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Published: Monday, July 7 2014 10:05 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Dres and Keeton are great players and I'll be cheering for them all season!


Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats to all 4 players. In my opinion, Hill has the best shot out of the 4 to win the award, but I also think he is the least likely to make an NFL roster.

West Point , UT

All four of these guys are fun to watch and can make game changing plays at any moment. Wishing all four a healthy 2014 campaign with lots of success.

Las Vegas, NV

I think Keeton is the most deserving out of those four. We'll have to see what role health plays this year.

Here's to a big season for Dres!

Layton, UT

Assuming that they all stay healthy and each has an outstanding season, Keeton and Anderson will far outpace the 2 guys from byu in the running. Go Utes.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

If Chuckie stays healthy he should make it. Same with Hill.

ekute,I admire your intellectual honesty and objectivity.

BTW: that last sentence was about as accurate and honest as yours.

American Fork, UT

All four of these guys are deserving. I hope they all have great seasons. It will make football in the state even more compelling to watch. Good Luck.

Why, AZ

I am surprised that only one Utah team player was on the BEDNARIK AWARD WATCH LIST. Most of all the Utes, USU, BYU wins came from having a good defense. The offense on all three last year was disappointing.

Phoenix, AZ

A receiver that doesn't have a quarterback isn't going to win any awards. Watch all you want, but Dres isn't going to win any awards. The three that have a better shot at winning the award play for the two Utah schools that went to a bowl game last year.

Jason R
Sandy, UT

Seems fitting Utah has half as many candidates as BYU. Go Cougs!

Marysville, WA

Waiting to see how the kids on the hill spin this: The number of BYU candidates equals all other Utah schools combined.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

I love watching Keeton play. His touchdown to interceptions ratio was phenomenal last year. Glad he is healthy again.
Hill and Williams are both juniors! They should give fans of football in Utah quite a show over the next two years.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Utah had twice as many players drafted as did our indy-irrelevant little brother down south. And so did Utah St. The preseason is when none of your players had to prove anything on the field. The NFL draft is AFTER each team's players had proved their worth.

Have fun playing small ball.

Heber City, UT

Here is my order of who is most likely to win the award:

1- Chuckie
2- Taysom
3- Dres
4- Jamaal

The only reason I have Jamaal at the bottom is because it will be tough for him to make a case as the best player on his own team, let alone the nation. Mike Evans from Texas A&M or Carlos Hyde from Ohio State are great examples of this. Because of Johnny and Braxton, they had no argument for the Maxwell or Heisman because they weren't the most deserving on their team.

I think Dres will have a tough time though, because he is their only legitimate weapon so he will draw a ton of attention. Plus the QB position is shaky at best.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Dres is an incredible talent. He needs a QB. Any BYU fan would leap for joy to have him play for us. They would be lying to themselves otherwise. This is the same for Hill and Williams. If either transfered to the utes they would welcome them with open arms. Chuckie is more talented than any of them. hopefully the knee doesnt have a lasting effect on his play. All three schools should be proud to have any of these players playing for them.

Syracuse, UT

Naval Lint,
Twice as many drafted, but still finished at the bottom of the conference....and will do so again this year.

Bountiful, UT

@Chris B
"Dres and Keeton are great players and I'll be cheering for them all season!"

Unfortunately for Dres, he's handcuffed by the annual ineptitude of Utah's coaching staff when it comes to managing the offensive side of the football. His misfortune is coming to the utes before they got a big time football coach who can win at this level. Kyle was an adequate coach in the MWC but has been exposed both for his inability to manage the complete team (both offense and defense) and his inability to make good hiring decisions (how many OC's has he hired now? 9 in the last 6 years or something like that?).

As for Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams, not only will you be envious all season seeing their names on this list all the way to the finals, but you're going to see one or both of them on the Heisman list for most of the season as well (most likely Taysom). Don't be too green Chris when Taysom is a finalist for a number of national awards (Maxwell, Heisman, O'Brien, Baugh, etc take your pick).

Go Cougars!!

Bountiful, UT

"Congrats to all 4 players. In my opinion, Hill has the best shot out of the 4 to win the award, but I also think he is the least likely to make an NFL roster."


Even if Taysom doesn't master the art of passing he'll still make an NFL roster because of his elite athleticism. Right now the NFL over-values elite athleticism (imo) and will always take a flier on a player due to their upside more so than what they are capable of at the time of drafting. Look at Jake Locker. He was marginal as a college QB but had tremendous athleticism and would've been better served to move to LB but despite mediocre passing stats at U-dub he still was a 1st round draft pick in a QB poor draft. The Titans are still trying to work with him and likely this year is his make or break year as a QB in the NFL.

Taysom will make a roster even if he's just an okay passer when he's done at BYU, he'll have enough gawdy stats and ESPN highlights to ensure that.

Realistic Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Alas...another year of dismal offense is in store for Utah. Dres is a fantastic player but limited in what he can do by himself. The other players on the list are also fantastic players but are in much better situations, better offenses, more impactful positions, etc.

I think among this group Taysom Hill is the legit frontrunner and he has way more upside than the rest. Keeton is a nice QB and a more polished passer but he's just a marginal athlete, not super fast and not a great arm, just okay in both areas. He'll put up nice stats playing in the MWC and if he can stay healthy should be a contender. I agree with the one poster who said Williams will have a hard time winning the award when he's competing with his own QB for top offensive dog on the same team. He's a terrific talent though and if that wasn't the case he'd make a good showing.

Good luck to all four players.


Realistic Ute,

What Utah State team have you watched the last couple of years? Keeton is anything but a marginal athlete. As a Ute fan I used to get frustrated because we didn't get any respect in the MWC. Now that the shoes is on the other foot with USU, I gotta give credit where credit is due. Keeton, is one of the top QB prospects in the nation this year. He was a monster in the USC game last year and was the main reason USU was even in the game. No disrespect to Hill, but he's not even in the conversations. That all can change during the year. Especially if BYU find's their offensive rhythm. But given their bodies of work so far, and the effectiveness of the coaching staff, Keeton has to be the pre-sason Utah MVP.

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