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Published: Wednesday, July 2 2014 3:05 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

It's okay..because I'm sure the Rainbow Family will bolster the local economy with all of the retail and restaurant purchases they'll be making... (ahem..cough...cough)

Nan BW
ELder, CO

And weren't people posting comments about residents being paranoid and judgmental after a previous article expressing concern about the impact that these Rainbow gatherings have on the area. Forty in jail seems significant to me.

salt lake city, UT

So 40 out of the current 5900 visitors are currently in jail. That means over 99.8% of the visitors are apparently conducting themselves well. Not hardly the threat portrayed by the press and right wing extremists.

salt lake, UT

@nan nw
40 represent point six percent, less then one percent of the 5900 people the article sates are currently on attendannce, significant?

Logan, UT

you say .6 percent and others say 40% as in the Rainbows are taking 40% of the jail space. The point of the article was that resources are being strained beyond normal which is true. Without the rainbows the jail would have plenty of space. Also, when I go camping with family I have to pay a fee for the camping spot. It each of the attendees would pay say $15 or $20 each then the problem might be minimized.

Lindon, UT

To Tolstoy:

Yeah, but that is 40 more than would have been in jail had the RF not come to the area. Knowing the history, the county should have set up some stringent rules, advising the group they would be aggressive in making sure they were followed, and if not, the group would be escorted out of the county, with the assistance of the UHP or even the UNG, if necessary. Perhaps they would have found a different place to go. I think jurisdictions need to be wary of these types of groups. It appears they may be moving from place to place throughout the year. Maybe they are the modern Gypsies of the US/Canada! Just sayin'.

Saint George, UT

40 have been caught. Just because they aren't in jail doesn't mean they are "conducting themselves well."

slc, UT

that may well have been the pint of the article but clearly was not the point Nan was making and tolstoy responded too. A do not think a user fee is unreasonable, however the question is would anyone else using that same space be charged a fee? the point being these people should not be unfairly targeted or demonized.

Glendale, AZ

I just love those who like to quote math out of context. Here's some more math: compared to the population of Wasatch County (approx. 26,437 in 2013 est.), the other 60 occupying jail represents .2% of the population. So this group has an incarceration rate THREE TIMES the general populace. And this group is about "love" and "peace?" They have a different definition. And it sounds like more would be in jail if they had room.

And that's just those they've jailed. The sheriff's department is obviously maxed out responding to other complaints and incidents that are taxing his department.

I really do not understand those who want to defend this group.

Salt Lake City, UT

"40 represent point six percent, less then one percent of the 5900 people the article sates are currently on attendannce, significant?"

It is when we consider it's been what... a week? That's a 2000 arrest per year pace (obviously it wouldn't be 2000 out of 5900 since there'd be repeats).

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

I hope people will continue to rationalize how great of a deal this gathering is...

I need a good laugh!

My best thoughts and wishes go out to the 'regular people' in that area! I can honestly say... I'm not jealous of you!

Salt Lake City, UT

hey lets say we all went to a BYU football game. 66,000 the stadium holds.

Its OK. The police have to haul off to jail 447 people on a Saturday afternoon, not counting ten times the count in warnings. So not 5 rowdy guys but 447.

Time to pack up Rainbows

slc, UT

given conservatives recent record in Utah with shertliff and sallow looking at serious federal charges, Ken Ivory just paying a massive out of curt settlement with the EPA and Mike Lee now facing investigation for illegal campaign contributions you would think conservatives would be a little more shy about throwing stones at other glass houses.

salt lake, UT

Those should be Swallow and court, sorry

salt lake city, UT

I do believe these are Americans and have as much right to our public lands as all those boy scout, church groups and weekend warriors do. Seems so many posters here just love to hate on anybody who's not like them.

Blackfoot, ID

Yes, as FT says, they have as much right to our public lands as all those Boy Scouts, church groups, and weekend warriors do. They also have the responsibility to obey the laws, pay the fees, and get the proper permits, just like all those Boy Scouts, church groups, and weekend warriors do.

Salt Lake City, UT

The only difference FT is that the only groups don't waste tax payer money, get locked up, vandalize cabins, get numerous traffic citations, make the state employee/ move more police to the area, clean up after themselves, don't run around naked etc.

C'mon FT. This is a drain.

Saint George, UT

There is a difference between something you CAN do and something you SHOULD do.

Rainbow Family CAN gather at these gatherings, I don't want to take that ability away from them, but that doesn't mean they SHOULD.

I CAN stand on my porch and make fun of handicapped kids that go by. But that doesn't mean I SHOULD.

Not everything needs to be legislated. At some point we need to take responsibility of our lives and look at ourselves to see what kind of impact we are having on those around us. Am I building up the community? Or am I tearing it down?

So, my criticism of the Rainbow Family is not to say they CANNOT gather, but that they SHOULD NOT gather because wherever they go, there is chaos. They need to stop being so selfish.

Sandy, UT

Seems like just last week, we were hearing from the tea party crowd that federal officials had no power to enforce the laws, and that all authority lay with county sheriffs.

Now, it's forest service rangers working overtime to assist the county deputies, and the tea party folks seem awfully quiet....

Glendale, AZ

@intervention Conservatives, liberals, libertarians, communists, et al have nothing to do with obeying or breaking the law nor this group of people, so I fail to understand why you are injecting politics, or more accurately, labels into this at all. It is totally irrelevant and illogical.

@FT Of course they have "as much right" to these lands, as long as they are obeying the law. Yes, and I will admit that I do not like at all (I do not "hate" them as you say) criminals, because as you say, they are not like me nor most of the people I know. As far as the law abiding members of this group, I have no problem with. However, this group is leader-less, which makes that a big problem as far as behavior. I cannot believe that you or anyone would also honestly love to have a problematic group such as them--one with a proven track record--move into your neighborhood.

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