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Published: Sunday, June 29 2014 3:35 p.m. MDT

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Ivins, UT

In my opinion comparing Paul George and Hayward is apples and oranges. I can see George getting paid that much because he performed. Hayward is a good guy and should get paid similar to Favors, but not a max deal. I also hope they don't overpay Marvin Williams. He was better last year and I'm ok with resigning him but I hope they can come under the 7.5 million he made last year. I really don't think there will be a lot of competition for his services so we shouldn't have to break the bank. Other than that I'm surprised Lindsey saying we won't be big in the free agent market. I thought with all the cap space we would be pursuing free agents aggressively. There must be something else going on.

Mesa, AZ

Paying a max contract to Hayward will guarantee mediocrity for years to come. We will be no better off than we were with Milsap and Jefferson. Maybe less so.

Provo, UT


I'm just as surprised as you are. I also thought we were planning on throwing some major cash and bring in above average experienced players. You're right though something else is going on. We have good managers who know what they're doing. patience I guess is key, much like years past.

as far as marvin williams goes I hope the organization is smart about paying him what he deserves and not what he wants. I like williams a lot but the last thing we need is another ak47 disaster where we overpay a guy who doesn't live up to what he's being paid.

no comment
New Orleans, LA

So Paul George got $80-90 million over 5 years, and that should be Hayward's baseline since he was picked right after George?

By that logic he should get a little less than Al Fariq Aminu, taken 1 pick before Hayward in the draft, who signed a contract for $3,749,602 per year.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I like Hayward, but based on the last few seasons he has proved he cannot be the guy down the stretch, as least not yet. Max money should get you a go to guy. I'm glad the jazz are resigning Williams. He was terrible his first year but did a great job as he was healthy last season, my take anyways.

J Poll
Gilford, NH

Our shooting sucked! Get some serious shooters on the roster.

J Poll
Gilford, NH

American vet, Maybe another year of tanking? I hope not.

Glendale, CA

With few big names in free agency, I think the management are trying to be conservative this summer. With the likes of the Big 3, Anthony, Dirk, Pierce... almost 100% they will not gonna sign in Utah. My guess is they are saving the money so they can shop next summer which it is more realistic than this summer. I like Monroe though, I know he is restricted but I hope they try to make some offer.

Temecula, CA

George's situation is different, but he did prove himself often. Once Hayward shoots more consistently, fans will again appreciate him for his amazing all-around talents. Snyder wants an up-tempo offense with strong defense, and Hayward is a great fit for that scheme. I agree with Americanvet, though, that he should be paid no more than Derrick Favors and Williams is important but shouldn't be overpaid. Gordon, if I was a GM, I'd still take you over George. Good luck this coming season.

south jordan, UT

I agree.....Paul George is in a different league than Gordon Hayward. George is much more of a clutch player as well. Apples and oranges. Being a Jazz fan, I've wanted to see Hayward succeed, he's had moderate success, but he's not a focal point of an offense and he shouldn't be paid like one. You can't blame Ty Corbin for his lack of shooting success (he was 3 for 21 in his last 5 games at the 3 pt. line 30% overall). He's just not a good shooter. I understand its difficult to get free agents here. So, we need to keep our own players. I get that. But, I don't agree with overpaying players in hopes that they'll turn into something that they're not. Signing Hayward to a long-term contract close to Favors or above will be regrettable in my opinion.

West VAlley City, UT

I hope this is a smoke-screen play. Profess to match anything, forcing another interested party in offering as large a pitch as possible, and let them have him.

I hate what Portland did to us regarding Millsap and Matthews. Strong arming us the one year into over-paying for Milsapp, and regurgitating the process with Matthews. If we bluff a little and play some good poker with the chips and cards we've got it makes it more difficult for a team to play us. Make no mistake Portland played us! Don't let Phoenix do the same!

Max money should be reserved for Kobe, LBJ, Durant... but definitely not a guy who has shooting percentages dipping every year, limited athletecism (although he is better than most believe him to be), and lacks the ferocity to be a basketball assassin. Dude is just not elite. How do you give a guy that much money for the results he's produced!

Tokyo, Japan

To be honest...Paul George was overpaid...if you take a look at last year's playoffs...he wasnt as consistent as a big money guy should be...Paul George to me...in my opinion...is an athletic Joe Johnson...i also would not compare Hayward to George...as they simply have different game styles...Hayward is very unselfish and would dish out if he knows that's the better shot to take...but last year he was forced to a role more suitable for a guy like Paul George who likes to score...i just hope they won't overpay...and i hope Hayward realize that a team is willing to make him a part of its future...so i hope he sticks around for a price that is suitable for what he has accomplished these past few years...because honestly...the guy is a player...he knows how to play the game...and he does a lot of things...every team needs a guy like that...

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

Let Hayward go. He is absolutely terrible.

Roosevelt, UT

Hayward seems to have taken shooting lessons from CJ Miles, maybe he should split his paycheck with CJ.

In the recent draft the Jazz were threatening to trade Favors and that was because the Cavs did not want Hayward. To pay him more than Favors is going backwards.

If the Jazz don't bring in better players you may as well just double every players salary on the current team. Better spent than paying Biedrens to sit the bench.

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT


Bountiful, UT

The Jazz had bad timing with this. They signed Al Jefferson with the traded player exemption from trading Carlos Boozer to Chicago. The following February, Deron Williams was traded to the Nets for Favors and the following year's #1 pick, which turned out to be Kanter. For the next two seasons they couldn't move either Jefferson or Millsap because the other teams expected them to and were offering crap for the players.

Same happened when they gave AK the max deal. The next season they signed Boozer and Okur and they were financially stuck for the next four seasons.

Poplar Grove, UT

No, the reason they didn't talk about Hayward in the trade is because he wasn't tradeable. Once the finals have ended your contract rolls to the next year, meaning Hayward is a free agent, and not able to be traded until a new contract is signed.

Bastrop, TX

After reading the comments here, it appears that some folks don't realize that Hayward, while playing out of position, was the focal point of every opponent's defense the entire season. He was double and triple teamed all season long....yet he led the team in scoring, virtually tied for the lead in assists, and led the team in steals...
It's no accident that he was the Jazz player selected to try-out for Team USA. The guy is a basketball player through and through.
The irony in all this is that where Utah fans don't think much of Hayward's talents, the rest of the league does. Brace yourselves, folks. He's going to make a bunch of money somewhere.

Saint Louis, MO

It would appear that Hayward has reached his maximum value and development. Now would be the time to use a "sign and trade" scenario. It is obvious that he wants to move to the Celtics to be with his old college coach.

Jazz Fan in Potsdam
Potsdam, NY

Look, I like Hayward, but he is the 3rd or 4th best player on a good team. That does not equal max money. If Phoenix really wants to pay him that, let them. He had the chance to be the guy last year and showed he couldn't cut it. Reserve that money for Chandler Parsons or Greg Monroe. With 30 million in cap space, you could get both. Hayward is worth 8-10 million per year IMO.

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