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Published: Saturday, July 5 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Well thanks for not calling Obama a "squatter" like your columnist Liljenquist.

I agree with your position on immigration. In addition to the points you enumerate I would add that we need to figure out what is going on in Latin America, to create this flow of souls north. And in particular, what is going on with this flow of children? What is going on? Is the United States doing things which are adding to the problem?

We need facts. As for the House Republicans who are too terrified of losing their seats should they annoy the base, I say there are worse things in life than losing an election. Just ask one of those kids on the border in cement cubicles.

Sandy, UT

Families need to be reunited back in their own home countries. The U. S. needs to stop the invasion of this homeland for the sake of our safety, security, solvency, sovereignty, and sanity. We need to be the final country on the face of the planet to rid ourselves of the goofy "birthright citizenship" idea, which encourages not only ongoing invasion but chaos irresponsibility. We need to have strong, honored, and defended borders, using the military if necessary to maintain these borders. While migrant guest farm workers may be needed for certain industries on a temporary basis, these farm workers workers should not be awarded free "social" benefits and citizenship by virtue to having visited this country. It's time to bring back something rational, fair, and workable . . . and demand that all entrants follow and respect the same rules that have been established by law for decades so that we can maintain our nation.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

No excuses.....just seal the border first! And tell us, what has Obama ever compromised on...or what has he spoken with Congress about. Really, all he does is blame Comgress but he refuses to,to discuss issues with them,

Wilf 55

And let us emphasize that the Mormon Church supports the principles of the Utah Compact on immigration. (Church News Release, 11 November 2010).

Sandy, UT

What we've been seeing is not "immigration" . . . it's invasion. Immigration takes place when entrants are permitted to enter a country, not when they simply decide to run the borders and take what they want. Time for the U. S. to wake up, stand up, and step up to stop the ongoing invasion of this homeland. Anything less is foolishness, weakness, and a recipe for disaster.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Rarely is the real reason why immigration "reform" is never addressed. It is because the majority of Americans don't want it. Not because Americans are cruel and heartless towards people of other nations. It is because many Americans are suffering financially and can't find good work. The true unemployment rate in the USA is much higher than the 6% or 7% being reported. And working Americans know that allowing more immigration will increase the competition for jobs. And millions of these Americans have sent faxes and made phone calls to their representatives every time immigration reform comes up demanding that it be stopped.

Most Americans probably really do want immigration "reform", but they don't want to do it when they are unemployed or under-employed. Americans want to be put back to work in jobs that are prosperous. THEN they will be much more open to immigration reform.

Come on. Report the REAL reason.

Bob K
Davis, CA

Agreed. A republican Congress whose main aim is to mess up the President of the United States borders on the treasonous.

The President's role is not to make laws, except in cases where the Congress will not act, and there is a situation whose remedy is overdue. If I would fault Mr. Obama, it would be for not acting on his own sooner, not for doing what must be done.

Additionally, if people in several countries are sending us their children, we need to make clear to the the governments and the media of those countries to desist, and that we will send back every single child, heartless as it may seem to some.

Although I support a way to citizenship for folks who have been here a long time and done the right things (after decades of our winking at them arriving), I strongly support the USA telling other countries to keep the folks who would come here illegally.

I would even support the death penalty for murderers who are here illegally.

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

It seems to fall on deaf ears, but the ONLY reform needed at this moment is the enforcement of existing law. Obama's ONLY desire is to overwhelm and force (a crisis shouldn't be allowed to go to waste)an amnesty like situation. What he is going to do, as an executive order, is the ONLY action he will ALLOW to pass through Congress. In other words, regardless of any reform bill that might come out of the legislature, if it is not as he dictates, he will refuse to sign it and claim that ~the Republicans are uncooperative and want only to make a political statement.~


I my opinion the congress should do nothing until the border is secure and we are convinced that this POTUS and his administration will enforce all immigration laws. Not just the ones they like or that will give them political advantage. We have made enough excuses for this inept and incompetent POTUS.

Hayden, ID

The truth is we already have plenty of immigration laws which Obama refuses to enforce. What good will more useless immigrations laws do? Congress knows that and so do the millions of illegals coming across our borders! That's why they keep coming, because the can and so they do! Obama disingenuously blames congress and the Democrats swear to it! What hypocrites!

Centerville, UT

Immigration is a very complex issues. But our nation has faced tougher issues before and worked to resolve them. This type of resolution starts with dialogue. Our Congressional leaders must begin talking and negotiating a resolution to the immigration problems that have languished far too long. Our leaders were voted into office to address these types of problems. It is selfish of them to ignore or avoid immigration because it may affect their campaigns and election outcomes.

We, the People, have the power to make Congress act. In the upcoming election, we can use the power of our vote to get Congress to act.

On the other side of the coin, Congress is attempting to negotiate with a president that is hardly a trustworthy partner. I personally would not be surprised to learn that the administration has been advertising and organizing in South and Central American for children to be sent across the border to create just such a moment for the president to take executive action. For Obama to go around Congress is, in my opinion, unconstitutional and very foolish. But that hasn't stopped the president in the past.

Obama and Congress should work together.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Why do we need to reform anything? They did not enforce the existing laws. It is all about greed and cheap labor. Forget about what this is all doing to the working middle class.

Clovis, NM

I don't see a need to pass more legislation. Why? Legalizing problems doesn't solve problems. We wouldn't legalize murder to solve the problem of too many murders. So why take that approach with immigration?

We have too many US citizens unemployed, too many aliens supported by public system, too many schools educating children of illegal aliens, too many prisons overflowing with illegal aliens.

Instead of passing legislation to make illegals legal, why not get the illegal aliens out of the country? Let other countries handle their own job crisis, poverty, education, criminals, etc. Instead of using tax dollars supporting aliens, use tax dollars to employ our own citizens building border fences and getting illegals deported. Separating families? Let them take their children with them.

In this case, President Obama is overstepping his authority. He has no right to take matters into his own hands. This is not an emergency. Whenever he doesn't get his own way, he responds by using executive order which is only intended to handle emergency situations.

Marysville, OH

The Obama administration arranged for this latest humanitarian crisis. The DHS procured buses in January of this year for this "spontaneous event". Radio broadcasts are taking place in Central American countries advertising about this opportunity to head north. The Mexican government has opened up its southern border to accommodate this flow to the U.S. permitting these "refugees" to pass through Mexico as long as these people do not get off the trains heading north. The Democratic party is looking at developing future voters dependent on the government to create a one party state.

Ogden, UT

Well the DN is once again beating the drum of Amnesty as advocated by the Church and Business. The senate bill languishing in the House is doing so for good reason. It is an amnesty wrapped in comprehensive feel good gobly goop. Immigration law could be improved but the real problem that now exists is ENFORCEMENT. Witness the crossing of all of these kids. The American people have demanded that the broken government secure the border and enforce the laws. Neither has happened. This is all about future votes and fact is if all of these illegal's are given a pass you can welcome a socialist state.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Despite your editorial the Republican congressional leadership is not going to allow a vote on immigration this session. That means that at the start of the next session the bill that passed the Senate is no longer active and the Senate will have to start all over. Depending on the compositions of the Senate this may no longer be possible.

pleasant grove, UT

I think you are missing part of the point. I think most reasonable people including those in Congress what to solve the immigration problems. But I personally think it starts with actually securing the border first for the following reasons :1) the stress it creates on our infrastructure school, social services etc. 2) the diseases carried by those coming here illegally 3) but most important the threat to our national security, without a secure border what will stop terrorism from coming into our country a cross our southern border. Once the border is secure and it is independently verified, then let's discuss what should happen with those here illegally.

Tooele, Utah

The government has been set up with checks and balances. The founders set it up so that it would be "hard" to enact/change laws. That is a good thing. This prevents (or tries to prevent) abuses and unintended consequences. Why should Congress do anything with immigration if the President will then change and implement what he wants, when he wants or ignore portions of the law entirely. For example(s) Obamacare has had over 70 exemptions and changes to the law (so far) implemented by the President. These changes are significant and are not part of the law that was enacted. "Fast and Furious" was handled similarly. What about the IRS scandal where "something was going to be done" (after the fact) but where the laws were flaunted in the first place. Also the surveillance issues that our government has with its own people and other countries.
There is no trust of the President by the Congress to follow the laws that ARE enacted.
What does the editorial board suggest be done?

New to Utah

Obama has shown extreme partisanship and used this issue to fundraise so inspite of the points made by the board. It is the Democrats that are 90% responsible for reform not proceeding. Harry Reid has been such an intractable force of political posturing by not allowing reasonable legislation on reform even be taken up by the senate. I believe the Utah delegation has been diligent and wants to develop a compromise and have put forth legislation to accomplish this. I have personally visited with staff of congressional delegation both locally and in DC and they tell me that it is Harry Reid and his partisan posturing and disdain for the House Republicans that is the log jam. Obama has raised a lot of money for liberals by attacking and distracting to score political points and not leading and compromising and getting something done.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know why Obama wanted run for the office of Chief Executive of the United States. He doesn't execute the laws of the United States, including the existing immigration laws along the U.S.-Mexico border. He should have stayed in the Senate where the legislative responsibility resides, because all he seems to want to do is promote legislation, as if passing a law were sufficient to feel like he's accomplished something, instead of enforcing it.

There's no likelihood that President Obama will enforce a new immigration law any better than he has enforced the existing immigration laws.

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