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Published: Tuesday, July 1 2014 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT

The dirty little secret the Jazz has is they can't sell tickets. This draft wont' change a thing. They need to do something…I just wait for the "we have free Jazz tickets at the front desk" emails at work so the arena doesn't look so empty on TV.

Jimmer would turn that around.

WWLD (What would Larry Do?) Error on the side of entertainment.

Sign him so I will want to make the effort to go get the free tickets!


I don't care if Jimmer comes to the Jazz - I just hope he gets an honest opportunity somewhere. He has kept a good attitude, despite all the criticism. He was drafted by a dysfunctional Kings team. I am not a Bulls fan, but like their current coach - he as the ability to develop talent. With me it isn't a Mormon thing or a BYU thing, it is a ball player who played locally that just hasn't been given an opportunity. I hope he will fit in somewhere and have a solid career.

Salt Lake City, UT

I bet there are at least 15 teams lining up for Jimmy.

Mesa, AZ

Just read an article from the Glenn Falls newspaper which stated that Jimmer's agent had received calls from multiple teams today. I hope one of them was the Jazz. We need shooting in the worst way and nobody will have to overpay to get Jimmer. It's worth the risk.


Thanks for your post "buryme". I read the article and hope something pans out for Fredette.

Salt Lake City, UT

CentralUtah "The dirty little secret the Jazz has is they can't sell tickets."
Quite curious what you base that comment on.

The Jazz are 12th out of 30 teams in overall attendance. Average attendance last season was 18,175 in a 19,900 seat arena. Jimmer can sell tickets? OK. How much do you pay a player to fill those last few seats?

Layton, UT

Look at the end of the day it is entertainment. Every year the jazz have three or four guys who are good but are just marginal at best. They are then replaced with more next year.

He has a decided measurable talent. People enjoy it, will attend the game for it, and will plant themselves in front of the TV for it. Really why not give him a few three point shots? As a player he'll probably encourage others to practice shooting the ball and putting it in. If I was a Jazz player I would listen to him when he talked about shooting.

water rocket
Magna, UT

I don't understand why you made the comment that Jimmer was slow. I remember watching him with his crossover dribble leave defenders in his wake, and drawing fouls from the bigs under the basket. When you have a player who doesn't get to play that much, but still shoot 90% from the line and nearly 50% from the field and 3 point range, then you certainly need to take a look at him. Besides, every body knows that with the talent in the NBA the way it is, playing defense is a team thing more than an individual thing. I would love to see Jimmer with the Jazz. IMHO.

West Jordan, Utah

If Jimmer won't cost much. fills in empty seats and brings in revenue, then why not go after him? Maybe because the novelty of going to games for Jimmer will quickly wear off as he mostly sits the bench and doesn't produce on the court.

There are other 'Jimmer concerns' as well. Like giving up a roster spot for him and Jazz brass not wanting criticism and backlash for not giving Jimmer minutes and the green light to shoot.

An NBA team is not BYU with no other options to score. Team chemistry issues could result from a one dimensional player (Jimmer) tossing up threes from the state line. Stars can go one on one. Jimmer was a star in college and could play that way then. Defenses are better (sound/more skilled) in the NBA and Jimmer doesn't have the athleticism to use his all around offensive skills to get a shot off without spotting up on a team that has big time scoring ball handlers. OKC fits that bill. Will Jimmer be ready to hit shots spotting up. At BYU he was used to having the ball in his hands.

West Jordan, Utah

Also, is Jimmer a PG or SG in the NBA? I think he is too slow to be a PG and too short to be a SG. I say this relative to him being a consistent contributor on the court.

Can a team find a role for Jimmer in spots? Yes I think so. But will his shot be ready to roll and can he get hot when called upon on demand in shorts spurts (meaning set minutes or substitution patterns will not be available for him). There aren't many specialists like that who come in and provide just a shot that stick very long in the league without fading away.

Jimmer to me is an Eddie House prototype. JJ Redick was a college star who's game many felt wouldn't translate to the NBA. Well he has persevered and developed his game. Jimmer is at best a possible comparison here, only Redick is more athletic, longer, and a better defender.

West Jordan, Utah

The poll question options disappoint again. I rarely find an option that describes my opinion.
One option given was "Yes, they badly need him". Over 50% of voters selected that option. Sorry guys but no NBA badly needs Jimmer. Some might have interest. Come on, be realistic.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Sooner, the arena was never that full. There is some creative accounting going on with those attendance numbers. I went to several games last season and I would put our true attendance around 15,000. A far cry from the glory days of constant sell outs, even on nights when the competition wasn't inspiring. Jimmer would be butts in the seats and you know it.

Granstville, UT

All of those clamoring for the Jazz to sign Jimmer as a means of selling tickets is a joke. It may work for the first home game of the season, which is always a sell out anyway, but once it becomes clear Jimmer will be riding the pine in Jazzland, how many tickets would be purchased to watch him sit.

Jimmer will never be a major minute player in the NBA, he doesn't have the physical ability to play in this league. He will be remembered as a scoring machine on a college team who didn't require him to do anything but shoot the ball. That singular talent plays well in the Euro-League where no one plays defense, each team simply tries to outscore their opponents, which is perfectly suited for Jimmer's game. Why can't people understand that about his game?

Bountiful, utah

Jimmers problem is that he is small and slow, but so was Korver and Foye. The Jazz need a sharpshooter in the worst way, to spot up in the corners ansd open up the middle, and Hayward is not the solution- way too inconsistent when he has to force shots. Its not like the Jazz have ever defended outside shooters....

Kearns, UT

Defense? NBA? Very much an oxymoron. Defense hasn't been practiced in the NBA since the days of Clyde Frazer, Jerry West, and Wilt Chamberlain.

Alpine, UT

SoonerUte, you make my point exactly! They're 15th in attendance because they flood downtown with free tickets to fill seats! Not every arena in the league has the location that makes that possible.

The Jazz need to get real and put a "fun" team on the floor. They're never going to be contenders; face the facts and make it entertainment! Jimmer would do that!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We heard for the longest time jammer just needed to be freed from Sacrament and go to a team that is well coached(like Chicago), that plays defense(like Chicago) so he wont have to, and that needed 3 point shooting(like Chicago)

Well, I guess even the perfect fit couldn't save Jimmer's career.

Enjoy Europe Jimmer!



Exactly where in downtown are those free tickets? I guess I've missed those streets. As for the pro-Jimmer posts, remember, playing in the NBA requires a player to play defense, something Jimmer was never required to do in college. Although that may have worked in college with other players picking up the slack for him, it won't fly in the pros. There are too many talented players in the NBA that can play on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately, Jimmer is not one of them.

West Jordan, UT

He is slow for the NBA and can not play defense. He needs to go the route of Travis Hansen and play in Europe or Russia. He will find more success there. All he will do if he were to be a member of the Utah Jazz is ride the bench. He does need the right situation to play in the NBA and the only reason why the Jazz would get him would be to sell tickets. I hope is had s focused solely on his foot speed and defense over the summer. Question though? has anyone contacted him since yesterday?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Jimmer will never get a chance to play anywhere in the NBA. I think most of us know the reason and it has nothing to do with ability. I think he will do well in Europe where he will get a chance to play. Maybe then he can come back to the USA and fill a slot in the NBA. It is too bad even the Jazz won't work with him, but they remain one of the worst managed franchises in all sports so we should not be surprised.

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