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Published: Monday, June 30 2014 11:35 a.m. MDT

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The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

@ donn - layton, UT - "RE: The Caravan Moves On,Whatever "false doctrine" the show portrays:

“.. the spiritual is not first, but the natural; then the spiritual. The first man is from the earth, earthy; the second is man is from heaven. ( 1Cor. 15:46-47)

For in him we live and move and have our Being...(Acts 17:28)Creation is dependent on God for it’s very existence. God who gives life to the dead and Calls into Being things that were not.(Romans 4:17 NIV)

Through faith we understand that the worlds=(time ,G. aion)were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made =(receive being, G. ginomai) of things which do appear.(Heb 11:3)"

Uhhh....so how does these scriptures conflict with what Saturday's Warrior portrays?

San Diego, CA

This show is like candy. I like candy, but only in small doses. I saw it in 1974, when I had a greater appetite for candy than I do now. Don't think I'll see it again.

Somewhere in Time, UT

will everybody lighten up. It's a musical--not a conference talk. It doesn't claim to be doctrine. The idea of meeting in the pre existence is a romantic idea which is fun to think about. They don't claim it's doctrinal.


Bountiful, UT

Exciting news! Will it be coming to Utah, per chance?

Colorado Springs, CO

I was a "golden" convert/vocalist, who went to see Saturday's Warrior, The Original Stage Play, LIVE in Los Angeles,CA USA as a teenager; abt. 1976. It was phenomenal! It was the complete family I never knew, but always dreamed of. I cried through the whole show! I modeled my future family from it,"The Waltons" & a good LDS family who befriended me. I was accepted to BYU, blessed to marry a returned missionary in the L.A. Temple, earned my BA degree in Music, both sons were Eagle Scouts & served foreign LDS missions, both daughters received YW Medallions, all 4 graduated from Seminary, put themselves through college, married in the Temple, and we just celebrated our 34th Anniversary with 6 adorable grandchildren! I even got to play the role of the "Mom" in our Stake Musical version. Now that may sound cheesy to you Jimmy, but I'm telling you, having seen what the world is like these days, I'm eternally grateful! I'm looking fwd. to seeing the updates; the orchestra will be a definite plus!

Columbia, MO

We played that music while the kids were doing the dishes, doing their chores, stacking wood...they could not get enough of it. They knew all the words to every song and to this day, as adults they talk about memories and the things they learned from that musical. I don't know how anyone could criticize the play and the message it brought to my children as they were growing up.

layton, UT

RE: The Caravan Moves On, “so how does these scriptures conflict with what Saturday's Warrior portrays. The musical opens in the pre-existence” VS,

Jer 1:5 Christians believe that God is omniscient, knowing everything about each person before birth. The emphasis is on God’s foreknowledge (“I knew thee”), not humanity’s knowing God.

In Job 38:4, God rebukes Job, “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?” Job 38:7 NIV …” and all the angels(sons)shouted for joy”.” In effect, God was reminding Job how Job wasn’t even in existence when the world was created.


I hope they cleaned up some of the doctrinal mistakes. The last thing the Church needs is another generation of youth growing up thinking that their is a "one and only one" to marry. I had a religion professor at Rick College (before it became BYU-Idaho) who said, "That damned thing has caused me more headaches than anything else."

And the way it presents the War in Heaven makes it sound like Lucifer really wanted everyone to be saved, and that his idea could have saved everyone if implemented. It should be very clear. There is only one plan of salvation, the great council in heaven was not meant as a brain-storming session to come up with ideas. We also need to be very clear in teaching about the War in Heaven that the Father of All Lies did not want anyone to be saved, and his plan would have damned all of us if we had all given up our agency and the ability to live by faith in Christ- the first principal of the gospel needed for exaltation.

Spanish Fork, UT

as a teen i heard the term "pre-existence". didn't understand it then and don't yet. pre-mortal i understand and figured i coined that "word". that aside ---

my gosh, Gravity, Oliver, Sleepless in Seattle, Annie Get Your Gun - they are stories/fantasy and sometime fun. my gosh, not doctrine. not something to incorporate into one's life and to guide you thru the next 40years and motivate you to get thru kindergarten. name a "love" story that isn't cheesy. i don't even know what that word means although i can imagine

never saw Saturday's Warrior; never really even heard anything abt it

but really, Much Ado About Nothing. Relax, sit back and enjoy life, but don't rain on other's parades

cheesy ?

Bend, OR

YAY! I was privileged to direct the music for the original in Brisbane, Australia in 1976. What wonderful memories! At least one future Bishop was converted from our little enterprise. Things get dated so I hope I can see the new show on my next trip to Utah!

Broken Arrow, OK

I hope it turns out to be great. I'd love to see it in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

This is really exciting! I hope it does very well in AZ, and that they will bring it to Utah soon. I would love for my children and all of our next generation to experience this show, the music and message. I remember attending Saturday's Warrior at Cottonwood High School to a sold-out crowd "back in the day". I returned with a non-member friend 3 more times. She requested to take the missionary discussions, was baptized & remains a stalwart member. This musical can and does change lives. It teaches core LDS beliefs in a clear and fun way. What a great alternative this show will provide in contrast to a certain "hit" Broadway show. Mormons must tell their own stories and explain their faith in creative, professional, artistic ways. If not, others will do it for them (as we've witnessed) Musicals are all the rage now. This is a great idea! Toi Toi Toi to all the performers.

Mesa, AZ

@RULDS2, Congratulations on a wonderful lifetime of blessings. Everything you listed are great in my opinion, except for one boast, about serving foreign.

Everyone always wants to guess on mission calls, and they oooh and ahhh at the exotic foreign calls except when someone is called to St. Louis, Detroit, or Boise.. The one small saving grace to the domestic call seems to be if a language is attached, ie..spanish-speaking.

Well, I think all mission calls are wonderful, and like Elder Scott believe some of the strongest, most capable elders and sisters are called to the United States and Canada to keep the roots of the Church strong.

Mesa, AZ

'mancan,' you've got the wrong musical. Zero plans are presented in "Saturday's Warrior."

Colorado Springs, CO

RE:SPANISHIMMERSED Good point! No offense intended. Obviously, I am eternally grateful to Elder Oelkers, Elder Black & Elder Forsgrin of the CA Anaheim Mission, who knocked on my door in Newport Beach, CA! I was pleased that when I contacted Elder Oelkers, out- of- the- blue some 30 yrs. later, he was not only still active, but serving as a Bishop. Likewise, it doesn't matter what calling, as long as we are doing our best to fulfill it. I know that the Lord knows each of us & that we are called to be instruments in His hands, according to His will. I am a "domestic(member)missionary" and have seen many miracles in my own neighborhood! That was just an excited mother talking, because my sons got to go to the same country their father & uncle, a former Mission Pres, served in, and where their unique personalities were well suited.

Mesa, AZ

Let's just thank our lucky star child that Parker & Stone haven't heard about our little musical. They would eat it for breakfast.


Listened to the sound track on my mission over 30 years ago. Saw the play last night and was deeply touched. I was able finally to put characters with voices. The production then came into context for me. We live in a dark, depressing, troubled world. Sometimes it's healthy to step out of it and into a "cheesy" uplifting world. I spent most of the time during the play admiring the incredible musical talents performing, not dwelling on the doctrinal discrepancies. Oh, and while we are on that note, does anyone truly know what happened in the premortal life and our sociality one with another? D&C 130:2 is worth pondering - just saying.

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