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Published: Tuesday, July 8 2014 7:00 a.m. MDT

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Los Angeles, CA

President Obama has pegged this correctly: the crossing is a humanitarian crisis and should be treated as such. To the extent prudent, we should welcome and help these children.

Redding, CA

A humanitarian response is needed. US people and authorities need to work on helping to feed, house, and otherwise shelter from crime these refugees. Enough trash talk from tea party types. Let's help our neighbors! Sure it will be inconvenient, sure it will be uncomfortable at times not knowing their language (if you live in the US southwest you otta know how to speak spanish by now), sure it will be expensive. We can help, we have a healthy, even opulent economy by comparison with our neighbors, we need to help in a humanitarian way not in an excluding way.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

The open borders folk are responsible for these children and the abuses they suffer.

children are being "pulled" to the U.S. by lenient policy. The House Judiciary Committee released a statement Tuesday, blaming the Obama administration for "lax immigration enforcement policies … encourag[ing] more individuals to come to the United States illegally."

Even liberals agree:
New York Times writer Frances Robles wrote in June, "Many (unaccompanied children migrants) say they are going because they believe the United States treats migrant children traveling alone and women with their children more leniently

Enough trash talk from irresponsible liberals. We need to enforce the laws we have on the books and encourage people wanting to come here to do so legally. Sure it will be inconvenient, sure it will be uncomfortable at times not knowing their language (if they come to the US they ought to know how to speak English), sure it will be expensive, but it is much more compassionate than having them die in the desert or being forced into sexual slavery by human smugglers

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Nice article covering Obama's tracks.
His DREAM Act by fiat is the biggest magnet here.
And he KNEW this was coming. They posted job offerings in January for escorts for the children.
According to an ICE memo in June lack of enforcement is the key reason they are coming. A notice to appear once caught is the same as a work visa. No one shows up to be deported.
Let's not sugar coat this; Obama OWNS this problem.

Orem, UT

It is a humanitarian crisis. Children are being smuggled by dangerous people through Mexico to get here. We need to help them get here safely. Let's send dozens of airplanes down to their home countries every day so we can fly them all here safely at taxpayer expense.

There are probably a billion or more people around the world who would love to live here in America. More should be done to bring at least millions of them here at our expense. It is the only compassionate thing to do. Right?

It might sound far fetched, but you know those kinds of arguments from the left are coming soon.

Logan, UT

If it was all about high crime in Honduras, there are multiple other countries much closer to their home country and with less crime... and that are much closer than the United States. Plus, they wouldn't have to learn any new languages.

I've yet to talk to a liberal advocating accepting all these "refugees" who has actually done anything personal to help. None have volunteered to take any of these people in or have even donated any money to the cause. Talk is cheap and often sounds good. But when not backed up with action, means almost nothing. In fact, it often makes hypocrites of those doing the talking.

For those trying to reunite with other family members, it proves that our loose borders system has been separating families and putting kids in danger by trying to reunite. Had we had secure borders, these families would've never been separated to begin with.

Also, our economy is not currently great. We're more in debt than any nation in the world. Plus, Obama has NO plan whatsoever for dealing with this flood of people. None. Overall, the best course of action would be to return them ASAP.

Alpine, UT

@ dave4197:

Because the Tea Party is literally the only political group advocating following the Constitution precisely and exactly as written, it's interesting that you deem their talk as "trash talk". In truth, it's exactly the opposite. Advocating anything opposing Constitutional law, as written, is the real trash talk. Excusing such beliefs by calling the Constitution "an evolving document" is actually dangerous trash talk.

Only in America can following your own rule-of-law from your own Constitution (often considered the greatest in the entire history of the world) be called inhumane by a major political group.

If we do what some liberal extremists are now calling for, it would encourage and soon cause a new flood of illegal aliens that would make this current group tiny in comparison. We would soon change our own economy into a type of welfare socialist state and economically diluted into something similar to what currently exists in South and Central America... approaching another 3rd world country, primarily because a new major group of people here would have no education nor any appreciable skills.

Many, if not most, of those now coming is because of our liberal welfare policies.

Redding, CA

I have done something personally, I have lived south of the border and experienced how others in our world live, we have a moral responsibility to help our Americano neighbors with real help here and now, not just sending them back somewhere. I have helped an immigrant family whose car broke down near me whose car I couldn't fix so I paid to fix it; the family moved on to a locality where there was less hate against latinos, 3 yrs ago. They're happy and working and kids are in school and growing up speaking english. I helped one family a bit and now I call on you to help not hinder not play with words.
Read the Utah Compact, a good policy about helping families. That means opening your door, your mind, your community's bank, not "sending them back". Read the parable of the good samaritan too, tators. My ancestors came from England and Denmark, I join hands with today's immigrants saying give us a chance in the land of opportunity. Our economy is relatively opulent I've said here repeatedly and will not take that back.

Redding, CA

What's happening across our southern border is a humanitarian problem, poor people, indeed a bunch of children, are seeking safety and opportunity and they think they can find that in our country. I say welcome, I say helping hand go out to them, I say we mobilize and help house these people at least temporarily until families can be found and situations can be judged. Obama is doing that, helping.
You and others who toss the constitution and the rule of law around need to chill, get out of the way, or offer a real helping hand. The time for political debate is somewhere else and some other time, and I will join and debate against you at that place and time.
Today's humanitarian crisis calls out for compassion, find some laconic.
I literally choke when reading those words about blaming this on Obama, he's not my hero, about blaming this on our welfare state or others' socialistic states, I work for a living, or about blaming this on "somebody else". Give a hand laconic and others, these people are poor and on our doorstep, don't fail them

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Roy Beck's Gumballs video graphically explains why we cannot fix these humanitarian problems HERE. We must fix them THERE.
A Gallup poll in 2009 reveals that 165 million people around the world would prefer to live in the United States. Obviously we cannot accommodate them. That's why immigration enforcement is so important.

As Charles De Gaulle said, I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.

Logan, UT

@ dave4197:

You're still avoiding the real issue. Just living in an impoverished country isn't helping those people. And helping a Latino family (that very well could be here legally) fix their car isn't doing anything about the flood of illegal aliens currently overwhelming our system.

So why stop at helping just those living south of us? Aren't the other multiple billions of people around the world who are economically poorer than us and wanting to live here also actual people "who need our help here and now."? Or are you advocating helping only those who have the audacity to try to sneak across our borders? What you calling for is actually a form of discrimination.

It should be obvious to you and other like-minded that we have borders and laws for practical purposes. We can't provide welfare homes here for all poorer people in the world. Why discriminate against some of them just because you lived for a time with others? Makes no common sense.

We still provide a legal means of immigrating to America like your ancestors used. It takes time and patience, but we need to adhere to it.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

These children are refugees. Today we can't comprehend why the America of our grandparents wouldn't permit Jewish refugee children to escape Hitler by entering the USA. Our grandchildren will wonder the same thing about the T-party types who want to kick 'em back across the river and let 'em die in the desert.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Article quote: "Some have argued that children are being "pulled" to the U.S. by lenient policy. The House Judiciary Committee released a statement Tuesday, blaming the Obama administration for "lax immigration enforcement policies … encourag[ing] more individuals to come to the United States illegally." The statement called for more enforcement, "not another bureaucratic task force," referring to FEMA, which is helping mitigate the influx of migrants at the border."

Oh, nooo, it couldn't be that.

@ dave4197: So does your compassion extend to those who would NOT be mugged and murdered by the criminally-minded illegal aliens who already live among us now? Does your compassion extend to those who actually pay the billions and billions of tax dollars that are being used to house, feed and care for illegal aliens?

Those are serious, direct questions and they deserve serious, direct answers.

I'm waiting....

Alpine, UT

@ dave4197:

Follow the news more closely. Even Obama is saying he needs more authority to immediately send these minors back to their countries. Nothing has changed for these people recently. They haven't suddenly become more poor. The only reason so many are now flooding our borders is because their local media and human smugglers are telling them that now is the time to come to the USA and they won't be deported.

They recognize there is a loophole in the immigration law passed in 2012 they are trying to take advantage of before it gets fixed. I daily see pictures of these people on TV. They aren't coming here because they are hungry and in need of sustenance. In fact, many if not most are at least as over-weight as my relatives and neighbors.

I can tell you have a good heart and mean well. But you offer no practical or workable solutions. A general call for help doesn't do or fix anything.
Tators makes some very good points. Where is the line drawn in helping others when there are over 2 billion around the world at least as poor as these people?

Alpine, UT

@ Irony Guy:

Please put some actual effort into getting a handle on current reality. The vast majority of these illegal aliens didn't make some long trek across a hot desert like others did decades ago. It's documented in the news from interviews with these people that most paid human smugglers thousands of dollars to be brought here. They then rode buses through Mexico after bribing border guards there (business as usual in Mexico).

When and if they ever get returned, it will be by the same means we're now sending them all around the country... by bus and/or plane. Absolutely none would be sent into the desert to die. Someone has obviously been reading too many dime-store novels.

It was recently documented and then reported that fewer than 20% of these people show up for their immigration court appointments after giving written promises that they would appear. It then becomes difficult to consider these people honest. They have no intention of doing things the right way, but are instead just gaming the system and naive advocates.

It's absolutely ludicrous to criticize Tea Party proponents for wanting to have and follow laws.

Redding, CA

guy with a brain? from OK? just kidding
Statistics show that illegals are no more major criminal than the rest of us. Shame on you, your bias is showing.
About my compassion for those who would pay for this help. Read my post, I work for a living and I don't apologize for or gripe about helping others a little (my story) or a lot (my taxes) when there's a real need (we buy too many tanks and aircraft carriers, I'd rather help these people). Someone else will judge my compassion not you, and I'm not holding my breath waiting like you, let's take care of business at hand, a crisis.
The 2012 loophole you point out was only noticed after this crisis began. Try again. If there are really 2B people like these, and we've got the greatest economy, go figure, I can figure who needs TO help. If you read ALL the news you'll find these people didn't research as much as you did, they just got outta town where they were hopeless victims of crime and poverty. And want a hand up not a hand out.

Alpine, UT


What does it matter when the loophole from the 2012 law was discovered? It absolutely doesn't at all. What actually does matter is that there is a loophole that is being grossly taken advantage of. It's you that should try again. But if that's the best you can do, then don't bother. You're back to arguing semantics without offering a single common-sense solution. Rhetoric, even when compassion based, accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Who are you to judge and determine that all these recent illegals "were hopeless victims of crime and poverty"? Did you interview them or do you have any verifiable evidence in support? Or are you simply back to making unfounded assumptions again?

Also, how did you determine these people "want a hand-up and not a hand-out"? Just how are they going to accomplish that when most are uneducated, unskilled and can't speak any English? Since these are real-life conditions (not just platitudes), they are actually in need of a lot of hand-outs. They will have no means of supporting themselves for quite awhile. How will all those handouts be paid for, since our budget is already unbalanced?

Richfield, UT

@ dave4197:

If it wasn't for all the tanks and aircraft carriers our country currently has (and that you criticize), our country wouldn't have the freedoms we currently enjoy and we consequently wouldn't be the envy of the world that causes so many people to try sneaking into. You need to try putting 2 and 2 together to up with the real-life answer of 4. By having the very things you criticize, we're able to enjoy the things you and I do, and that others so apparently want.

From reading the comments here, it's obvious a lot of effort is being spent to explain how the real world works. And from reading some of the nonsensical rebuttals, it appears the illegal refugees aren't the only ones who might be hopeless.

Our nation does have a crisis on it's hands. In fact, it has several and the number keeps growing. Sadly, little is being done to address and fix those issues. There is a ridiculous stalemate in Congress and many voter constituents who seem to be low-information voters who simply don't understand these real-world issues. Or even worse, they often don't care.


This article reports that one third of the children coming here unaccompanied already one or both parents already living here. That means that two thirds of them don't have a parent here. What are we going to do with all those?

I have heard some express the opinion that most likely the drug cartels are involved with transporting a large portion of these children from Central America through Mexico and into the US in order to create a diversion. With the border patrol staff preoccupied with dealing with this humanitarian crisis it makes easier for the drug cartels to smuggle tons of drugs across the border.

Bluffdale, UT

blame game. blame on left. congress must pass laws on emigration. the president has not had anything passed by congress therefore the blame would be on congress for the laws we have and their no act. they are rushing the borders because we are doing nothing to stop it.
nothing to do with the president and all do do with our nothing congress. they have voted no more than ever before

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