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Published: Monday, June 30 2014 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Mapleton, UT

Assuming for a moment that the last ditch effort of throwing the football into the end zone is being compared to a prayer, shouldn't the headline use the phrase "Hail Mary" instead of "Hale Mary"? Not being Catholic, I'm no authority on such prayers, so I could be wrong...

Mesa, AZ

Checking on google, most ever other reference to Hail Mary is indeed Hail Mary, not Hale Mary..

Dr. Coach
Bountiful, UT

Really? Today the US plays world cup soccer in the round of 16 and there's not a word about it on the "front page" of the D-News. It may be buried somewhere here, but nothing on the home page. But right up front is an article about BYU Football. Really? I've always thought the D-News Sports dept. had way too many football writers.

What to do with so many during the dog days of summer?

Right another legacy football article. And ignore that other football going on south of the boarder this afternoon.


Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"That's something that BYU has over a lot of other schools, the commitment of the fans. The stadium that we have, it's 65,000, but we could probably hold a 100,000 and fill it up." -- former LB, Leon White

Not so Leon. You're stadium capacity is 63,470, and you can't even fill THAT up unless Utah comes to town. And we won't be coming to town for another 4-yrs. So what makes you think expanding LES by nearly 58% would magically fill those extra 36,530 seats...plus those ALREADY unoccupied seats available at LES?

It's just like a cougar to imagine themselves as though they're bigger than they really are.

Niskayuna, NY

There are obviously few Catholics around out there. It's "Hail Mary," although wishing Mary good health I suppose is fine too.

Las Vegas, NV

@AZKID and @SpanishImmersed: the receiver on the "Hale Mary" play was Chris Hale, thus the play on words.

Ann Arbor, MI

hmmm, the majority of the big games are against Utah. Either bYU views the Utah game as their Super Bowl or they can't get/beat legit programs at LES......probably both.

Cedar Hills, UT

what a great win! I was there and it was sweet to see arrogant Miami go down in flames!!!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

The Miami game was a lot of fun, fun to have been there a part of it all. Go Cougars!

Cardston, Alberta

Picky, picky, picky,....enuff already!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Coach, I'd rather watch paint dry than watch soccer.

Las Vegas, NV


"54-10 was the best of all."

Actually the 56-6 in 1980 was the best of all. Go Cougars!!!

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

I rarely agree with Chris B...but his comment about preferring to watch paint dry than soccer is classic!!! Well said, sir, well said :) LOL

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Naval Vet,

Yes you are correct. BYU players and fans love to sink into delusions of grandeur. They get so caught up in the emotions of the moment that they, somehow, believe that this is the most magical program in all of football.

But if they would take the goggles off and see what the outside world sees, they would NOT be pleased.

They think they are entitled to everything programs like Alabama and Texas have, despite the fact that they have never done anything to earn it. And don't even get me started on the Notre Dame comparisons.

Fine BYU fans, love your team. Be passionate about your team. But don't go trying to make them something they aren't. In the grand scheme, they are just a mid-major (not by opinion, by definition) vehicle for the Mormon church that happens to be on the outside looking in.

If BYU was as great as its fans believe, they would have joined a P5 loooong ago and elite teams like USC, Notre Dame and Alabama would be beating the door down to play them.

You gotta be real about your team, or you come off as naieve.

Sandy, UT

Uh, Dr Coach. That would be USA Basketball playing today in the World Cup quarterfinals. Try again ?

Sandy, UT

Um, tomahawk red. Not many cfb teams can say they've beaten a #1 ranked team in their own stadium not to mention playing and beating Notre Dame in their stadium. Can the utes say the same ?

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT

Naval Vet

Unlike Utah fans, who continue to have delusions of grandeur that the Utes could fill a 63,000-seat stadium.

There's a reason Utah's crackerbox of a stadium has almost 20,000 fewer seats than LES.

Sandy, UT


"hmmm, the majority of the big games are against Utah"

new Utah math?

4 of 10 is not a majority, even so, unlike our little brothers on the hill, BYU fans have never tried to claim that playing Utah wasn't a big game.

Personally, I enjoyed the back-to-back-to-back beat downs in 1979 27-0, 1980 56-6, and 1981 56-28, even though one of them, the most lopsided game in the series, occurred on Utah's home field.

North Salt Lake, UT

@Tomahawk Red

"But if they would take the goggles off and see what the outside world sees, they would NOT be pleased."

Who exactly is the "outside world". Have you taken a poll beyond the North Salt Lake city limits? You seem to confirm that the "outside world" is so aware of BYU as to have an opinion about them which is more than we can say about the Utes. Regardless of what the "outside world" thinks, at least the Cougs have a history....and Championships. The "mighty" Utes of the PAC? Not so much.

Layton, UT


Sandy, UT

Uh, Dr Coach. That would be USA Basketball playing today in the World Cup quarterfinals. Try again ?

Look at the date of his comment. He's actually correct. What's going on here?

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