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Published: Saturday, July 5 2014 5:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Hooray for freedom of thought and expression!! :o)

I'm especially happy that the Supreme Court voted to allow that in the case of owner's of Hobby Lobby and their right to NOT be the purveyors of death that these people demand they be.

I share the view that insisting that someone violate the most sacred tenets of their religion is a violation of the first and, apart from the right to life, the most important of the few enumerated and unalienable rights. I dread the day if ever the views of these few ever become realized. For their sake as well as the rest of us.

seattle, WA

Great article, great sentiments. And I don't understand how anyone can argue with it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Those girls wouldn't take a job paying $10 an hour for one day that in turn would pay for their annual contraception supply.......instead they protest expecting those of us who work to pay for their irresponsibility and stupidity......these kind of women give women a bad name!

Buena Vista, VA

Kerissa Anaya: “My ovaries are my business and nobody else's."
Me: Correct! So why are you asking Hobby Lobby/taxpayers to pay for your birth control??

Anaya: “This sets us back for women's rights, and it completely sets us back as a country.”
Me: You’ve lost no rights. You can still buy those contraceptives with your own money. Or choose not to have sex. Do you think “women’s rights” means we all have to pay for your birth control? I thought it was your own business and nobody else’s.

Topher Mehlhoff: “I don't believe that your religion should limit my choices.”
Me: Again, you can still buy any birth control with your own money. Your choices have not been limited. Why should I have to pay for your birth control? Some forms aren’t even that expensive.

Mehlhoff: "To limit health care choices just for women is patently sexist and not something Christ would do."
Me: Christ would ask you not to get pregnant unless you are married, and then, to buy your own birth control. Ideally not a type that kills a fertilized egg. You are a pastor and don’t understand this?

Orem, UT

It is difficult to understand how the advent of ACA suddenly created an expanded freedom of one of the persons interviewed regarding the her choices in the "use of her ovaries", unless she is expressing the idea that there is an inherent right to require others to contribute financially in support of her choices. Unless the SCOTUS decision has been grossly misrepresented, there is nothing in it to limit a woman's choice of sexual activity. The protest reported by the Deseret News seems to be little more than the growing demands of a portion of society for greater entitlements, without concomitant responsibility.

London, 00

I live in Canada, where we have "universal" health care. Funny thing, the very kind of birth control that Hobby Lobby does not want to cover (the IUD) is also not covered by our "universal" health care insurance. Even the private plan we have through work does not cover the IUD. If we want it, we buy it. All the insurance will cover is the necessary appointment with the doctor.

So when someone says that they "don't believe that your religion should limit my choices" I'd say in reply that this does not limit choice. They (like us in Canada) can choose to get an IUD, just not on someone else's dime.

I understand that some would like Hobby Lobby to pay for this (just like I'd like the provincial government to pay for it here -- especially given the high taxes), but I think that it is a bit of a stretch to suggest that "that these judges are being allowed to dictate health care for entire families". Not true. Yes, there may be an extra cost -- but the ultimate decision is yours as it is for those of us with universal care.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

It has never been the resposibility of business to bankroll employees who treat sex as a recreational activity to be engaged in at any time with any person. No truly reasonable person would claim that it is.

Business pays for standard health care because healthy, responsible employees are a benefit to the business. Employees who engage in irresponsible lifestyles are a detriment to business, and no business can prosper if it is forced to pay for its own destruction.

Wasatch Front, UT

Thank heaven that the Supreme Court still respects freedom, at least 5-4. We are increasingly encountering new "rights" that everyone and their pet bird supposedly has, and, in the process, are removing freedom of choice from someone else. We should have a free-market of ideas, including the freedom for Hobby Lobby to choose to not offer contraceptive coverage, and the right of those who work for Hobby Lobby to 1) buy it with their own money, or 2) choose to work elsewhere.

The U.S.A. used to be about limited government protecting the freedom of all. Increasingly, however, it is turning into the majority voting themselves an ever expanding list of rights. In the end, it will leave all of us worse on economically, and will limit all of our ability to pursue happiness as we see fit.

Jan Jones
West Valley City, UT

John Charity Spring - So married couples who engage in sex, but do not wish to become pregnant (which I suppose makes sex a "recreational activity"), are engaging in irresponsible lifestyles? Just want to clarify.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hurrah for freedom of speech!

It is great to see these women out there protesting (too much, methinks) about wanting to get their ovaries into everyone elses's wallets.

This give us proof that some people, indeed, can be fooled all of the time into believing that it is always someone else's responsibility to provide them with birth control, but not a husband, an income but not a job, and sex without consequences for the woman but not an "unviable tissue mass."

We need to point out these people to our children and show them what happens if you fall for all the liberal propaganda.

Bountiful Guy
Bountiful, UT

My only regret is that the Supreme Court once again voted 5-4. I'm glad they came down on the rare side of freedom, instead of mandated payment for reckless sex.

West Jordan, UT

When did Hobby Lobby tell them they could or could not have sex? When did Hobby Lobby tell them that they could or could not buy birth control?

I would love to wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses. My health insurance will not pay for contact lenses. Yet, I wear contact lenses. How? I paid for them myself.... It was my RIGHT to pay for them myself.

Midway, UT

I sure hope they had police around to control all those protesters.

Morgan Hill, CA

Liberals were all for freedom of conscience during the 1960s when they were protesting against the Draft and the Viet Nam War. This commitment has mysteriously diminished, though, when people started disagreeing with them on issues like abortion. The politically correct community tells us that corporations should display a conscience. When Hobby lobby proceeded to do exactly that, however, they changed their tune in a hurry.

Phoenix, AZ

Far cheaper to pay for a pill or two per month than a late term abortion once or twice per year.

Mesa, AZ

Hobby Lobby does not limit contraceptives from their health plans! The core issue of this case was about post-conception drugs, those that are used after conception to destroy life.

These drugs are deceptively marketed as emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. The truth is these drugs are used by the unprotected individual wanting to rid itself of any possible inconvenience as a result of their irresponsibility of not taking precautions beforehand against conceiving another human being.

Of course, the NOW folks believe its just a tissue mass unless its viable outside the womb on its own, much less a fertilized egg looking to implant on the uterine wall.

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

The scary thing thing is the vote was still 5-4. What are the 4 thinking? I guess they are in favor of forcing all of us to pay for the activities and choices of a few.

On the flipside nobody lost any choice here. Duh! Can they still not choose these methods of birth control?

The only choice Liberals lost was once again the "choice" to use someone elses money to pay for their choices. No wonder they are outraged.

Every day they scheme how to get access to other peoples money.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Topher Mehlhoff: “I don't believe that your religion should limit my choices.”

To you I reply that I do not believe that your belief systems (atheism, or whatever) should dictate my choices and what I have to pay for. It's ironic that so many anti-religionists want their philosophies and believe standards to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives through their activism or the activism of their liberal un-elected judges. Well guess what - we religious types can be activists too.

Jeff Harris
Edmonds, WA

So according to the 5 conservative, male, justices on the US Supreme Court, corporations have religious freedom, but women don't.

This imbalance can't hold for long. I support the women who are protesting this ruling.

Frisco, TX

I won't comment on the moral side of the decision.

But instead, a short comment on capitalism. The more we let government determine how businesses operate, the more we move from freedom, democracy and capitalism and the more we move toward socialism a.k.a. communism. Democracy is what makes America great and the reason why hundreds of thousands try to come to America every year (some legally and some illegally). Keep government out of business. If these workers think this benefit is important, go find a job with another business that offers it. If my employer doesn't give me the pay and benefits I need / deserve, I would find a job with another company.

And for those who are mislead to think this benefit is "free", open your eyes. The cost of benefits like "free" contraception, or mandated coverage for up to 26 year olds are just hidden or passed along in the form of higher premiums. It is not "free".

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