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Published: Tuesday, July 8 2014 5:40 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Nice try, but the state is going to have to lose this on their own. It's the only way they'll learn.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Some things are always worth fighting for, including real families. The BLT communities doesn't like to hear the truth but I'm glad there are many willing to say it still. The ideal situation for children is always their biological mother and father. Kids going to a BLT group is never the ideal situation.

Bob K
Davis, CA

Oh, yeah, as if the puppet of you-know-who Utah officials are going to do anything that the church is against!

Even showing them up for their refusal to represent all Utahs will get the pro-equality people nowhere. Politicians tend to follow the wishes of those who keep them in office and finance their campaigns,

Cleveland , OH

@Chris B:

What, exactly, is a "BLT group" and how might it harm children?

If you mean Gay or Lesbian parents, please explain how it is better for the children if the couple that is raising them is not married. Because those kids are already being raised in a family headed by a same-sex couple. You are just saying that family should not have the protections given to other families - in essence, you are punishing the children because you don't approve of the relationship of the parents.

The state is wasting money trying to officially discriminate against some couples and some families.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"One is not a class because one has committed a fault. Selfishness is not one of the divisions of the social order." Les Misérables, Volume IV, Chapter II

Salt Lake City, UT

As one of the hundreds of thousands of married couples in Utah who supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman, we urge our good Governor to continue to support marriage between a man and a woman. Please spend whatever funds are necessary to defend the vote of over 60% of tax paying Utahns who support traditional marriage. Let's find a way to recognize some type of legalized same-sex partnership for our gay neighbors that recognizes their legal rights but doesn't change the definition of what marriage is. As our Governor runs for re-election we will be watching closely how he supports traditional marriage.

Springville, US-UT

@Chris B

People who mold their lives around a work of fiction should not be telling the rest of us what is "real" and what isn't. There is no proof that supports children are worse off with a same-sex family than a "real family". I have known adults who came from SS families and they are perfectly well balanced, wonderful people. I have also known adults who grew up active LDS who are walking disasters.

How you are raised is what matters. Not who raised you. I notice you said biological mom/dad. Completely ignoring the millions of children who don't have either and are adopted. Are those not "real families" as well? You'll have to let us know because apparently the church gets to decide this and not the families themselves. Lots of kids who need to go back to the adoption agency it seems since their family isn't real.

Keep wasting those millions Utah. It just makes it all the sweeter when you inevitably lose. You don't get to discriminate against an entire group of people just because the leaders of the LDS church tell you it's okay.

Cleveland , OH

@Meckofahess: "As our Governor runs for re-election we will be watching closely how he supports traditional marriage."

And this is what it is all about. Not extending legal protection to thousands of gay couples and their families. Nope, it is political theater, a grandstanding charade to buy votes in the next election.

He isn't protecting straight marriage. That will continue to stagger along regardless. All he is doing is harming a minority group of citizens for political gain - no different than George Wallace running on a segregation today, tomorrow, and forever platform in 1963.

And, if you voted for Amendment 3 with the "No other domestic union, however denominated" clause, then wanting "separate but equal" ten years later is disingenuous at best.

Provo, UT

Likewise, As one of the hundreds of thousands of married couples in Utah who supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman, a growing number of us urge our good Governor to continue to support marriage between a man and a woman - but that has absolutely nothing to do with marriage equality!

Please stop wasting funds "to defend the vote of over 60% of tax paying Utahns" who, under the false flag of "supporting traditional marriage", naively voted to discriminate against their fellow Americans and fellow Utahns.

As our Governor and many public officials runs for office, a younger generation of voters is watching closely how they support marriage equality.

Marriage equality is not an attack on traditional marriage. Legalizing same sex marriage will only benefit those families and couples, and society at large, and has absolutely no negative effect on traditional marriages or society!

Enough divisive wasted money and effort, Governor!

Seattle, WA

@Chris B
Re: "Some things are always worth fighting for, including real families."
I am curious how you rationalize the above statement with the reality of what the state of Utah is doing, which you support.
There are thousands of families in Utah headed by gay and lesbian parents raising children. More will move in from other states in coming years.
The state is waging a legal battle to stigmatize, destabilize, and take away legal rights and obligations from real Utah families--real couples and real children. Making their marriage illegal will not create an alternate reality where everyone is straight and kids are only in families that fit your definition. It will only hurt those that don't fit your definition.
The states own attorney, Gened Schaerr, testified that children of gay couples who marry legally and then move to Utah "would likely be better off" if their parents were allowed to be legally married in Utah.
Courts have found no evidence of any harm to straight couples or children when gay people are allowed to legally married.
Utah Unites for Marriage is fighting for real families. The state of Utah is fighting against marriage and family.

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

@Meckofahess: I wish you would say what you mean, instead of using focus-group PR tested phraseology like, "supporters of traditional marriage." What you really mean is "virulent opponents of equal rights for LGBT citizens." Get it right.

I'm "traditionally-married" in your words, for over 30 years. No one is opposing my marriage, my parents' marriage nor any of my straight relatives', friends', or neighbors' marriages. NO ONE (perhaps except those who have failed several times) opposes marriage for those straight couples who want it.

No, you don't "support" traditional marriage, because no one opposes it. The only thing you "support" is discrimination.

Well, I don't support discrimination. My wife doesn't. My Quaker Meeting doesn't. The 21 faith-based groups who marched in our city's Pride parade clearly don't. My state doesn't, and yours shouldn't, either.

equal protection
Cedar, UT

@Chris. taking your 'optimal parenting rationale' to a logical conclusion, empirical evidence at hand should require that only rich, educated, suburban-dwelling, married Asians can marry while excluding all other heterosexual couples. The absurdity of such a requirement is self-evident.

Every major professional organization in this country whose focus is the health and well-being of children and families has reviewed the data on outcomes for children raised by lesbian and gay couples, including the methods by which the data were collected, and have concluded that these children are not disadvantaged compared to children raised in heterosexual parent households. It’s not the gender of the parent that’s the key. It’s the quality of parenting that’s being offered by whoever is there, husband or wife, two women, two men, a single parent, as long as these factors are present: good mental health, good parent-child relationships, what we call an authoritative parenting style, which is warmth, stimulation, structure, and the availability of resources. Then we’re going to have a children who are likely healthy.

equal protection
Cedar, UT

@Meckofahess, “Preserving the 'traditional institution of marriage’ is just a kinder way of describing the State’s moral disapproval of same-sex couples” - Lawrence, 539 U.S. AT 601 Justice Scalia

Allowing more people to marry does not change the definition of marriage any more than freeing the slaves changed the definition of freedom or granting women a right to vote, changed the definition of voting. If excluding people really defines marriage, why do we allow convicted spousal and child abusers or drug and alcohol abusers to civil marry?

History demonstrates that Inclusion doesn't diminish but only strengthens our cherished institutions and makes our country better for it.

salt lake city, UT

The more opponents of SSM try to defend their stance the worse they sound. Bigotry and discrimination don't attract much support. I celebrated my 25th anniversary yesterday and my marriage is not threatned in the least by SSM. A greater danager is letting a majority destroy our constitution and the very fabric of what America stands for.

Huntsville, UT

@Chris B;

"Real families", you know, families made up of real PEOPLE. Our families are just as "real" as yours is. Please stop the bigotry; it isn't very Christian. Additionally, a study just released in Australia shows that children in same-sex headed FAMILES do BETTER than their peers in heterosexual headed families, imagine that!


Selfishness? You mean like the selfishness of denying marriage equality to families that don't fit the "traditional" mold?


If you want the gov to "spend whatever funds are necessary"; please provide him those funds; he's using OUR money too and using it to deny us equal treatement by OUR government.

As for "Let's find a way to recognize some type of legalized same-sex partnership for our gay neighbors ...", that ship has sailed. You REFUSED to compromise on Amendment 3 when you passed it, forbidding any form of legal recognition. Now you will just have to share the word and the legal recognition of marriages for LGBT couples.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ Meck: You keep making the same statement about recognizing same-sex relationships without changing the definition of marriage and every time you make that statement it is pointed out to you that Amendment 3 prohibits any recognition of same-sex relationships no matter what they are called. At this point, one can only assume that you are willfully ignoring the facts and have no actual desire to for a change to the current status quo. This would be why advocates of same-sex marriage refuse to settle for the faux offering of "something else".

As has also been pointed out to you, no one who supports same-sex marriage opposes traditional marriage.

I suggest you look up the acronym "PRATT".

@ ChrisB: You may not like all families, but that doesn't make them any less real than any other family.

Recent research shows that, according to all measures, children raised by 2 same-sex parents are healthier and happier than children raised by 2 heterosexual parents.

Ogden, UT

@Meckofahess 7:06 a.m. July 9, 2014

My husband and I will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary the first week of September. As of the middle of August, 35 of those years will be under Temple seal. We strongly support "traditional" marriage (to the extent that the term designates OSM, and not the type of "traditional" marriage in place when we married in which the woman was treated as nothing more than chattel with few, if any, true rights). We also strongly support marriage equality, and find nothing in the concept that in any way challenges or threatens "traditional" marriage. "Marriage" is not re-defined or changed or weakened by allowing same-sex couples to marry.

We urge the Governor to stop wasting the State's money on the battle to disparage the civil rights of some of Utah's citizens. If he wants to contine the SSM battle, then do so using funding from the people who want to deny civil rights to a portion of the State's citizens -- have them contribute to a fund to pay attorney fees but don't impose the bill for this unconscionable action on all of Utah's citizens.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Meckofahess, I would gently remind you that the vote on Amendment 3 was 11 years ago. Do you honestly think that it would pass again today? If so, please ask your governor to find out. I don't think he wants a vote on it; he knows the way the wind is blowing, even in Utah.

Chris, let me tell you about my family. My husband and I have been married 35 years and we have 14 children--Four home-made and ten adopted. Three were foreign born and abandoned at birth--one left at the hospital and two left on a city street. The others were between 3 and 12 when they arrived. We want to adopt a couple more kids in their mid-teens.

Which ones do we have to get rid of to qualify as a "real family"?

Jim Cobabe
Provo, UT

One of these comments clears up a great deal of confusion.

We can already see adults who came from "SS families" that are "perfectly well balanced wonderful people". Under that same rationale, therefore, there is no compelling reason for anyone to claim that "SS partners" need to be "married".

Case closed.

Provo, UT

This issue is really very simple:

Marriage equality is NOT an attack on traditional marriage.

Supporting traditional marriage has nothing to do with supporting marriage equality.

Nobody who supports marriage equality opposes traditional marriage (why would they oppose something they want to have?)

But every person I have met who claims to be a "traditional marriage supporter" is really using that label to cover the truth: they are really attacking marriage equality!

Can we at least be honest and truthful in how we address this issue? It is disingenuous (if not outright deceptive) to continue to call your position "support for traditional marriage" when you are AGAINST marriage equality.

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