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Published: Tuesday, July 1 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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USS Enterprise, UT

To "Laura Bilington" here are a couple of references to scientific papers from the 1920's that said that smoking was not harmful. Werner C. A., "The Triumph of the Cigarette," and W. M. Johnson, "The Effects of Tobacco Smoking".

Plus they got over 20,000 doctors that were part of the AMA to say that smoking was ok.

You may not believe them or like them, but that is what was going on.

Bountiful, UT

Warming researchers got caught in 2009 fudging the data in their attempt to keep their grant funders happy. The earth hasn't warmed for 17 years. So how is the debate settled? In the 1970's scientists believed we were headed for an ice age.

My opinion? The CO2 we are producing is what is keeping us from this ice age.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

To RedShirt:

Like I said, any "scientist" or doctor who EVER said that smoking was not harmful was himself a smoker.

Do you have any data that is LESS than 90 years old?

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Just as the "greatest generation" did, when the need finally became apparent to stop Hitler, we too will rise up but it is not apparent yet. While one may suspect that something is happening, there is no proof of what that is and is it good or bad.
Some on both sides of the issue spend way to much time trying to make converts of either the other side or the totally uninformed . Others try and do make lots of money off the issue and quite often their mouths and actions don't coincide.

Gilbert, AZ

Scientists also said that July 2012 was the hottest month on record but they recently and quietly changed it back to July 1936 as the hottest month on record. My point being that when it comes to so called "global warming", scientific facts change.



The satellite temperature record from UAH (University of Alabama - Birmingham) is much more stable and reliable, in that it doesn't get adjusted every couple of weeks. The mistake the guys made who adjust the GISS ground-based record is we know what the raw readings are. If you subtract the raw readings from official adjusted numbers, guess what you get? Global warming.

I don't know the motive behind the adjustments. Some call it homogenization. But it seems like a mistake to homogenize the readings from pristine stations with the readings from stations afflicted by urban heat island effect, which is what has been done. A more accurate approach would have been to use the readings from pristine stations to remove the urban heat island effect from other stations. If that had been done, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

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