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Published: Tuesday, July 8 2014 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

"SS unions are not biologically capable of being equal with traditional marriage. Now watch the SS crowd scream about infertile traditional couples. Sorry, you cannot define the group solely by the outlying exceptions."

I agree. I also note that the reason that I love my aged mother and I can't be named as a beneficiary on her SS when she dies which is a right that gay partners say they should have because they love their partner.

I think that the reason that in the eyes of the law that I cannot receive this benefit is because I don't have sex with mother. So by that logic, what makes a marriage a marriage is that the individuals involved are having sex with one another.

So therefore, how often do they have to have sex? Three times a week. Is the marriage annuled if one becomes impotent. Should we have the police investigate if people are having sex. Gay marriage has a lot of outlying exceptions too.



Thank you for describing to a "t" what a civil union is. That is exactly what the government should be in the business of. Licensing and providing civil benefits without discrimination.

What is at issue here is that the LGBT refuse any option other than to steal "marriage" and make it less than it was. Marriage belongs as a religious ordinance performed according to the dictates of that specific religion. If civil and religious marriages were separated, theere would be no risk of violating religious freedoms, which is what we are fearful of.

I also fear the precedent set by protecting a behavior (homosexuality). What behavior will we set apart as protected next?

Seattle, WA

If you are a proponent of civil unions, the fair and equal way of doing that would be for all people--gay or straight--to have government civil unions and completely do away with government-issued marriages. Is that what you are proposing?
Or, do you believe that straight people should have government-issued marriage licenses while gay people should have civil unions? If so, what is the rational basis for discriminating against gay and lesbian people and affording their relationships less rights and recognition than straight relationships.
Note: If you believe straight marriages are unique because of their possibility to procreate and tie parents to biological children, fairness and equality (which is mandatory under the law) would require that the government also only grant civil unions to those who are too old to procreate or medically unable to procreate.
The Deseret News has published at least two stories in the last two years about people who are terminally ill getting married on their death beds. How does this fit your model? Obviously someone who is terminally ill cannot procreate and raise their biological children. Would you recommend a civil union in these cases too?

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B
"Some things are always worth fighting for, including real families. "

Yes, which is why I support marriage equality.

By the way, it's obvious that "BLT" is your way of mocking the LGBT movement in such a way that can make it through moderation because made up slurs don't count.

@lost in DC
"Now watch the SS crowd scream about infertile traditional couples. Sorry, you cannot define the group solely by the outlying exceptions."

Those 'outlying exceptions' include literally every elderly couple that marries...

Here, UT

Redwings says:

"What is at issue here is that the LGBT refuse any option other than to steal "marriage" and make it less than it was. "

So we're "stealing" marriage and making it "less" than it was. Oops, you heterosexuals are the ones who made it "less than it was" by cheating on your spouses, divorcing willy-nilly and taking it for granted. LGBT couples marrying does nothing to "lessen" marriage; it also isn't "stolen"; you will still have it.

Phoenix, AZ

@Karen R.:
"Supported by your commenting history, I don't believe you're interested at all."

True, I'm only phishing.

@Laura Bilington:
"My father, like Karen's, was forced to write with his right hand."

So? I was forced to write and do other things with both hands due to accidents. Paid off handsomely. I can catch and throw a baseball and shoot a basketball with both hands. .

"His penmanship was terrible."

So is mine... and all my friends... some were left and some were right handed.

"He did everything else with his left."

Then the right hand must have atrophied from lack of use.

"This is a poor compensation, not a new 'talent' learned."

Depends entirely on how you view it.

"This is only true if the same God who created gays..."

God created almost all people with some personal foibles to work on and overcome.

"If there is a God, I don't think he thinks so either."

God created sex primarily for procreation which can't happen with two men or two women.

"It does NOT make me abnormal."

I think it makes you somewhat of a braggart.

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