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Published: Wednesday, July 2 2014 10:30 p.m. MDT

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Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Don't let the door hit you on the hindparts on the way out...

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Thanks for 2 great years.

Why, AZ

I do not think he is worth a max deal since last year he was to inconsistent. But he could be a really good player over time. But maybe the Jazz want to sign him since they can see that future potential or they know that other teams may be willing to trade for someone the Jazz may want more.

Sturgis, MS

Sounds like the Hayward saga will be over soon. Jazz should have extended him when they had the chance. Question is, "Where does Hayward want to play"? If he wants to stay in Utah, he will take Cleveland's offer. If he wants to go to Phoenix or Boston then he signs the qualifying offer which will force the Jazz to trade him.

Sounds to me like he might want to stay in Utah. If Rockets do manage to get Carmelo or James then Parsons is available.


Please don't match this offer. No way Hayward is a max deal player. He's a good player but doesn't have the skills to be the go to guy in the clutch. Nice 2nd or 3rd option but not the key to the Jazz' future. Good luck in Cleveland.


As soon as this deal is signed, he will be nothing other than a toxic, untradable contract. I really hope Lindsey steps up to the plate here by NOT matching this offer. This is ridiculous. If you're not good enough to get your team more than 25 wins, why are you worth all that money?

Jazz Fan in Potsdam
Potsdam, NY

LET HIM GO!!!! You cannot pay this guy 16 million dollars per year. No way is he worth that. If Jazz match this offer it would be a HUGE mistake. Worse than the Kirilenko contract. Rumors in Cleveland is they want to sign and trade and send us Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters. Much better deal than signing Hayward to 4 year 63 million dollar deal. I like the guy, but sheesh.

Cedar Hills, UT

Hayward is a worker bee - nothing more. Giving a worker bee a max deal is silly. Max deals are for Stockton and Malone type players but go for it Cleveland and stay medicore.

Nevada Ute

The negative comments about Hayward are incredibly short-sighted. The fact is that he is the best player on the team, with amazing potential for growth at 24 years old. Yes, he buckled a little under the pressure of being the go-to scorer last season, but he's only experienced one season in that role, and new additions will eventually alleviate that pressure. Remember that Malone and Stockton took years to develop. We Jazz fans are dreaming if we think management can bring in another player at Hayward's caliber through free agency. Where will he come from? Another salary dump? Lindsay's rebuilding plan is solid. The Jazz would be crazy not to match any offer to Hayward.


I like Hayward, but $63 million would be a big mistake.

I remember in the AK-47 years how we wished we hadn't given him a max contract b/c we simply couldn't sign anyone. He wasn't good enough to win on his own and kept us from getting the last piece next to Boozer/Williams to be a legit contender.

A max contract limits the organization from making other signings. That's ok if you are signing a guy who will put you on his back and flat-out win, but Hayward shot 40 from the floor and 30 from three last year. That is just not good enough for max money (no offence to Hayward).

Love the guy, but it would be a HUGE mistake to tie down the organization with this type of a contract on a player who can't carry the team. A max money deal needs to guy to a guy who can carry the team - period.

We can get Chandler Parsons or Luol Deng for less and WIN the SAME number of games we'll win with Hayward - that's all you need to know.

San Diego, CA

I think the Jazz should get Chandler Parsons in town ASAP and give him an offer he can't refuse. They are basically the same type player with Parsons being a much better shooter and Hayward a slight better playmaker. Parsons could even fit in better with Jazz with his great shooting. I would say frontload the contract and have it average out to $12-13Million. Houston is not in a position to match now since it would tie up their 'Melo money. Then see if any teams would have interest in sign and trade with Hayward. If so, match the offer and you potentially pry away Parsons + get return for Hayward. I think $15+ million for Hayward is WAY TOO MUCH for him. He is way too inconsistent to get that much money.


The Jazz need to go get Lance Stephenson! Give him a max deal or close to it. I dont care if he's had problems the Jazz need this guy!

Saint George, UT

All of us experts should stand back and let Dennis Lindsey do his job and I hope that is to bring out the checkbook and give Hayward a max money contract. Then maybe bring back Williams and take care of Kanter and Burks. Oh, don't forget the rookies.

Tokyo, Japan

wow...i never thought Jazz fans would jump to conclusions quickly...i mean come on...all of this is speculation...it mentions he could get 4 years 60M...it doesnt say...he will get it...all of these right now are just speculation and people are jumping on it like the contract is already there to be signed...relax people...i mean really...i understand that he isnt a max contract guy...do you think Jazz brass would offer such an amount? all of these are just speculation...and i am sure...Dennis Lindsey would do the right thing...if the Cavs offered a max contract of 60 for 4 years to Hayward...them im sure Lindsey would call and ask for a sign and trade...we get dion waiters and Matthew Delledova and probably a first or second round pick...but to be honest...i'll just wait and see...as long as there isnt a contract everything is just speculation at this point...

Morgan, UT



Lindon, UT

Re Terry Haimes

I don't understand why Hayward singing the Jazz qualifying offer would force the Jazz to trade him. Someone please explain. Thanks.

Thunder Mayf
Salt Lake City, UT

Later Hayward. We were burned by Andrei Kirilenko and I don't think the Millers will go down that road again.

Holladay, UT

@Thunder Mayf

The jazz weren't burned by kirilenko they burned themselves.

all AK did was sign a contract they offered.

And then the coach wouldn't play him. What was AK to do?

Gordon is not max player putting up max numbers.

Maybe other teams are banking on the future.

The jazz are building, banking now is not worth it. Gordon is not a great shooter and will never be a great shooter. I am pretty sure his numbers will not get much better.

There are other young players you can get.

Temecula, CA

One of the best facilitating, dribbling and passing 6'8" NBA players in the past 20 years. And he plays defense and he can go to the rim, sometimes full court. You guys don't love him because he's had his shooting woes. If the Jazz don't sign him, they will miss him. Big time. This is a tough situation for the Jazz, and some team is liable to pull a Wesley Matthews and give Gordon too much. Life in the NBA 2014 with so many mega bucks owners who don't mind throwing it around. I wish Alec Burks was 6'8" but he isn't. He's a shooting guard who can play point. Gordon is a shooting guard who can play point, small forward and played defensively against power forwards some in college when necessary to shut someone down. See, you're going to miss him, people. Quin, get in his ear. Utah winning a championship...come on, how awesome would that be. Gordon, you're a core guy, be that guy in Utah. You and Derrick and Alec and Dante and Trey.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

The Cavs just gave Kyrie Irving a max contract ( 5 yrs/95 mil). And now they're ready to offer a max to Hayward (4 yrs/60 mil)?? How can they spend at this level?? What will be their financial situation in three years??

By the way, C. J. Miles is now a Pacer (4 yrs/18 mil). Watch C. J. in the playoffs next spring.

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