Mikes logic a little further, even though the Utah representatives of Utah are elected by conservatives in Utah, when in the condition of being a part of the national government, they should represent all the people of America and not just Utah.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

@Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah
@Open Minded,

With all due respect, how can any civil servant, elected official, or business owner serve people if those demands are diametrically opposed?

If your church teaches you not to assist, pay for, or promote abortions and the President of the United States tells you to fully fund abortifacients, what are you going to do? Are you going to follow God or are you going to follow the President?


With all due respect,

God said not to kill.
I served in the Military.
Yet as a member of the LDS Church, killing [i.e., diametriacally opposed] was authorized.

And Yes -- Many of us struggle with that.
For the rest of our lives.
and may God be the Judge on that, and have mercy on our souls.

BTW -- the Church does oppose abortions,
but you are still wrong about there being no absolute!
Time and again, you and others convienently ignore or intentionally leave out the "Exceptions" to that rule as well.

Rape, Incest, life or health of the woman.
Decisions to made by her, her Doctor, family and clergy.

The Church is politically neutral regarding legislation about abortion.

Are you going to follow God?

J Thompson

As usual, there are those who think that the exception to a rule becomes the new rule. No one is forced to be a soldier. We have an all volunteer military. If you do not accept the responsibilies of military life, you have no obligation to enlist. A woman who has been raped or the victim of incest can go to a hospital where she can get the help that she needs, she doesn't need her employer to pay for her abortifacients. If she wants to buy an abortifacient, she can do that with her own money.

We live in a Republic where the majority choose our Representatives. Those Representatives are duty bound to vote the will of the people, not to cower when policially active minorities try to change society. The courts give everyone the right to be heard, but they cannot change the Constitution just because a small group have their feelings hurt because 97% of society disagrees with their demands. If they want a parliamentary system, they should consider moving to a country that has that kind of government. America is a Democratic Republic.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I think the writer is referring to those who has an automatic 3% cost of living increase compounded every year.

Salt Lake City, UT

J. Thompson:

According to Gallup, 53% of Americans (i.e. the majority) support keeping Roe v. Wade. So by your logic, our representatives should abandon their efforts to overturn it.

Guess what? The rights of the minority become much more important if you are in the minority.

And BTW, I was forced to become a soldier. You must be too young to remember the draft.

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