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Published: Tuesday, July 1 2014 4:55 a.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

Wy save it? Everyone knows the Tribune is yellow Journalism at best and propaganda on most days. For example, I walked by a print copy at work today and the Trib had this headline about the LDS leaders statement on Women and Priesthood and they totally misrepresented what the Church actually said. I think even hardcore Tribbies know that the paper is not really news, but just propaganda to lull those who want to justify their hate or etc. And they can get that elsewhere now days, you know, RFM at exmo etc.

Holladay, UT

I actually hope the The Tribune either goes out of business, or gets a major overhaul. It's basically a LDS bashing site as it is right now. They say they'll delete insensitive or hateful posts in the comments, but they never do, and I've read some pretty bad stuff.

Arden, NC

With the availability and the acceleration of the Internet and 24 hr. news cycle I question how long any printed news paper will be able to survive financially.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

I have two concerns.

1st concern. Why the secrecy? If this had not been leaked no one would have known about it?

2nd concern. How many million dollars was paid to the "hedge fund" which owns the Tribune and did the Tribune see any of that money?

Any one else interested?

Ephraim, UT

Yet no word on the Trib about this. I guess it just doesn't fit their agenda, because we know they only report news that is fit to print.


This is good to see. I like the tribune. I read the trib every day to see what is going on in the world and locally. And I read the Deseret News every day (especially the political and opinion sections) to see what the LDS church is teaching (I listen to Glenn Beck for the same reason).

Theeng2, I have seen really bad anti-LDS comments there too. But likewise I have seen very mean-spirited and hateful comments here against anyone who isn't LDS. I think both sides need to relax a little.

St.George, Utah

Just as equality for women, and passing of the SSM law, it appears to be awfully difficult to get some Utah people to see that equality in journalism is the way our country was meant to operate.
It is so difficult to understand why those who profess such distaste for the Tribune, cannot see the
"American way" of a free press.
Why demand that the Tribune"be gone"?

Oh Really?

The new agreement is basically the old agreement in reverse. No one was crying about the partnership when the Trib collected the lion's share of revenues and profits. You know, back when it was profitable.


Father of Four -

I hope you are not saying that you get Church teachings from listening to Glenn Beck? You do know that he has no affiliation (other than being a member) and that he does not speak for the Church, right?

Salmon, ID

Shut down the Tribune? You say that like that is a bad thing.



He actually stays pretty close to what I've heard many church leaders say, and 99% of the church's membership as well. Also, being that the DN is church-owned it can reasonably be expected that their opinion is in line with the church's opinion. I do not believe the church would allow the DN to create editorials that are contradictory to the church's teachings.And I definitely don't believe that the writers at the DN would even want to do that. So, listen to Glenn Beck, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, and read the Deseret News and you can get a pretty decent understanding of the church's teachings.

Bill McGee
Alpine, UT

The Salt Lake Tribune is a critical voice in the intermountain West. The Deseret News increasingly represents the editorial bias of its owner - the LDS Church. Another voice is essential. The argument that the new contract is not designed to hurt the Tribune seems disingenuous when one looks at the terms of the deal. The Deseret News has wanted the Trib to go away since 1873, when it encroached on the LDS Church's monopoly on regional news. It has been a vital counterpoint to this region ever since, and must be protected.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Tribune is Salt Lake's version of MSNBC: Non-stop bashing of anything and anyone conservative. Celebration and glorification of anything and anyone liberal.


@Bill McGee: "Must be protected"? Since when does a newspaper, or ANY business have an inherent right to exist? A few years ago, I ran my own business, loved doing it, and thought I was providing a service that my customers valued. I wish more would have valued it because it eventually went belly up for lack of revenue. No one protected my little business.
If the SLTribune wants to continue existing, it might want to find a formula that will sell more papers. Even if you loathe Mormons and hate the Deseret News, they found that formula and are one of the few print newspapers with increasing circulation.

Shaking my head
Nephi, UT

Sad sad society we live in that a Lawsuit like this is even possible. *FROWN*

South Jordan, Utah

My problem with the Tribune is that it seemingly survives off of the anti-LDS sentiment of many in SLC. Every day - and I mean EVERY DAY there is a new article, front page, about the LDS Church. Doesn't matter if it is negative or positive, before long there are hundreds and hundreds of posts, the majority of which are mindless, hate-filled comments about anything and anyone LDS.

I am not advocating that the Tribune go away. These people have a right to express their opinions - and I am sure it makes them feel good to do so.

I simply choose to not read the Tribune anymore. Nothing there for me.

Cedar Hills, UT

Who care if the SL Tribune is anti-Mormon or pro-Mormon. If it has a valuable reader circle who would provide financial support for its existence. Why any propaganda paper like SL Tribune needs to be protected? Just because its anti-Mormon tone in general?

Hyde Park, UT

@Red Wings: Don't ever count on any politician or media personality to tell you what the LDS Church teaches. It is way too easy to get to the actual LDS teachings online to depend on someone else to give you their version... especially those with political agenda's.

I truly doubt that Glenn Becks commentary is 99% in line with what the Church teaches, and every politician, even committed LDS politicians are aligned with political parties. (See the polar political opposites, Mike Lee and Harry Reid).

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

If they are there to save the Tribune and journalism, then why as the staff been so drastically reduced over the last few years and the bulk of the Tribune's profits going to fund staff increases at the DesNews? I'm sorry, but most people aren't stupid. The only reason the DesNews is saying this is due to the fact that an anti-trust ruling could come down against them if they didn't say they were playing nice. Think about how ridiculous it sounds. Imagine McDonald's saying that it is taking the bulk of Burger King's profits in order to save it? lol

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: Bill McGhee "The Salt Lake Tribune is a critical voice in the intermountain West. The Deseret News increasingly represents the editorial bias of its owner - the LDS Church. "

This is true. Increasingly the Deseret News is a paper by Mormons FOR Mormons. I guess the "Gentiles" can just go hang.

I read the D-News and the Trib everyday. I need them for comparison.

Going back to when the D-News became a morning paper, I think the D-News has been plotting the end of the Trib for years.

And indeed, why the secrecy?

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