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Published: Monday, July 7 2014 12:55 p.m. MDT

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2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: "Gail Miller would make a great governor"...

No she wouldn't. And she would never run for Governor of the State. And I say this as a huge Gail Miller fan.

Just because she's involved in her community... doesn't mean she wants to be Governor, or that she would even be a good Governor.

IMO she can do more good for the community where she's at today. And she already does more for the community than the Governor does.

You don't have to run for political office to have a big impact on your community. IF she were Governor, she would have to watch everything she says or does, and keep everything close to her vest, so her political opponents can't use it to destroy her and her family (and they would try).

Salt Lake City, UT

In fact she would be a great candidate for governor. Her westside origins give her a perspective others in the GOP ilk simply don't have. I think she would be much more forceful on health care than Herbert. We know best what we directly experience. She should run no matter what Herbert does.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Don't start up the East side vs West side baloney... We have enough division with your class-warfare rhetoric, without starting up the East VS West divide too.

Now you have to have "westside origins" to know about healthcar??? That's about the most shallow reason for supporting a candidate I can think of "westside origins" or "eastside origins").... Sheesh... Why always trying to find something to divide us?

What next... she would be a great governor because she's a Utah fan (to get THAT divide going too)?

Hint... You don't need "westside origins" or to be of ANY specific "ilk" to understand healthcare...

Sandy, UT

No more republican Governors please

Springville, UT

I rarely agree with 2 bits, but on this (so far) we do agree. (I hope 2 bits doesn't go off the rails now).

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Re: "No more republican Governors please"....

We've had Democrat Governors too. It doesn't make that much difference. What was so different when Scott Matheson was governor (77-85)? Nothing....

This pretense that if we could only have a Democrat Governor... everything would be fine... is mostly just a Democrat Dream. It doesn't change everything.

We are still the same people. The Governor isn't a king. IF he's a good Governor... he tries to find the will of the people and manage the State (not just advance his party agenda or crush the other party). He's there to represent the people (whether he's a Democrat or a Republican). If they don't do that... they don't last long and we try the other party.

Republicans just tend to represent the majority of Utahns better today than Democrats now days (but not long ago it wasn't that way). But it's the Democrat party that changed in the 80's... not the people of Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT


I like your allusion to Gail Miller's "west side origins". From appearances, Gail seems to have a balanced and humble perspective about a lot of things. We have many outstanding citizens on the "west side" that in fact do have a different perspective than some of their "east side" and more affluent counterparts. That said, many of our wonderful "east side" citizens have humble roots and perspectives which they have not forgotten as well. Anyway, from what little I know about Gail Miller, I really like her persona and I would tend to agree that she probably has the right stuff to be a Governor if she chose to go that route. Her "west side" origins and perspectives no doubt have served her well.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Now you have to have "westside origins" to know about healthcar??? That's about the most shallow reason for supporting a candidate I can think of "westside origins" or "eastside origins").... Sheesh... Why always trying to find something to divide us? "

Well how do we decide whom to vote for now? We of the westside know things others don't. We know best what we directly experience.

Wasatch Front, UT

If Gail *does* run (for ANY public office) I would strongly urge her to start using her NEW married name!! I've posted on these DNews boards a number of times in the past, wondering why she has never "taken" her new married name, in public?? (perhaps she legally has "on paper", but not in everyday usage.) And who knows.... perhaps Utah election laws would "require" her to use her full, married name?

While I appreciate and commend Dr. Gochnour's futuristic/visionary thinking (for which she is already VERY prominently known), in advancing Gail Miller (Wilson's) name as a serious female '16 gubernatorial candidate....

.... I personally feel that Dr. Natalie Gochnour ---HERSELF!--- would make the very best Republican female candidate for Utah Governor (she IS Republican, isn't she?!? ;^)

"Governor Gochnour" has a very distinctive ring to it!!

(Disclaimer: I have NO personal relationship, affiliation or connection of any sort with Associate Dean/Dr. Natalie Gochnour.)

Draper, UT

I agree that Gail Miller would make a terrific governor. A governor sets the tone for a state just like a president sets the tone for the nation. Respected, optimistic leadership leads to respect and optimism among the electorate.

She'll never run for elected office but Gail Miller will continue to be, IMO, the most respected and influential person in Utah.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Some seem to think Gail Miller would run as a Democrat... where does that assumption come from? Is that just because she has "west side" knowledge (that other people can't have)?

Do you really think Gail Miller would come out in support of the DNC party platform? I don't.

The Democrat party would have to change a lot before she would run as a Democrat. If she ran as a Democrat with the party platform they have today... even she would lose (because it's out of touch with most Utahn's values).

We don't tend to vote for people who stand in contradiction to our personally held values. It's only natural.


#1. I don't think she would run.

#2. Even less chance she would run as a Democrat.

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