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Published: Friday, July 11 2014 11:50 p.m. MDT

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Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Howard S.,

Just because the players like independence doesn't mean that they can't say that inclusion in the Big 12 would be good for the program. I like independence as well, but I would take a Big 12 invite, and I'm sure Tom Holmoe would as well.

Mesa, AZ

@Howard S.

No conflict. If BYU can get an offer to a Power-5 conference on reasonably acceptable terms, it'll gladly go -- same as always. To date, that opportunity has not yet emerged from the shifting landscape of college athletics! But in the meantime, it does make sense to take the best out of the current circumstances -- not an altogether terrible or unendurable situation -- and enjoy it, wouldn't you agree? Take lemons, make lemonade -- capiche? See ya in Orlando, Howie. :-)

Springville, UT

Somehow Howie expects BYU players to be disappointed playing as an independent. BYU makes the best of what they have.

I wonder what he expects Ute players to feel like in December for a third time? Don't they know they play in a P5 conference?

I wonder when the Utes and fans will finally start acting like a real P5 football team and fanbase.

They've gotten worse since the MWC days.

They sure seem conflicted about who they are and how they play.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Why is it difficult to understand, BYU likes independence... better than life in the MWC. Even with the SEC and ACC snobbery, life is still better than in the MWC.

Life in the Big 12 could be better still... But life as an independent is still good.

Omaha, NE

Too bad almost all the games against top teams are away games but that's the price if you want to play them

Hope Shue-Topins
Miami , FL

A few weeks ago, Bronco said byu would "love to be in the Big 12." Since that isn't going to happen(ever), it's time to implement damage control by getting sound bites of players saying how much they love being independent, and having nothing really to play for!

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT

Racking up the frequent flyer miles are great too.

Mission Viejo, CA

When BYU was in the MWC and before, they nearly always won the conf championship. It became a given that the championship had to go through Provo. Utah achieved some parity in the last 15 years and TCU was good for a couple of years. I remember when BYU fans were bored with the Holiday Bowl.

I do love the variety of independence. And I'm not worried about the NC. Only 11 teams have won a BCS NC, and now the deck is stacked even more in their favor. The NC should never be the BYU goal. If they go unbeaten for a couple of years in a row, maybe they get the invite, but people, the NC will consist same old teams year after year, one of: Alabama, LSU, Florida, FSU, with occasional flavoring of USC, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas. Utah will never get there, nor will BYU. Washington? UCLA? Fuggeddaboutit.

Just win, have a nice bowl, top 10. That's realistic. NC? Naw. Deck's stacked. Who cares? I haven't watched an NC games since USC Texas. I'd rather watch BYU vs Washington any day.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Hey folks, this article was about traveling and great ESPN and BYUtv exposers. Former President Cecil Samuelson said we need better exposer and mwc was not one of them. It was a good thing BYU left and became independent. Sure Bronco M. said we want in with B12 but the question to those players was about having fun traveling. We are playing in bigger stadium everywhere nothing compare to those three places they mention every other years which was boring. Sure, realignment are still in progress doesn't mean to panic. We will know sometime when Tom Holmoe start to PANIC. I am sure BYU players have interest in joining one of those P5. If we do go back to mwc only if P5 Commish will allow this league in the mix which I dought it. The only thing I worried is the November Schedule.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I admit its better variety than playing a WAC schedule, byu's only other option.

But it pales in comparison to a "boring" and "routine" schedule playing powerhouses with home and home agreements year after year after year like the 65 power conference teams do.

But yes, after those 65 teams, byu has the best schedule in the nation!


Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ scenic view

Utah went 10-3 in 2009 and 2010, and finished ranked #18 and #23, respectively. Also, despite So. Miss's ranking in 2011, Utah still managed to win a MUCH more prestigious bowl game. 750K payout vs. 1.9 Million (per team). Also, keep in mind that for each of the past 5 years, So. Miss played in a conference that was far below the MWC and the PAC-12 You have a weird definition for "much better", but to each their own.

St George, UT

@Chris B - I'm buying it. I like the variety. It's fun to watch the other programs throughout the country. I'm actually a little bored with the Utes beating up on Weber and Idaho St and then losing to the real PAC 12 members.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Happily, cougar fans can FINALLY check "go to a Middle Tennessee State game in Murfreesboro" off their bucket lists.

Logan, Boise, Reno, San Jose, Las Cruces -- all got checked off Y fans' bucket lists these past few seasons, and hey....who all can say they've "been there, done that" in Hattisburg?

COUGAR fans, THAT's who! Or at least that's who will be able to say that by Oct. 2015. And I suppose fans from Alcorn St, Appalachian State, Texas St, UTSA, and oh - hey...Middle Tennessee can all say that too! Woo-hoo!



Have to agree with IQ92. BYU would be stupid to make a national championship the goal of its football program; at the very least, the type of players it would have to recruit and the rules it would have to break to attract them to Provo (and keep them there), aren't worth the fool's gold that a NC represents. Independence, and the fact that almost all of the Y's games are on TV (ESPN, BYUtv, even NBC), solidified my status as a Cougs fan, and I know many others like me. (The only games I haven't been able to watch are the away games with the stupid PAC12, whose sports network is practically a pay channel unto itself.) How would I feel if the Y joined th4e Big 12? If it would mean that the Cougs wouldn't be on TV, I'd say to heck with it.

CO Ute

Careful what you wish for. Being part of the Big 12 would have many benefits. Travel to Lubbock, Stillwater, Ames, and a few other choice sites isn't one of them.

Old Navy
Provo, UT

Longtime BYU fan here, but I have to agree with ekute.

This is like when your wife asks if you like what she made for dinner or if she looks good in the dress she just put on. You are almost obligated to say that you like it. The players were painted in a corner.

Independence is ok, but I honestly don't foresee the Big 12 calling anytime soon. But like most BYU fans, I'll remain hopeful.

Lindon, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad

You said it better than anyone who posted before you. I agree 100%!


Best headline ever.

Highland, UT

You know last Christmas I wanted to take my family on vacation, my prefered destination was Hawaii, Kauai specifically, and I was all set to do it. But my wife and kids decided they would prefer to go to Disneyland instead for some reason so that is where we went. I really enjoyed myself at Disneyland, it was a great trip.

The point being that even though we don't always get what we want immediately life is still pretty good doing some other things. Of course utah "fans" won't get this, or they will but they'll pretend not to, but most BYU fans get it. Life's good and independence is a lot of fun. I'm having a great time with it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Heber City, UT

"I doubt the Pac-12 will want BYU. Even though BYU brings much more money than utah or colorado, we were denied because of Sunday play."

Whether byu would bring in more money than Utah or Colorado is highly speculative on your part. However, your assertion that byu was "denied" an invitation to the Pac-12 because of Sunday play is flat out false. Man up and acknowledge that the Pac-12 is beyond byu's reach.

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