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Published: Monday, July 7 2014 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Let's hope this two-year hiatus becomes a permanent one. I'm tired of Utah improving BYU's strength of schedule while hurting their own.

Sandy, UT

Colorado is our rival now, not byu. This is a one way rivalry.

Greenwood, IN

Robin, a few questions: How does losing to a 4-8 PAC12 team help BYU's SOS? How many conference or national SOS championships has Utah won, and where are the trophies?

Milwaukie, OR

@Brave Sir Robin Agreed. But please don't stop posting on all the Cougar stories! That's how I know you care.

Layton, UT

Obviously, we fans are still rivals. On the field, win or lose, the games mean nothing to Utah's football program, it has much bigger fish to fry. Go Utes.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"Colorado is our rival now, not byu. This is a one way rivalry."

Which is why we never see Colorado fans posting on Utah articles and we never see Utah fans posting on Colorado blogs - some rivalry.

American Fork, UT

It is a good rivalry but not good natured anymore. I am an advocate of ending the rivalry to reduce the harshness of the fan relations. If we could embrace the rivalry in a good natured manner, I would be for continuing it. It is good, however, that we all made the list. The rivalry has produced some epic games over the years that were incredible to watch.

Las Vegas, NV

I love the Holy War and hope it continues on after 2018. It's a family thing.

Go Utes!!

Danny T
Minneapolis, MN

I love the rivalry. can't wait for it to pick back up in a few years

Sandy, UT

Truth - How often do you read the Colorado blogs?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

The rivalry does nothing for either school. And 12th best? Really?

Why, AZ

Too bad both teams aren't in the Mountain West Conference since that was the only time they were relevant. Bottom of the PAC 12 or Indy are both bad spots to be in.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Doctor Hill needs to offer a 2 for 1, take it or leave it.

They need the game, we don't. We aren't in need of games against mid-majors we can get those with any mid major we want, anytime.

byu plays 3 Power 5 teams this year and has one of the worst schedules in the entire nation.

They need 8-9 games against power 5 teams to be taken seriously.

They're desperate.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Ken

"Truth - How often do you read the Colorado blogs?"

I don't read it much but I made a thorough check to see if you're right and of course you're not. I went all over Colorado's sites to find something that demonstrates whether or not the rivalry is substantial. Nothing. I also checked past DN stories particularly the last game from last year by which Utah won. It was a decent amount of comments about 76, but as read them the majority of comments were more about BYU then Colorado. Yes, their were some BYU fans antagonizing but most of them were Ute fans egging on BYU. So if you want Colorado to be your big rival prove it. When their is an article about BYU I can always count on it having the most comments that day, and it makes me smile when I do because when your hated your doing something right. I would be concerned if BYU wasn't hated.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"Truth - How often do you read the Colorado blogs?"

I used to live in Colorado, so often, especially during football season.

I could count on one hand the number of posts from Utah fans during Colorado-Utah "rivalry" week.

The truth is, Colorado fans couldn't care less about Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

These two teams were made for each other.

I love the rivalry (do hope Michigan waxes the Utes for dodging BYU though).

It would be better if it wasn't a doormat team of the PAC playing a irrelevant independent that schedules patsys. just saying.

Mesa, AZ

Other than the visceral aspect to the rivalry itself, this series offers zero benefit to us....FSU/UM are beneficial to us in what our focus is on and that's recruiting, the former in an important CA region and the latter on the national stage. We own byu in the primary recruiting ground we compete in -- In-state. Not to mention how anti-climatic its become w/us registering our annual W against byu. Yawn.

Per the discussion of Sos, reference the '13 final Sagarin ratings and you'll see its impact as to why we finished ahead of byu, in spite of our final record of 5-7. Sos is also a crucial component in determining playoff participants at season's end and why byu has zero chance at qualifying, even if the unthinkable occurred and they navigated their schedule unblemished.

West Jordan, UT

Colorado was assigned to the Utes as traveling partners and as the team to play on the traditional rivalry week. True rivalries aren't made by assignment from someone's conference commissioner.

Salt Lake City, UT

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

"...[W]e never see Colorado fans posting on Utah articles and we never see Utah fans posting on Colorado blogs - some rivalry."

Are you kidding? Do you really think that fans from any Pac-12 school will flock to the Des News to post comments? Good grief.

The game hasn't been a rivalry for years. Further, Utah needs to move on and schedule Texas and Florida teams on their OOC schedule that will benefit the program. Stop wasting time with an independent mid-major.

never break .500
Los Angeles, CA

I hope the Utes never play BYU again too. It would be great to see them slip totally into total irrelevance. Playing "over their heads" against Stanford and BYU and then choking the rest of the games…would be better to just settle into a 3-9 record routinely…ala Indiana, Colo, or Illinois. A power 5 team with no importance whatesoever. Why give them a game to get up for?

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