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Published: Friday, July 11 2014 11:50 p.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

Lots of these comments are wondering why there are articles both about how BYU likes being independent but how we also want to be in the Big 12. I've got a couple reasons.

1) Both are true. We like independence a lot more than the MWC. It provides better money, schedules, travel, exposure, etc. But we would also like to be a Big 12 member. They simply don't want to expand yet. We are going to position ourselves as favorably as possible so that when they do look to expand we are a good enough option. And we like independence as the best way to get there.

2) These stories are not written by Holmoe or Mendenhall. These are writers who are looking for an interesting story to write. Arguably the hottest topic this summer has been BYU's future and their position in the college football world. That's why we have articles promoting both the Big 12 and independence. What a writer says does not reflect BYU's standpoint. BYU is happy with independence as a way to move themselves into the Big 12 when necessary. And no random article is going to change that.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

The question was : What the players like about BYU football.That's what they answered. Don't read more into it.
2 -


Please, can we be done talking about BYU's independence vs. a Big 12 invite that may never come?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


The difference between your vacation story and BYU'S independence is that your family had the option to chose either Hawaii or Disneyland...

BYU has no option except independence... and Bronco is on record that indy is not his preferred option.

green river, WY

If you watched the football day interviews you saw BM answer the question about joining a conference, then you saw TH answer. As soon as TH started to answer BM turned his head and looked down. I for one do not think they are on the same page at all, but they are sure trying to make it look like that.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Two For Flinching

I wonder if the author confused Southern Miss with the SEC's Ol' Miss or Mississippi State?

@Herbert Gravy

Then why didn't East Carolina or Middle Tennessee make the list?

@scenic view

Colorado has won 4 more wins than Southern Miss, what do you think would happen to SM if they played in the PAC-12?

Also, Utah finished #18 5 seasons ago, 6 seasons ago we finished #2.

green river, WY

If you watched the football day interviews you saw bronco answer the questions about independence. Then tom answered the questions, as soon as tom started answering bronco turned his head and looked down. body language does not match what they are saying.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I wonder if Bronco will use this survey in his power point the next time he begs to the Big 12 for an invite.

Considering that the only reason BYU is not getting a Big 12 invite is due to a lack of a qualified partner, he should also add a slide that includes a "List of Qualified Partners for BYU's Invite".

The only question is who, since there is no one that really brings as much to the table as BYU.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


"I doubt the Pac-12 will want BYU. Even though BYU brings much more money than utah or colorado, we were denied because of Sunday play."


How about that you were never considered, like Boise State.

Why do you think you are entitled to something?

Clinton Ute
Clinton , UT

It's funny how everyone thinks that joining the Big XII is just a phone call away between Holmoe or Mendenhall and some coaches in Texas. Conference invites come from university presidents and are about way more than athletics. But athletics do seem to dictate more than they should in todays world and BYU needs to back up all the talk they've been doing for the last few years. As a Ute fan who would like to see them in the Big XII its going to take more than 30 year old championships and wins against New Mexico State and the mighty power house of Middle Tennessee State to do it. But here's to hoping they can pull it off! I think it would be awesome to have USC in RES and Oklahoma in LES the same week!

Heber City, UT

@MyPerspective and Uteology

Actually it's not speculative on my part that BYU brings more revenue than utah and colorado. It's the actual facts. Sure, utah now makes more revenue than BYU because they mooch money off of the conference, but BYU actually generates more. Same goes for colorado.

And how does the statement "I doubt the Pac-12 will want BYU" mean that I think BYU is entitled to something? Yes, I very well understand that we were never considered. And it was because neither BYU nor the Pac-12 would budge on Sunday play. I'm not saying we would have gotten an offer had that issue been resolved. But it kept any conversations from even starting up.

So I don't know where you guys thought my comments were wrong, but the numbers prove BYU generates more revenue through TV, ticket sales, etc. than utah or colorado. And I never said BYU is entitled to a Pac-12 invite. In fact, I was saying the complete opposite, that BYU will never be in the Pac-12.

Cowboy Dude

I have to admit, although I wish BYU was in a conference, I am very excited to be wearing blue in Orlando this year (and off to see Baltimore at Tampa.)

I am also excited to drive again to the Rose Bowl to see the Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Heber City, UT

"Actually it's not speculative on my part that BYU brings more revenue than utah and colorado. It's the actual facts."

Again I'll ask...how is this an actual "facts." byu mooches money off of ESPN so take that off the table and show this board how byu brings in more revenue than Utah and / or Colorado.

"And how does the statement "I doubt the Pac-12 will want BYU" mean that I think BYU is entitled to something? Yes, I very well understand that we were never considered. And it was because neither BYU nor the Pac-12 would budge on Sunday play."

Again, the Presidents and Chancellors of the Pac-10 schools set forth clear criteria on which an invitation would go forward. Sunday play, contrary to your assertion, had absolutely nothing to do with it...nothing. byu is not entitled to have that which they have not earned.

Salt Lake, UT

@Y ask Y...now that is a true (and honest) blue fan.
From a Utes fan...wish you the best in your wait for BYU to join a legit conference.

Mcallen, TX

It's great being different

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love reading cougar fans debate back and forth (as encouraged by house-organ DNews) between the merits of independance and the aching desire to join a real conference.

And reading Ducky explain why he went to Disneyland instead of Maui (or Tulsa)? Wow, it doesn't get any better!

Baltimore, MD

Y Ask Y

"As a Cougar fan, I have objected to and hated Independence from day 1."

Your constant complaining and put downs of BYU sports is proof enough that you were never much of a BYU fan to begin with.

Baltimore, MD


Nobody's twisting your arm and forcing you to read any article concerning BYU sports, so why are you complaining?

Sandy , UT

@taysomforheism byu generates more money then Utah in tv revenue? Funny since Utah receives $18 million for their share in tv revenue. It has been speculated byu receives a meer $1million per home game and has to cover all of the production costs to keep the rights of their games which eats into their tv revenue? As for as ticket revenue for byu when was their last sell out? Let me tell you against Utah last year. byu did not even sell out for the Texas game. Compared to Utah who is on their 6 straight season of selling out their stadium even with two losing seasons.

Utah has the better facilities in a power 5 conference. I know a lot of byu fans who are giving up their season tickets this year or have given up their season tickets because of independence. They are not content with the teams coming into les to play byu.

Gilbert, AZ


ESPN isnt a charitable organization. Like any successful business, they make investments that provide a return. If they didn't make more in ad revenue than they paid, they would renegotiate the contract. Based on all athletic revenue, including TV ad revenue with ESPN, BYU can generate more than Utah or Colorado. Would ESPN give a contract to every team if they were independent? No.

Pac12 isn't a charity either. The Utes add value from: 1. A traveling partner for CO, who was invited first. 2. A 12th team to balance schedules and to create two divisions and a conference championship game that increased the value of the TV package. 3. Provide an easy win on the schedule for the marquee conference teams.

Utah on its own could not generate equivalent revenue to what BYU does because not as many people across the country want to watch them play. Therefore, they mooch off the conference. Utah's contribution to the Pac12 has yet to earn a full revenue share, this will be the first year. Colorado got a full share from day 1? Utah isn't picked for the premier TV slots...they don't bring enough eyeballs.

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