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Published: Tuesday, July 1 2014 10:20 p.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

When the Jazz chose Gordon Hayward a lot of fans booed the decision. Now almost everyone wants him to stay. Nice to see Gordon vindicated.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hope the Celtics make him a HUGE offer that the Jazz do not match.

I'll help him pack.

Saint George, UT

Lindsey, please don't drop the ball, we want Hayward back and you have the money.

West Jordan, UT

Ok Jazz fans, remember Paul Milsap, Wesley Mathews and A.K..........It sounds like in his heart GH would like to be a Celtic and be back with his old coach. I would not be surprised if larry Bird and the pacers come calling either, although the kid from French Lick spent his entire career with Boston

Jazz need a SHOOTER
Salt Lake City/USA, UT

You're grossly mistaken and speaking for yourself. Hayward is not worth the money he's asking, the Jazz can do far better!

Alpine, UT

First of all, love him or hate him, there's no question that Hayward is a talented and versatile player.

But something else should be kept in mind. Early interest doesn't necessarily equate to serious interest. Just because a team talks to a player doesn't mean they are necessarily willing or ready to make him a meaningful offer. That will come later, if at all.

I believe the Jazz should try to keep Hayward, but not at any cost. He's a good player. But not nearly good enough to merit an offer anywhere close to a max-level contract. That range is, or should be, reserved exclusively for All-star level players.

Even then it can still be iffy. AK47 was a one-time All-star. The Jazz subsequently gave him a max-level contract and immediately started regretting until the day it expired. He wasn't tradable, nor is any player when so grossly overpaid. A team then gets stuck with that situation and can only chock it up to an expensive lesson learned.

The trouble now is, most of the current management wasn't here when that AK47 lesson was learned.

Provo, UT

Why are we so anxious to pay max dollar to a guy who was ARGUABLY the best player on a 25 win team? A guy who shot 41% from the field and an unforgivable 30% from 3pt? Not worth the kind of money in my opinion. I think very highly of the guy, but it just doesn't make sense to keep this guy at this point.

Morgan, UT

Haywood is at best a second tier player and there many other second tier players out there. Haywood is a decent off the bench player...the Jazz can do better if the money is too high for him. He can either stay or go, the Jazz will not be better or worse for it.

Tokyo, Japan

Utah seems to forget...that Chandler Parsons is a free agent as well...but i think the reasoning behind management's decision to match any offer is because of the new coach...he did wondes to demarre's game...what more if he tutored Hayward and fix his shot....i dunno...i'd like to keep Hayward on a decent salary...

Salt Lake City, UT

Hayward turned down 4 years, $50 million last off season. He won't make more than that per year with anyone but the Jazz.

Is Hayward a max player to any other team in the NBA but the Jazz?

See if any team will really offer him $12.5 mil per year.

Celtics can't pay this up front and the Jazz can match if they choose, making it risky for them to unload assets to other teams to clear the room, only to miss out in the end.

Hornets and MJ aren't willing to pay that much, with Al Jefferson being the lone exception in recent years (and that was a short contract to boot).

Phoenix can offer that kind of money AND years, true. But they also have Eric Bledsoe waiting for a payday (their own RFA), and want to avoid setting the market too high for Goran Dragic, who can opt out next year and is due a substantial raise from his current $7.5 million a year.

The LA Lakers might toss that money but would Hayward really play well with Kobe Bryant? Does he demand the ball and command respect?

Which brings us back to the Jazz.

Mesa, AZ

I just watched an ESPN special on free agency and Hayward's name never even came up. The last words out of Brian Windhorst's mouth was a word of caution to the GM's in the NBA----after a few in the top tier, this years crop of free agent's is not all that good. He says next year will be better. Lindsey, please do not overpay for Hayward. Reasonable money I am OK with, but anything close to max and I will throw a fit.

Utah Valley Guy
Springville, UT

The reason the Jazz will match even a max offer has more to do with team continuity, morale, chemistry and sending a message to the rest of the guys on the team, especially to Favors, about the Jazz's commitment to their young core, than it does with whether Hayward is worth every penny of whatever offer the Jazz match.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Jazz need a shooter

Here is the problem: Name one player in the entire world that is better than Hayward that the Jazz actually have a realistic chance at getting at a better price?

Face it Hayward is going to be overpaid by some team and if it's not the Jazz then we just spent 4 years developing someone else's player, it is back to square one and we might as well trade Favors for future draft picks too.

One thing that nobody in the media seems to be considering is the fact that the salary cap just went up by almost $5 million dollars per year and is expected to make a similar jump next year. That is about a 16% raise over the next 2 years, which means that if Hayward was worth $10 million last year then he will be worth $11.6 million next year.

Los Olivos, CA

I think Spencer Haywood has retired.

Mesa, AZ

Tell me what I am missing here? I just watched NBATV as they discussed free agency. Again Hayward's name was never mentioned. They named the best guard available along with 5 best of the rest players. No mention of Hayward. They named the best wing available along with 5 best of the rests. Again, no mention of Hayward. How can this guy get max money if he is not even on the national radar. Don't get me wrong, I would like Hayward back---just don't want to overpay. His agent is already making excuses for his performance last year. Stuff like this was the first time he has been put in such a position and that teams were game planning for him. Duh. Do you not think that teams game plan for LeBron and Durant? Truth is Hayward is simply not an Alpha Dog.

Tokyo, Japan


funny thing...i watched nba tv a few nights ago...david aldridge mentioned Gordon Hayward as possible pickups for LA and several other teams like Phoenix and Boston....

Mesa, AZ


David Aldridge was on the program that I watched tonight. The list of the best possibles was created by Bryan Colangelo. I know that is just one persons opinion but to not even make the list is noteworthy. I know there are numerous teams interested in Hayward. The Jazz should be also. Just don't overpay!

Morgan, UT

Ed...that was funny.
Byronbca...what, are you Haywood's, alright Hayward's agent? I want you for my agent...even though I am 70 years old and three hundred pounds I think you could get a max contract in the NBA using your logic.

water rocket
Magna, UT

I really liked John Stockton's approach to resigning when his contract. He would sit down with Larry Miller and come up with a reasonable agreement and shake hands on it. None of this stupid stuff by an agent trying to earn himself a big pay check by playing these games. Either Gordon wants to be a Jazz player, or he doesn't. If he does, then stop the disruptive and silly games that suggest a lack of loyalty. As for the Jazz, not paying max dollars doesn't mean that they aren't loyal, not not stupid!


I think he ends up in Boston. One way or another, he plays for his old coach.

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