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Published: Tuesday, July 8 2014 10:35 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Please read "One Nation" by Dr. Ben Carson. Then decide who would be the candidate to beat HC!


Why would Romney want to inherit the mess Obama is leaving him? I wouldn't touch it with a 10-ft pole.

Ogden, UT

@BYUalum 11:13 a.m. July 8, 2014

Please read "One Nation" by Dr. Ben Carson. Then decide who would be the candidate to beat HC!


That's easy. Neither Romney nor Carson. Carson would be a great person to consult if one needs a neurosurgeon, but not for President. Romney isn't good in any category.

The good candidate, and the candidate who could beat any Democrat, would be Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Sandy, UT

Democrats nationwide are rejoicing! Mitt proved already he has no idea how the common man lives and struggles. He is unfit for the job, and as such, we will dismiss him once again.
(Plus--I KNEW he would run ---as soon as he said he wouldn't!)

Sandy, UT

It's less of a mess than was left by GWB--and we're in better shape altogether.
Stock Market up, unemployment down---Welcome Hillary!

Provo, UT

Chaffetz keeps a lot of dead topics alive.

Reaganomics, Benghazi, and Romney for President...

Let's stop giving Chaffetz the attention he wants. Eventually sometime in his career he might actually accomplish something for the middle class.

South Jordan, UT

Lots of hate-spewed comments on this post. Sad.

We are Americans. Let's start acting like it and be civil to one another!

American Fork, UT

I'd bet romney wonders how many timea, and how many ways, he has to say no.

Cedar Hills, UT

Romney isn't going to run - the GOP had better move on and find a replacement. There are several GOP governors who have turned their repective states around economically taking over for failed liberal Democrats. Any of these governors would be a great candidate. Pick a young, successful popular GOP governor and run with him or her. It doesn't matter as much who because the Democrat low information voter won't care anyway - they just listen to their propaganda masters at the top of the party and follow like an obediant dog. "Stupid is as stuid does" Forest Gump. America is full of stupid people on the left unfortunately and that is THE biggest reason for the "great American decline".

American Fork, UT

I'd love to see him as President - Mitt could clean this mess up like few could.

We need a business minded president.

Let me ask our liberal leaning friends a question: if liberal policies are so effective and good for the country, why don't you live your personal life the same way?

Let me explain by asking you a few questions:

Why don't you spend more than you make (by a 2 to 1 margin)?

Why do you try to get every deduction possible on your taxes?

Why do you want as much personal freedom as possible?

Answer: Because it doesn't make since to do anything else.

So if it's good for you, why wouldn't it be good for the country? Mitt would be an amazing success as President because he knows how to make money - and would run this country like a successful business.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "SharpHooks" surely you are joking. We are in worse shape now than ever before.

National Debt is nearly 4 times what it was in 2001 when Bush took office.

The average unemployment rate under Obama is still higher than under Bush. Along with that, the labor force participation rate is at a 40 year low.

Deficits are still higher than under Bush.

Gas prices are double what they were under Bush.

Health insurance rates have increased by over 40% (national average).

Incomes have DECREASED by over $5000/yr.

The US has had its credit rating downgraded 2 times, meaning it costs us more to service the national debt.

Gitmo is still open.

The NSA has even more power to spy on US citizens.

We are going on 5 years of the government printing money.

The borders are letting more illegal immigrants in than ever.

Even the stock market being up isn't a good thing because that is artificially inflated because of the quantitative easing.

There is more civil unrest now than under Bush.

I don't know what bubble you live in, but things are not getting any better.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone (like Chaffetz) who says Romney should run again is merely highlighting the fact that the Republicans don't have a viable candidate at all.

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

Realclearpolitics average of polling for GOP 2016:
Rand Paul 13.2%
Jeb Bush 12.2%
Mike Huckabee 12.0%
Chris Christie 10.8%
Paul Ryan 10.2%
Ted Cruz 7.0%
Marco Rubio 7.0%
Scott Walker 5.5%
Rick Perry 4.4%
Rick Santorum 3.5%
Bobby Jindal 2.3%

Romney is not among the top 10 candidates most likely to run.

sparks, NV

Does it really matter what we the people think who should run? Based upon recent history, it seems that we the serfs will be forced to vote for whomever the establishment puts up for us.

Casey See

Dear SharpHooks,

Democrats nationwide are rejoicing! Mitt proved already he has no idea how the common man lives and struggles. He is unfit for the job, and as such, we will dismiss him once again.

I agree that Mitt probably won't run again, HC has even less of a concept of how the common man lives. She and Bill never even lived in their own home until after he left the White House. She thinks subsidized housing is the governor's mansion. Look at her comments on her and Bill being totally broke upon leaving the White House. Yes they had more debt than tangible assets, but they also had the means to pay that debt faster than any common man. $200k per speech, plus a large monthly stipend, and a retirement check from the US government plus Arkansas that is bigger than any working man's annual salary.

Both parties' candidates have very little insight into the working man's world. What we need is a candidate that understands Economics, Diplomacy, and dealing with the other party to get things done.

not many have those qualifications. Those that do are vilified by those who don't.

South Jordan, UT

SharpHooks: I see you left out fewest numbers in the work force since I believe 1976, a shrinking GDP for the first time in 5 years, more people on food stamps than any other time in history. I could go on, but that would be silly to tout real facts.

South Jordan, UT

I love the left always pimping "the unemployment rate is dropping!" Really? Anybody that's taken Statistics 101 knows if you include the numbers of workers who have completely stopped looking for work because they can't find jobs, would know that the true unemployment rate would be over 10% right now! Silly numbers!

Glendora, CA

Jon Huntsman would be more concievable. The liberal media loves him. And they (the media) are the king-makers.

West Jordan, UT

I know what Chaffetz is trying to do. It will not work. Mitt Romney was destroyed by lies, inaccuracies and false statements by the media, I get that. Our country is in pretty bad shape as this country does not need career politicians but those who represent the people. We Just finshed celebrating the 238th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There were issues as the founding fathers conviened. The biggest was that of the smaller states verses the larger states and thier representation. There is a reason why we have three branches of government and there is a reason why we have term limits for our President. It is hard to predict if one individual would have done better than another because it becomes opinionated and subjective. I think Mitt would have done well but he would have had some failures as well. One Gripe I have is that many in this country, do take their freedoms lightly. Please learn the Bill of rights, the constitution, learn your history. During watergate one of the Supreme Justices, Thurgood Marshall stated that the President is not above the law, Niether is Barack Obama or anyone else.

Anchorage, AK

@ Frozen Fractals,

If realclearpolitics were to place Romney on their poll, he'd blow all the others out of the water. realclearpolitics is at this moment simply honoring Romneys "I will not run" position. If they were to ignore it and offer him as a poll candidate, he'd beat out all the other candidates combined.

Re the prophetic-ness of this news article...
A week after the Nov 2012 election, after a weeks fretting about Romney's loss, I had a dream wherein there was discussed, in a matter of fact tone, Romney winning the election. Since the election a week earlier was already lost, I could only conclude the dream must be of the future. I have been at peace and calm, about all things political, ever since.

The qualities needed to save this country, are only found in this one man, Mitt Romney!

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