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Published: Saturday, July 5 2014 5:10 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Good work Brad,, I like Hayward but he ain't no Bird, yet.

Provo, UT

If the Jazz give him the max contract, they are a hopeless organization...

sandy, UT

Problem is, Hayward himself has to know he's not worth that amount of money and if he were half the leader the Jazz wanted him to be, he would take less. I know, I know...take what you can and run, but Hayward...for once in your NBA career, be true to yourself. You know how inadequate your talents are compared to the money people are talking about and to the real stars of this league.
Be a man and do what's right. No one in the real business world makes that kind of money being a "complimentary employee" Step Up!

Temecula, CA

Kirilenko was an amazing, multi-skilled player who had problems in the post finishing on offense and often problems there on defense unless he was sliding there away from his man and showing some of his freelance artistry. Hayward is a much better man-on-man defender who can go to the rim successfully at times. Both have had problems making jump shots. Both have proven to be integral parts of their teams. You are right that the Jazz won't be adding anyone significantly better in free agency...I would remove the word significantly to make your sentence more accurate. I hope Gordon changes his shot somehow...I don't see his jump shot improving without a change of form.

Logan, UT

Let him go.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

Why not save the 17 million and find someone else!

Vernal, UT

First thing is send JL3 on his way. Next bring in Jimmer and give hime a situational role, such as in close games when they need to make free throws, or need a three pointer at the end of a game. In addition Jimmer could teach Gordon a thing or two about shooting a jump shot, and perhaps Gordon could help Jimmer some with his defense. Just the t-shirt sales alone would cover Jimmers contract, and just imagine the player Gordon would be if he could hit the three like Jimmer. Make it happen Jazz.


i like hayward but 17$ million? there has got to be a more complete player for that kind of money

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

It's one thing to take the shot...

Elite players make the shot.

Until Hayward can do that, the Jazz would be foolish to offer him elite money.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

"His value is spiking"


Last time I checked he only has a qualifying offer from the Jazz which makes his value exactly that.

Leave it to the NBA though...there are always a few incompetent GMs who when they lose out on the big 3 and Carmelo will hit the panic button and overpay for any name.

With the exception of a few guys, fans always love the player they don't have. Primarily because they don't know their flaws. They are shiny and new. The big contract/new name satiates the fans short term. Then reality sets in...which is why the NBA is littered with bad contracts for players who dramatically underperform their pay.

All that being said new players are after one thing on their first contract after their rookie deal. MONEY. As much as possible to gain financial security. Who can really blame them?

Gordon will play for any team who pays him the most. Just like most of you take the best paying jobs you can find.

Winning comes later for most NBA stars.

Hayward is not worth a max contract and I hope he doesn't get one...especially here.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Where did 17 mil come from? I didn't think that other teams could offer Hayward that much.

Salt Lake City, UT

If he gets a big offer some where. The Jazz need to let him go. He is not the All-Star for them. You can't have up and down nights, as often as he has. You will also have problems re-signing those players who actually do put up the numbers, if you give him most of the money.

Bastrop, TX

Comparing the Hayward situation to the one with AK47 is not viable...AK made the all-star team as a PF...The front office gave him the big contract, then they went and signed Boozer to play AK's position...With Sloans affinity for his PG/PF offense, AK was out in the cold. All that followed...injuries, etc....had no effect. The front office gambled on the future, then killed their own gamble.
Only similarity here is the question of whether or not they gamble on the future again. If they do, I'll bet the farm Lindsey won't let them shoot themselves in the foot again.

Madison, WI

I just worry that if he gets a big unjustified contract--anything over 12/4--that the too-much money will pressure him out and/or mess up team chemistry. His performance in his contract year has shown that he is vulnerable to pressure. I think the reason he was so grumpy was that he knew he was choking his contract year and felt bad about himself. I also wonder what Favors and Burks are going think if Hayward is way more per year. Teams know the internal pecking order, who the MVPs are, and Hayward has definitely not show that it's him. THe guy making the most money usually has to be the best player or there are problems. Look up Jim McIvane and Shawn Kemp.

Morgan, UT

Sign and trade...allow him to mope on another floor.


These posts above are being way too hard on Hayward. He is a talented, cerebral player who had to personally take each team's best shot last year. Having averaged 16 a game with 5 boards and 5 assists on last year's team was a small feat in itself. The bottom line is, Hayward is entitled to get paid what the market will bear. And the Jazz would be absolutely foolish to let Hayward, one of their own, walk. We can't afford to.

Ivins, UT

It's kind of funny to come up with a list of things that would make it more worthwhile for the Jazz to pay Hayward a max contract. Can't you do the same thing for every other player in the league? Sure you just need to shoot better, play all 4 quarters, improve your attitude... Maybe when Trey comes up for his first new contract his list will include to grow another 5 inches. Look, either a player is worth a max contract or he is not. In my opinion only a few players are worth it but some of these GM's feel like they have to overpay someone or they're not doing their job. Keep Hayward if you can, but don't fall in the dumb trap and pay him a max deal.

Salt Lake City, UT

You have got to be kidding - 17 million dollars a year? There isn't a man on the face of the earth who should get paid that much for playing a game!. This whole thing of paying these professional athletes these obscene salaries has get to stop. If the fans would wake up and boycott these sports for a few years until these salaries get chopped down then the cost for tickets and concessions would drop WAY DOWN too. Maybe then a father could afford to take his wife and kids to one of the spectacles now and then. If these great athletes earned two or three hundred thousand a year that would be plenty for what they do. Think how hard the average guy works for 60 or 80 grand a year. Think of all the other more important needs that could be met in society if all these billions of dollars were spent on more important things!

Austin, TX

Anybody else see AK-47 parallels here? You blow a max contract because you lose your head to keep a sorta-good, rarely great player and what happens? Try a loss of motivation, a loss of desire to play through injuries, and taking a season off to deal with a significant physical problem. In 2 years after a max deal, Jazz fans will be whining about the length of the deal and asking why the Jazz can't just trade AK/Gordo. Dump Jefferson and Lucus and see if you can get anything for Alex Burks, another wasted high pick.

kennewick, WA

let's see now those dumb dallas maverick's are involved. pretty clear Hayward must have missed Brad Rock's birthday. these comments are fun / once the Jazz start running an offense that creates space (vs 2 down including one who can't catch) things will get better. good move on Novak. thanks

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