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Published: Wednesday, July 2 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The current net migration rate from Mexico is zero. You just don't know about it, because you listen to news sources that spread disinformation.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

So what are we supposed to do?

Build a wall of soldiers? But repubs want soldiers back into Iraq! And into Ukraine, and Syria, and Egypt and just about everywhere.

We could solve illegal immigration in 1 day.

Pass and enforce 1 law: if you hire/have employed in your business an illegal, your business is automatically sold, you lose your business license, and you're sent to prison for 5+ years.

That's it! Simple as that! The illegal immigration problem would be solved over night. Of course, repubs hate this idea because their big business campaign contributors buy them off with so much free speech.

However, Since corporations are people, they need to follow the law. Why should they be a special class?

Durham, NC

Evelyn - have you actually visited the border? How do you propose we do this?

Even if we built a concrete wall 30 feet high the nearly 2,000 miles length of the US Mexico border, with machine gun towers every few hundred yards, we would not stem this problem. Stalin's Soviet Union could not stop the people flow across its borders. Despite even the Berlin Wall, people found a way to cross that border. Using all the resources available to the Soviet military, they could not seal off the country.... what reasonable expectation do you have that we could do even more - or want to do more than Stalin did?

We will never be able to close the border - its a fantasy. What we need to do is stem the reason why people come - and that is employers willing to turn a blind eye to the law so that they can have cheap labor. When the jobs go away, the flow of people also goes away. Your blaming the wrong person.

Springville, UT

Like so many, the writer of this letter expresses a myoptic view. The immigrants coming across the southern border are only part of the undocumented people coming to the U.S. What about the 20 to 25% of Koreans who are here illegally? Or the second biggest nationality of those here illegally are Chinese? There are millions of others from non-hispanic nations. They fly here, not crossing the border. I believe there is some inherent racism involved in the discussion. Besides, there is no possible way to close the southern border. It's never, ever going to happen. Ranting about all the "Mexicans" is a joke, and responsible, mature people recognize that. What we are doing, and the demand to stop border crossings, is the wrong approach to the issue.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

People are still crossing into America. Some are just sending their children. More than 12,000,000 people have crossed into America illegally. Much of California's deficit can be directly linked to illegal aliens who received government services without paying into the system.

Have no doubt about it, Obama is using illegals to further his programs. Obama refuses to check voter I.D. which allows MANY illegals to vote in American elections.He refuses to enforce the laws of this nation. He modifies laws (legislates) which he is not allowed to do. He thumbs his nose at us, knowing that many will allow his lawlessness.

It's time that Americans acted like Americans and demanded that either Obama enforce the laws, as written by Congress, or that he be removed from office. His oath of office means nothing to him or to those who support his failure to enforce the laws of the land.

salt lake city, UT

It takes money to do what the writer advocates. The GOP refuses to do it's job and fund the enforcement they cry about. Time to vote out the GOP and the radical tea partiers causing so much humantarian grief.

Tooele, UT

Re: "The current net migration rate from Mexico is zero."

Yeah -- tell that to overburdened Arizona and Texas taxpayers, or the good citizens of San Diego, being asked today to accept and absorb another several hundred illegals being bussed in from Texas, because inadequate facilities there are becoming criminally overcrowded.

Tell it to the scores of thousands of unaccompanied children being exploited by Obama's venal, criminal assistants [coyotes] in the implementation of his open-borders vote-buying scam.

Tell it to the Guatemalan, Salvadoran, and Southern Mexican villagers who are left to get by as best they can, during the mostly-unsuccessful crusades for lucrative American jobs of the work-eligible population of their villages.

Suggesting that the open-borders crowd has not created, and doesn't continue to daily create innumerable problems for real people, on both sides of the border, by its cynical political shenanigans, amounts to aiding and abetting the worst humanitarian crisis in the Americas since Carter's Mariel Boatlift fiasco.

Orem, UT

Real Maverick:

Your suggestion would prevent all those illegals from getting jobs and would thus reduce some of the appeal of crossing our borders illegally. But until you also cut off all the government benefits that illegals currently enjoy at our taxpayer expense, you won't make all the people think twice before breaking our laws.

All those kids crossing our borders right now aren't getting jobs, but they are getting free medical care, housing, education, welfare, etc..

Obama and other far-left "open borders" supporters wouldn't dream of cutting off all the benefits as long as they see every illegal crossing our border as a Democrat voter.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: "The current net migration rate from Mexico is zero"...
and when you pull your head from the MSNBC created sand... tell us what you really see.

Google "13 facts that help explain America's child-migrant crisis"... and look at the "Border Apprehensions of Unaccompanied Children" graph. These are numbers reported by the Border Patrol deary (a Federal Agency). ~40,000 in 2013, and they project 60,000 in 2014!

I mean talk about denying the facts...


I feel for these children. They are in a pretty desperate situation. Reports from interviews with many of the children indicate it wasn't THEIR idea.... it was their parent's idea. And that they said the Americans would take them in and eventually reunite them with their parents in America. And there is already some talk of doing that (bringing the parents of the children to America).

President Obama said "SOME" of these children will be returned to their home country.... Why not ALL of them??

They need to be reunited with their parents... but not here. Exploiting your children should NOT be an express lane to bypass the INS...

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Some will not be happy unless there are concrete walls and machine gun nests aimed at little children crossing the borders.

I will not allow America to become a 21st century version of Nazi Germany.

San Diego, CA

Response to 2Bits:
You understand these children were not born and raised in Mexico right? They are from other South American countries with crime rates so high these children are fleeing their home country because they are afraid they will be murdered. Why? Because the criminals said it to their face! What would you do in that situation—commit a crime or take a difficult journey in hope for a better life (as in alive)?

2Bits wrote:
“President Obama said "SOME" of these children will be returned to their home country.... Why not ALL of them??”
Because our country offers refuge to those who fear for their lives.

How hard your heart is that you would want to send a child back to the murder capital of the world? Are we not all god's children?

Sandy, UT

@2 bits
"and when you pull your head from the MSNBC created sand... tell us what you really see"

Interesting response 2 bits. Why the vitriol when responding to a statement of fact? A simple search on 'net immigration from mexico' will lead you to a Wall Street Journal (not MSNBC) article titled 'Tide Turns on Border Crossing'. The article states clearly that in a 2012 study, the net migration to/from Mexico was level. Apologies if this disrupts your opinions.

"Why not ALL of them??"

Why not research it? A couple quick searches reveal that the law requires each one to receive a hearing before a judge. Some will then qualify for refugee status under current laws, so legally, not all can be deported. In fact, President Obama sought changes to the law to empower the border agents to act in that capacity, instead of a judge. Surprise! Republican Congress is resisting, saying Obama's trying to claim too much power. Surprise again! Obama's now considering executive order to force the changes.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Re:Mike Richards

Thank you for finally bringing some Neo-Con reasoning to the debate on Imigration! I am amazed that it took so long for someone to finally state the obvious, Obama is the cause and the problem of illegals crossing our borders!

I agree he should probably be drummed out of office for his lack of action on immigration, but first things first. In my opinion we should first impeach him for ordering the US soccer team to tank in the loss to Belgium Tues Aft. Down with King Obama, we are still angry he won the election, he needs to be humiliated and punished! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

clearfield, UT

To any of you soft on the border, just never complain about drugs in America, because as long as people can sneak across, so can drugs.

And to any who want to blame Republicans, you can't get past the fact that Obama and the Democrats had total control of government when he first came to office. Neither he nor the Democrats did anything about passing immigration reform.

And to any who think it is OK for millions of illegals to be and stay here, just go to an ATM maching in parts of California and be amazed that not only do they say push 1 for Spanish, and 2 for English, but they allow international transfers of money. Money that goes right out of the country. Billions of American dollars are sent south right out of our economy.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@LDS Liberal,

Re: "Some will not be happy unless there are concrete walls and machine gun nests aimed at little children "...

Did I say I want machine guns?... give me a break!



Re: "How hard your heart is"...

Yes, yes, I just want them sent to the murder capitol of the world. How did you figure that out?



Re: "Why the vitriol"...

I would think the above would qualify as "vitriol" more than my pointing out the obvious (and backing it up with real current numbers).

It's not 2012 anymore. The statistics I referenced are current. If you can't even acknowledge that we have an immigration problem TODAY... you have your head in the sand. Just watch the news!


IF the current net migration rate is zero, as you say... WHY is Obama considering an Executive Order??

Do we use Executive Orders for non-problems now days?


We're not just talking about Mexico. We're talking about ALL illegal immigration, from anywhere. Not just Mexico.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mike Richards:

You say: "Obama refuses to check voter I.D. which allows MANY illegals to vote in American elections." Since you are the constitutional expert, please tell us where in the Constitution the president is authorized or required to check voter I.D. Isn't that a state function, preserved by the 10th Amendment?

Also please cite your sources for the alleged fact that many illegals vote in American elections.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

OK 2 bits,
Since you gone after everyone here without out ONE proposal,
You have the podium.

Please state:
1. Your plan.
2. How you intend to PAY for it.

Rules: As a conservative, you will not be allowed to either increase Government, or raise taxes.

Your move.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

OK 2 bits,
Since you’ve gone after everyone here without ONE proposal,
And have pointed out endless problems without a single solution.

You have the podium.

Please state:
1. Your plan.
2. How it operates without fail.
3. How you intend to PAY for it.

Rules: As a conservative, you will not be allowed increase either the size or scope of Government, or be allowed to raise any taxes – especially on the rich.

You will be allowed to use the NSA facility in Draper – since your side put it there and it will create jobs.

For the rest of us, you will be required to stay within the realms of reality,
It must not defy the laws of the physical universe, use magic, or imaginary Sci-Fi or comic Book super-powers [i.e., teleportation, seeing through walls, mind reading, etc.]

Your move.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

My plan

1. Our President picks up the phone and tells leaders of these countries that this won't be tolerated any more. They need to police their people. If they don't... we will deduct the cost of taking care of their problems from the amount of aid we normally send to them.

They pay for it.

We're not the world's police. OR the world's hotel...

2. Many groups have offered to VOLUNTEER to be watchdogs on the border. They would be observers only. Just camp out in traffic areas and call the authorities when they see a group coming across (so the border patrol can intercept and turn them back or apprehend them for deportation).

3. Border States have offered to help. LET THEM HELP. Don't sue them for helping!

4. Be more open about deportations. Cover them in the news. Don't only report pitiful stories that in the end they get to stay. That just sends the message that it works. We need to publicize the story that it DOESN'T work. Show the pain...

Oh wait... that could lose some politicians votes... so that's not going to happen.

out of words...

Orem, UT

Open Minded Mormon:

The solution is simple (and not that expensive).

1) Send a clear signal to everyone in the world that trying to sneak across our borders will not get you a job or government benefits. Deny all those things to illegals (including voting). The federal government needs to stop fighting every state that tries to verify that the voters are legal residents.

2) If the LEGAL immigration policy is broken (as many claim) then fix it, but don't refuse to execute the laws (I'm talking to you Obama) just because you don't like them or they get in the way of your political aspirations.

3) If you do #1 and #2 then most people will follow the rules and get in line like everyone else. Sure a few will still sneak across, but it will be cheap to find and deport them when compared to dealing with millions of lawbreakers now.

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