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Published: Tuesday, July 8 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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UT Brit
London, England

Pride goeth before a fall.

America is okay, I lived in the States for a few years as well as a few other countries. If I had to live somewhere else permanently, Canada or Australia would be my destination.
I often heard when I was in the States that USA is no.1 in everything and other countries were just plain inferior. Comically some of these people didn't even hold a passport. America is good in some ways and bad in others, just like the vast majority of countries in the world.

salt lake city, utah

No other country or people has advanced the progress of human quality of life, love of liberty or pursuit of opportunity than this--a land divinely inspired and unabated in its relentless pursuit to preserve those liberties."

Months away from home and you managed to maintain your bubble in perfect condition. Or maybe the writer has just never read a history book, both a world history or an American history book.

Sorry but there's far more to "quality of life" than cars, malls, and 14 kinds of cheerios. Also different isn't less.

Sorry this whole divinely inspired thing is getting old. Today it's simply an excse for hubris.

America can be a wonderful place to live but it doesn't need to be the best place in the history of the planet or bear the God approved seal of approval in order to be so.

In fact a truer love would be to love America for what she is and the progress she's made, not for some fantasy objectification.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I spent a fair amount of my military career overseas - South Korea, Germany, and Iraq. There are greatness and beauty everywhere if you look for it. I have visited areas where freedom and civility have reigned for thousands of years, and others where civility was non-existent. America is great, but just because a place is different doesn't make it "less great." I suggest you take a drive across Europe and visit a place like Andorra where their entire military consists of twelve ceremonial soldiers. Visit a place like Italy where the Renaissance began and the age of exploration. There is much to love and appreciate all over the world. I'm pretty sure they all think they are divinely inspired.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Oh boy... this will bring the America Haters out...

Salt Lake City, UT

Everywhere has its pro & cons.

re: CHS 85

"...the world. I'm pretty sure they all think they are divinely inspired."

Like Iran & N Korea?

UT Brit
London, England

@2 bits

I dont hate America, its a nice place to visit. I do take objection to it being described as the bestest place ever, chosen by God to be a shining example to us lesser folk in other countries.
Not number 1 in my ideal place to live, but its in the top 10.

one old man
Ogden, UT

No, 2bits, is pointing out that America has faults just a matter of hatred?

Or could it be a matter of TRUE patriotism to try to recognize that we have -- along with all our blessings -- some very serious shortcomings that need to be overcome?

If we, as a nation, fail to recognize our failings there is no chance that we will ever be able to correct them.

The real haters of America are those who simply refuse to examine our nation carefully and honestly, instead condemning anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Sandy, UT

I too have traveled extensively. I love to visit other countries and agree that there is beauty and accomplishment to drink in. However, the U.S., until recently was unique in its view of freedom. You could say whatever you wanted without fear that the government would come after you. You could hear multiple sides of any issue debated. Those days are slipping away as the government is now being used to target those with whom some disagree and used to force others to engage in conduct which violates their conscience. There are those who want to make us like Europe and they are succeeding.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

It appears the DN monitor doesn't like Veterans today...

I'll try again --

The WORLD is a pretty great place,
America is not an exception or ELITE above all others.

As a veteran, I have served and visted too many countries to even count.
They are ALL wonderful.
Different?, Yes Unique? - Absolutely.
That's what makes them so Beautiful.

However, people everywhere are 100% the same,
our cultures and governements are the only difference.

America has done some good in the world,
and [like it or not]
America has doen some BAD in the world.

That's facts, that's reality.

The sooner some of us drop the "We're number 1",
"God made us better than everyone else",
American exceptionalism,
The further removed we'll be from uber-Nationalism and a repeat of the follies of Fascism.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@2 bits – “this will bring the America Haters out...”

Personally I have never met an America hater. I’m sure they exist – Islamic radicals and the occasional radical college professor come to mind – but I’d guess this narrative is largely a fiction perpetuated as a lazy expedient for getting votes.

Most people I know - at least once they’re out of middle school and realize the world is more complex than the black & white heroes & villains portrayed in cartoons and pop sci fi films- are fully capable is seeing that our great country was founded and populated by human beings, with goodness and warts and all.

And why is the subtext of this narrative always a zero sum game (i.e., America’s greatness necessarily implies the inferiority of other countries). Why is that?

For the party that most often recognizes the positive sum scenario inherent in free market capitalism, I fail to understand why they so often revert back to this immature, tribal, for me to win you must lose mindset.

Provo, UT

I too love America. It used to be the greatest country on earth. We used to embrace freedom, economics which helped the poor and middle-class, and science.

Unfortunately, a few brothers from Kansas and their cohorts have hijacked our political system. A small yet vocal political faction resembling another one in Germany early in the past century have taken over. They have bent tax laws so now you make more money owning stocks and receiving inheritances rather than actually working. They have drastically expanded government surveillance and even started 2 wars in the Middle East. They took away embassy and VA funding, bragged about it on national tv, then started a witch hunt when it blew up in their faces. They purposely want to hurt government, hurt people, so they can privatize government to their oligarch friends. They even shut down the government last year!

Their economic policy consists of taking from the poor and middle class and giving it to the rich. They claim that if we give the rich all the money then it will trickle down as they are the beloved job creators and all of us are just their minions.

To be continued...

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Doesn't it seem strange that not one nation could be found that even comes close to the greatness of America, especially on our own side of the world, among our closest friends?

Is the American greatness likely to be seen as a credit or discredit by the world?

Provo, UT

Continued from above...

Finally, we used to embrace science. We led the way in innovation and technology. Today? This vocal minority is waging a war on green technology. They punish those who use green technology. Just look at what RMP is doing to solar panel users! Look at what our own legislature did this past session to energy efficient car users. They deny global warming and want us to continue to use dirty fuel. This vocal minority cheers court cases which count bribery as forms of free speech and denied women necessary medication.

We need to get America back on track. I love America but needs to be saved from this vocal minority.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Ah, our greatness and glory.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

BTW --

It was while living in the Military [and my LDS Mission],
having food, clothing, shelter, education, universal healthcare, etc.

That turned me away from the dog-eat-dog world of Capitalism and business,
and more toward Socialism and having "All things in Common".

Getting out of the Utah BUBBLE,
and actually living amongst the evil and scarey "Socialists" in Canada, Australia, Germany, England, France, Japan, Italy, Israel, Panama, etc., etc...

The AM radio hacks are charlitans and liars!

People through out the world are wonderful, beautiful, loving and caring.
I found that we truely are Brothers and Sisters.

The MILITARY of all places,
transformed me from the hardcore, conservative, Utah Republican,
into the bleeding heart, war passivist, liberal I am today.

I have YET to meet a single Conservative who has served our country,
or who has ever left the "bubble".

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00

LDS Liberal

"The MILITARY of all places,
transformed me from the hardcore, conservative, Utah Republican,
into the bleeding heart, war passivist, liberal I am today."

Your the first Pacifist I've ever known that has a collection of firearms.

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00

American is not that much different from the rest of the World. We are all in slavery to the Rothschilds. The only difference is that Americas cages are nicer than most. But they are about to get a serious downgrade.

Centerville, UT

Some famous liberal socialist minded politicians and their military service.
Harry Reid - Nope capital police does not count.
Bill Clinton - took deferments then opted to ROTC to avoid draft, nope turned it down and got a 311 draft number.
Hillary Clinton - Nope
John Kerry - yep then threw his medals over the fence.

Don't know any conservative past military, let me introduce you to my father, two brothers, four uncles, four nephews. Oh and the missionary issue of being out of the country, really? Are you saying all those conservative past Mormon missionaries all went stateside? Loathing (June 2013)your neighbors is hardly compassionate nor is it commendable, military, mission, and college aside.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@LDS Liberal,

Re: "I have YET to meet a single Conservative who has served our country"...

Not true (that there's not a single Conservative in the American military). I know several serving today and in the past in my own family. You just need to get outside YOUR bubble and see them. If you did.. you would find that about half consider themselves to be "Conservative" (note - "Republican" is not the same as "Conservative").


But don't take my word for it... how about the Military Times poll and Washington Times article that totally dismisses your assumption...

"Just over one third of U.S. military personnel say they support the Republican Party, down from nearly a half in 2006, according to the latest annual Military Times poll.
But the survey shows that underlying political attitudes among troops remain more or less unchanged, with a plurality of 41 percent continuing to describe themselves as “conservative” or “very conservative,” compared with 44 percent in 2006.
Support for the Democrats remains low, the publication reports. About 14 percent of respondents to the latest poll call themselves Democrats, the same as in 2006"...

Centerville, UT

"No other country or people has advanced the progress of human quality of life, love of liberty or pursuit of opportunity than this--a land divinely inspired and unabated in its relentless pursuit to preserve those liberties."

I agree with the author's statement.

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