Comments about ‘Officer who killed family had dark side, struggled since childhood’

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Published: Monday, July 7 2014 8:50 a.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

@ Midvale guy

Did you even read the article. There was no drugs found in his system. So how could a drug screening have prevented this incident from occurring.

As to those that thought the Lindon Police Department "knew or should have known". Really how many things do you have in your life that know one else knows? Until its reported, or investigated it is going to be difficult for any agency to know what is occurring in personal lives.

cincinnati, OH

Clearfield, UT

The fact that his wife may have had an affair has nothing to do with this tragedy. She is a victim of a very disturbed man. An affair is not an excuse to commit murder.

It is called a crime of passion. The fact his wife did have an affair is a valid motive that any homicide detective will explore.

And with all the unconstitutional child support laws, he had a motive to oust the kids too.

We really need to abolish all law enforcement and instill a better system.

Plano, TX

Yeah, there's nothing wrong with sexually involving minors, drugs, sex and porn. It must have been something else.

Right. Lets just ignore this perfect case demonstrating it.

Salt Lake City, UT

The pressure in this state to put on a good front that all is well at home is tragic in and of itself. There are some people with some histories that are not a good fit with law enforcement. Some military people who also do some crazy things have his kind of history as well. Some people shouldn't own guns. There needs to be more careful screening of people for law enforcement jobs. It is unfortunate that for whatever reason she felt like she couldn't calmly and quietly taken the kids and left. She would have likely needed to move out of state as he was a cop. Even that may not have save them if he was determined to find him and could easily use his job to do so. It is tragic so many men out there feel they have to wipe out their families because of relationship problems or divorce. It all gets back to power and oontrol issues they need a lot of help with. Some seem to have the perception that their families are their property.

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