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Published: Sunday, June 29 2014 10:10 p.m. MDT

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Mrs. Laura Bush is a lady who is a role model. She understands America, and she understood the role criticism of the president plays. Our current president does not understand that when he dishes out vitriol, he must be prepared to take it. He does have the convenient excuse of racism, but he would be better off if he wondered if he and his actions have something to do with his critics’ resentments.

Provo, ut

It was a very nice program with a very gracious lady.

Medical Lake, Washington

A timely message indeed. Criticism, though never sought after, is a key element to our society. That we have the right, and sometimes even responsibility, to voice our concerns and to express our frustrations when we do not like what is happening.

I hear frequent rumors and I hope they are just that, that when the current administration is criticized that strong efforts are made to silence the non-compliant. As Laura Bush explained, criticism is part of a free society and hopefully, collective voices help keep the country steered in a positive direction.

With regards to other comments here. I appreciate that we have the freedom to speak out, but there are ways of doing so which enhance the setting rather than to bring about self defamation.

Houston, TX

I've always respected Laura Bush and appreciate her graceful way of leading through example. In this case, she has shown how rudeness and criticism can be redirected into a positive support for Democracy.

We have too much partison bickering going on, and it weakens us as a people. Honest differences of opinion must be expressed with respect and in the spirit of cooperation.

Brigham Young said about divisive parties: "Where such disunion exists in any government, it ultimately becomes the means of the utter overthorw of that government or people, unless a timely remedy is applied. Party spirit once made its appearance in heaven, but was promptly checked." (Journal of Discourses 9:332)

one old man
Ogden, UT

" Our current president does not understand that when he dishes out vitriol, he must be prepared to take it."

Really? When? Where? What vitriol? There has been NONE. If, so, then let's see some quotes.

"I hear frequent rumors and I hope they are just that, that when the current administration is criticized that strong efforts are made to silence the non-compliant."

Yes, they are RUMORS. But they are not just that. They are deliberate lies and distortions spread by radio commentators and other conservatives in malicious attempts to discredit this president and to ensure, as they stated at the beginning of his first term, "that he will be a one-term president."

They failed in that initial goal, but they haven't given up. Trouble is, that in their zeal to advance whatever twisted objectives they may have, they have denied all of us the opportunity to realize GOOD things that would have benefited all of us for years to come.

GW Bush probably was not an evil man, but he allowed himself to be manipulated by one.

San Jose, CA

I have talked to 5 different people who work and live in the State of CA along with other states in the last month. They all agree what a business mess CA currently is. A charter school that is funded by the tax payer in AZ and my brothers kids go to is moving to my rich area here in CA. He called me to get on the list fast for my kids. This same school because of all the regulation here in CA has to be private. The price tag in CA for the same school is 32,000 per kid, per year. The CA Union teachers want NO out side competition. I have graduated from BYU and 2 police academies in UT and CA. I could go on about state laws. I will say CA heavily voted against Bush and Romney these #'s speak volumes. I have read the book "The Faith of George Bush" the author is a preacher and wanted to show Bush didn't really believe. Gov. Leavitt and Bush even kept moments between themselves on the shores of Galilee. The Bush's believe in Jesus Christ and this is the biggest reason they are hated.

Olympia, WA

I am sure that Mrs. Bush is a nice woman and a good mother. She stood by her man, and still does. However, she has not had a paying job in decades and is a easy living stay at home -papered woman of a very rich man. An oil family from Texas. For what could a woman such as her want? She is out of touch with working folks, specially those who are single parents who are not benefactors of Oil money. The show could have paid Martha Stewart or Marie Osmond and had just as good a speaker.

Pleasant Grove, UT

During my short time here on earth I have learned one thing: our elders are have wise words to share if we will listen. We would be wise to find the wisdom in the words shared from a former First Lady, one who went through some of America's darkest days.

God Bless America!

San Diego, CA

Now all BYU needs to do is invite a democrat like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama to balance things out

Alpine, UT

@ GaryO:

Once again your anti-conservatism vitriol shines through. It's called tunnel-vision and single-mindedness. You and like-minded people with an ultra-liberal agenda don't seem capable of understanding that good can come from various factions of our government and our people. Proper diversity is more than just various skin colors.

How is it that you can possibly still be blaming former President Bush for 9-11 and the havoc and tragedy that those extremist militants caused? They were the "destroyers"... not President Bush or the Republicans who acted based on the best intel available at that time, even though it was later proven to not be entirely accurate. Such a current view seems ridiculous. Bush simply retaliated and with a nearly full support of a bilateral Congress, including Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and even Hillary Clinton... using the same intel.

But you and a few other liberals are now trying to lay it all at the feet of President Bush. I truly wish you could see and understand how ridiculous that appears from the viewpoint of objective, independent people. And yes, you are being way "overly critical" with such one-sidedness.

San Diego, CA

Trying again since you deleted the last one on ground of: ¨Comment included personal attacks, name-calling, epithets, racial slurs or other derogatory statements¨ (wonder what the deseretnews found offensive here)

It is nice that Laura Bush was invited to BYU. Seemed an interesting discusion and her sacred music, or at least the clanking of gears of democracy phrase was simply brilliant.

Now all BYU needs to do is invite Hillary Clinton or Michele Obama to speak and all will be forgiven.

Gilbert, AZ

What a great speech and a very gracious lady. But I wish occasionally they would invite a democrat to speak. I'm not a democrat, but those folks are patriotic too.

Logan, UT

@ bullet56:

So according to your philosophy, colleges need to find people to speak who relate more to America (than former First Lady Laura Bush) by being a single mother who works someplace like McDonnalds.

Wow! Do you honestly believe that such a viewpoint is anywhere close to relating most to how American really is and the way our leaders need to be?

Personally, I felt Mrs. Bush's viewpoints were spot-on and totally accurate. It's too bad more people don't have the same insightful viewpoints of what can and does make America great. It's truly sad that so many liberal universities don't welcome actual political diversity and especially such proven and practical viewpoints as Laura Bush's.

Richfield, UT

@ AllBlack:

How do you know Hillary Clinton or Michele Obama haven't already been invited to speak at BYU? It's not uncommon for liberal speakers to turn down invitations to speak at conservative institutions.

One valid reason for not inviting Hillary to speak is her $200,000 (or more) speaking fee.

BTW: There isn't anything to "be forgiven"... as you stated.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Brio –

“Once again your anti-conservatism vitriol shines through.”

No . . . Once again I speak the truth . . . And facts are extremely irritating to Right Wingers who rarely get the facts to match their prejudices.

And yes, Demorcrats in Congress were wrong to believe the WMD lies so heavily favored by the GW Bush administration. But fortunately, we Democrats learn from our mistakes.

In the meantime facts remain facts, and the “sacred music” generated by the GW Bush administration will no just go away, no matter how much you want it to.

" . . . a chorus of complaint (when it) is in reality a kind of sacred music . . . "

The music is even more sacred now that a growing number of people (except for those completely disconnected from reality) are realizing just how horrible the GW Bush administration really was for this nation?

Bill Clinton's hand off to GW consisted of a nation at peace, with strong international allies, a strong economy, and a history of four consecutive balanced budgets.

And the Republicans, led by GW Bush, DESTROYED IT ALL.

No, I'm not overly-critical . . . I'm just harmonizing with the sacred chorus.

Logan, UT

@ GaryO...

Facts aren't irritating to Conservatives, as you wrote. It's actually prejudiced left-wing rhetoric that is irritating to right-wing people... and nothing more. But at least you did speak one truth.

Thank you for admitting that Democrats in Congress were wrong. I, and many others can actually agree with you on that. In fact, that's a rather easy statement to make, since they are often proven to be. I'm genuinely happy to see you are beginning to see the light in some respects.
Baby steps.

Sandy, UT


"But you and a few other liberals are now trying to lay it all at the feet of President Bush"

If Bush led the drive to war, shouldn't he be the leader who's prepared to justify the costs of that war? Not only is he not being held accountable for those war costs, but the right-wing actually has the gall to now blame Obama for that debt.

This is exactly the aversion to facts that GaryO speaks of.

Another example. Bush's advisers provided talking points to justify the Iraq war (WMD's), yet when those talking points turn up incorrect, you lobby for Bush's innocence. In your eyes, he didn't lie, he was simply making decisions on the intel he received at the time. Yet you'll insist in the same breath that Obama straight up lied about Benghazi, even though his statements were taken directly from the initial intel he received.

Yet another example. A large portion of the right wing voters are convinced that Obama has used 'unprecedented' power in signing executive orders. Some websites claim he's issued almost a thousand of them, which is completely false.

Saint George, UT

@One Old Man--GW Bush probably was not an evil man, but he allowed himself to be manipulated by one.

Are you saying GW Bush was manipulated by Obama?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Not Obama. Cheney. President Cheney. The one who lied us into Iraq to enrich his cronies at Halliburton.

John Locke
Ivins, , UT

Laura Bush is a role model for President's wives and how they should act and support their husbands in office; having said that, she is no "yes," woman. She has a mind of her own, but not disrespect the fact that the voters did not vote her into office, as some have in the past.

God bless her and George W. in all the good they do for education and veterans, long after they were asked to do anything for their country.

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