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Published: Monday, June 30 2014 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Woodland Hills, UT

Spare us please, first go around was sufficient.


Loved it when I first saw it, especially the humor. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves and it was great fun and sometimes poignant. Can't wait to see an updated version!

Mesa, AZ

Fantastic that new generations get to share in this historic musical I first saw on an October evening of 1974 in the Kirkham Auditorium at Ricks College. The music, humor, and story lives on..


The original Saturday's Warrior was terribly cheesy, contained a substantial amount of false doctrine, and portrayed missionary work in a wholly unrealistic and naive light. I hope that this version is better, but I doubt that I'll be seeing it any time soon anyway.

John Marx
Layton, UT

Will zero population growth still be one of major concerns of Jimmy's grungy-looking teenage friends?


Because it's not false doctrine if the music is catchy.

Seriously, this musical was directly responsible for the idea, which lingers stubbornly in the Church today, that each person born on earth has a "one and only" person that they're supposed to marry, an idea that the General Authorities have refuted over and over again. But hey -- romantic, right?

South Jordan, Utah

If you don't like it and have nothing but negative things to say about it, DON'T GO.

I for one enjoyed in immensely when it came out in the mid-70s and have been looking forward to an updated version for years. Hope it comes to the Salt Lake area soon.


Oh,this is interesting. This year also has the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, and they'll be having their first Kitty Con in November, held in California! That might be pretty cute, especially for cute females to go to!

This year is also the 40th anniversary of my birth (Feb. 23)!

OH! And I know D.L. Walker (see the IMDb), a.k.a. David Walker (I don't know what the L stands for), who played Elder Green in the Saturday's Warrior video! He was in one or more (I can't remember now) of my multimedia classes at then-UVSC in '99 or/and the early 2000s.

Mike A. Christensen

The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

I saw Saturday's Warrior when it first came out in the 70's.

Powerful, powerful and wonderfully uplifting story. Absolutely amazing.

Whatever "false doctrine" the show portrays (if there is indeed any at all) it's dramatically overshadowed by the truth it DOES teach and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost it DOES bring.

Don't like it? Fine, don't go, and just leave it quietly at that...

Kosciusko, Mississippi

Nashville, TN: Hendersonville Stake Center, 1974. Our oldest son was in Taiwan on his mission. Our other son was assistant to a sound and production engineer friend. We had one baby girl. #2 son was at an audition at the stake center when someone heard him singing to himself. Resulting in our family auditioning the next week and becoming actors. Father, Mother, son and baby. It was really fun until we had an audience and my voice went away.....3 performances: Fri.pm, Sat. afternoon and night. Yeah, it was hokey but the entire cast had a wonderful time, and learned a lot. No tomatoes were thrown, no "boos' from the audience.
I truly hope this production will be shown on BYU=TV! I for one will watch it and I will encourage my friends to watch. Oldest son now lives in in SLC Valley and 2 married grandsons live there as well, as do some friends who saw it in TN. I hope they all go and see it when it shows in SLC!

Australia, 00

Sure it was a bit cheesy but it also had a strong positive message and some great fun scenes and songs.
As for the 'false doctrine' - I didn't consider it was doctrine at all. It's musical theatre, not a General Conference talk. If you are getting your doctrine from Saturday's Warrior then you have other issues to deal with.

cambodia girl
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I remember seeing Saturday's Warrior at the old South High School with my family and my boyfriend, who was Catholic at the time. I enjoyed the newness of having a show about the gospel that was not "Promised Valley". (Although I enjoyed that as a child) I loved the music and thought it was great! My boyfriend said, (per my journal) "I can't explain how I felt when I saw those people waiting to come to earth. I have always thought we came from heaven but my church doesn't teach that." That opened up a nice and lengthy discussion.

Cynics may scoff at the "cheesiness" of the show, thinking they are too sophisticated for such. Call me "cheesy" unsophisticated, or what ever you may, but I am grateful for the talents of those who want to create and now recreate something that has the possibility to uplift rather than degrade. I hope to see it again and this time with my children and grandchildren.

Logan, UT

I was in this musical for 2 straight years as a teenager. I can actually see much of what everyone is saying here. Yes, it is cheesy as all get out. It is outdated. It is sappy. It is unrealistic and there are doctrinal eyebrow raises in the plot. It is also funny, sweet and has powerful moments.

For better or for worse, I still sing along when ever I chance to hear it.

Sandy, UT

Catchy tunes, great music, great humor and yes, false doctrine....
It's all good.
Lighten up folks...

Washington, DC

It would be nice if the ethnic content of the play reflected the diversity of the modern church. The church has less members in Utah than in the combination of Mexico and Brazil, and less members inside the US than outside the US.

The church is really growing in Africa, with more members in Africa than in Arizona, and more nations with at least 10,000 members (11) than in Europe (7) or South America (10). Why not make the convert, Todd Richards, from Africa? It would make the play more relevant, and give the play a modern twist on increasingly common LDS inter-racial marriages. It would also force the old timers to realize the church is changing, and perhaps get them to think about their views a little.

layton, UT

RE: The Caravan Moves On,Whatever "false doctrine" the show portrays:

“.. the spiritual is not first, but the natural; then the spiritual. The first man is from the earth, earthy; the second is man is from heaven. ( 1Cor. 15:46-47)

For in him we live and move and have our Being...(Acts 17:28)Creation is dependent on God for it’s very existence. God who gives life to the dead and Calls into Being things that were not.(Romans 4:17 NIV)

Through faith we understand that the worlds=(time ,G. aion)were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made =(receive being, G. ginomai) of things which do appear.(Heb 11:3)

Phoenix, AZ

Folks who keep talking about "cheesy"--you're confusing the original stage play, which was actually a very powerful and apparently well-done dramatic production in many places it was performed, with the woeful 1989 video Deseret Book still insists on selling. A remake would be a much better "legacy" for SW, and #1 on the wish list would be taking it off the soundstage and making an actual FILM out of it.

BeeDub57--no, that "one and only" idea's been around a *lot* longer than SW. Look back to Nephi Anderson's novella Added Upon, written in 1898, for only one instance from Mormon culture. Blame, too, if you will, American idealism and romanticism itself. Well apart from Mormon doctrinal disputes, there are few notions more romantically intoxicating to American couples in general than "We were meant for each other." Yeah, SW taps into it (and yeah, it's doctrinally unsound), but SW didn't create it. Not by a long shot.

JC from CT

As a young boy I had a cassette tape of Saturday's warrior that I listened to often. I hadn't seen the play, so I filled in the gaps with my own imagination. For me the music and its message was very inspiring, and it made me want to be better. When I saw the remade movie years later (in my late teens), I loved it, in spite of cheesiness and "false doctrine" (it never claimed to be scripture). For those who choose to disparage Saturday's Warrior: "All things which are good cometh of Christ.... See that ye do not judge wrongfully; for with that same judgment which ye judge ye shall also be judged."

Provo, UT

Honestly, I'm a Mormon but I cannot stand this musical. It is just ridiculously cheesy.

Gene Poole

For those who think Saturday's Warrior is too cheesy... just add macaroni. Then it may suit your tastebuds. As has been said, this play/musical was intended to entertain, not preach pulpit-ized scripture adhering doctrine. Would Father in Heaven or the Savior condemn this play/musical? Don't think so. I know when I first saw the play and then several times thereafter, it was very supporting of my newly converted heart. Do I think there is a "one and only"? Hard to decide on that one. Most especially since I have become so deeply immersed in Indexing and Genealogy, it would be hard for me to consider happen stance in all of these families. I guess Adam and Eve just happened to show up on this planet by chance and all the families since them have just been a fluke. Yep, not possible that there could possibly be a plan in all of this. Nah. Just too ludicrous. What was I thinking! Am I thinking "doctrinally"? Probably not, but I do love my wife like she is my "One and Only".

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