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Published: Saturday, July 5 2014 5:10 p.m. MDT

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Tokyo, Japan

@There You Go Again

with your logic...that means..Derek Fisher is an Elite Player...as well as Robert Horry...im not saying Hayward is an elite player...but limiting your idea of an elite player on hitting game winners...then Derek Fisher and Robert Horry...should be Hall of Famers...since they are Elite...they hit big shots...even Michael Jordan admits he missed more Game Winners than he got in....im not saying Hayward is a 17 Million dollar man...but your idea of an Elite player is very limited...and a lot of different players can hit the game winner...

All i know is...team's are blowing up his salary...by stating numbers...the contract isnt there yet...i hope Hayward knows his value...this is why i hate agents...because they are the ones that wanted a bigger payout for their guy...i dont even think he is worth Paul George money....i think he is worth probably 2 - 3 Million shy of Paul George's contract..and i think Hayward should do the right thing and be involved with the contract discussions

Washington, Utah

Hayward is a 3rd best player on a borderline playoff team, *millsap and jefferson. Should not be given more than 6-7 million a year on a long term deal. numbers don't lie...A ton of players can average 16,5,5 on a terrible team like this year.

Roosevelt, UT

Hayward has set the precedent, each year he shoots a worse percentage.

Jazz logic says that can easily be solved by paying him more money.

Jazz are frustrating group who let Randy Foye walk for a second round draft pick, good guy great shooter.

Hayward shoots about the same rate as CJ Miles who used to work here...when he left we did not seem to miss him.


I so agree with the person commenting about the obscene money that is paid in sport salaries. Every time I hear those amounts mentioned I think of all the hungry people that could be fed with that money. I am one of the people to blame for the salaries because I love the Jazz and would go to every game if I had the money. I would like to see us keep Hayward but even more than that, I would like to see Hayward step up and take less money for the sake of the team and the sake of keeping the players together that everyone laughed at last year. Keep them together and add a little and I think they will make us very happy next season

Albuquerque, NM

Many comments suggest the Jazz shouldn't sign Gordon to a hefty contract. I agree he probably isn't worth it, but correct me if I'm wrong, aren't the Jazz required to hit a minimum salary? From my understanding we aren't even close to that. So if we don't sign Hayward, who do we sign? Should be interesting to see what the Jazz have planned.

Tokyo, Japan

yep they should not sign Hayward on a bad contract....we could a lot more pieces with the money or keep it in retaining our young core...

Kearns, UT

One of the reasons that I could care less about the NBA. Let him go. No person alive is worth 17 million for anything.

Brigham City, UT

You make some good points. By the way, the word to describe Hayward is "complEmentary", not complimentary. Back to school! Novak should give some much-needed long distance shooting which will open up the inside for Favors, etal. I love reading your comments, keep up the good work.

Saint George, UT

I am an eternal optimist, I hope Hayward comes back to the Jazz at a reasonable cost and does become an all star. I think Dennis Lindsey is working toward this objective.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

So let me get this straight. Hayward is a little above average and has to fix most of his game but the Jazz should pay him the 17 million? Let him walk. The Jazz are 3 - 4 years away from being in the playoffs and Hood will be better than Hayward by that point for around 2 million a year. Please Jazz, don't waste the money on an over-priced, can't shoot player who has slow feet. Hayward proved last year he can't lead, he can't shoot and he can't defend. Yes he can pass, but so can others on this team for a lot less money.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The Jazz could have signed CJ for 1/4 of the money.

Saint George, UT

CJ Miles wasn't worth 1/4 of the money so lets quit beating a dead horse.

Santa Monica, CA

Excellent ball player but not worth this kind of money. Remember that AK 47 had made an all-star team and shown an amazing all around game when he received big money. Kirilenko also played wonderful d and really, the only reason he didn't live up to his potential in SLC is that he was oft injured. But even that was because he threw his brittle body all over the court and hustled like NO current Jazz player cares to. Gordon has not made an all star team. He has also shown a tendency to cave under the pressure of being a team leader and one has to wonder if he will do the same under the pressure of living up to a max contract. I don't know if Gordon will ever become a max contract player. He might do--but currently, he is a player who (1.) has never made an all star team or really ever been a consideration, (2.) may have reached his ceiling and (3.) who is coming off a year of struggles. Hey, Iove my own kid, but I don't give her $700.00 a week in allowance. Of course, she can't play d...

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