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Published: Sunday, June 29 2014 2:50 p.m. MDT

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Payson, UT

This is a nice article about a former Cougar. I hope this does not turn into a debate about BYU's Championship. I don't feel the article is intended for debate but rather that of a man who took full advantage of his college experience and then applied the lesson learned into life. What a fantastic memory for a player knowing that the last game his father watched turned out to be for a National Championship. If we need to debate the 84 title we can just go back to almost any article written in the past month.

Highland, UT


That's a nice sentiment on your part but unfortunately there are utah "fans" like u-pac and chris b that simply will not allow that to happen. We'll hear from both shortly.



Bitter still

Tooele, UT

Good on you, Mr. White. I'm glad you made your father proud on that occasion, and I trust that you've done so ever since. Thanks for the memories!!

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Leon White was one of the greats during the glory days. To those that question the national championship, just remember the team that beat Oklahoma that year in the Orange Bowl and made a 'claim' they were the 84 champions came to Provo in 85. BYU put a 31 to 3 beat down on Washington that day. Didn't hear much of a peep from the Huskies after that game.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Poor U-PAC. Don't we all feel so sorry for him (her?)? Sour grapes must taste great to somepeople!

BYU blue through and through

Don't know if Leon White will read this, but if so:

I was a teenager playing my way through youth football leagues when you played for the Y. That 1984 team was chock full of players I was a fan of, but there were none I enjoyed watching play the game more than you. I tried to model my limited skills after what I saw you do. I also enjoyed following your progress as a pro in the NFL after you days in Provo were done. Thanks for giving me a lot to cheer for through those years - your play on the field never disappointed and all of BYU Nation was privileged to see you in our Cougar Blue.

Gilbert, AZ

There are two iconic trophies representing the ultimate individual and team achievements in major college football - the Heisman Trophy and the Crystal Football National Championship Trophy.

Both trophies are displayed proudly in BYU's Legacy Hall of Fame.

Achievements that u-pac and her jealous friends can only dream of happening on the hill.

btw, despite u-pac's frantic and emotional claims to the contrary, absolutely NOTHING has changed since 1984 in the way the AP poll determines its national champion.

In fact, I challenge u-pac to put her money where her mouth is an explain EXACTLY, with documented proof, what according to her has changed with respect to the AP national champion since 1984.

Stockton, CA

Most people seem to forget that BYU lost one game...their first one in the 1983 season and were 23 in a ROW when they won the National Championship at the end of 1984. They had gone nearly TWO complete seasons without a loss. There was no legitimate argument against BYU as the National Champion. Bryant Gumbel was whining about BYU as NC when one of the other sports commentators on the show asked "Who else could it be?" after pointing out that string of wins. The argument effectively died there. Leon White is justifiably proud of the accomplishments of his team, and justifiably grateful that his father got to see it. We should all be so blessed with such a poignant and precious memory.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"BYU has the trophy". Nuff said. Too bad for u-pac.

Littleton, CO

"The DNews is in business to trumpet favorable, unequivocal LDS/BYU propaganda. Whatever "angle" is their vehicle always promotes BYU/LDS "glory.""

So if DesNews is a propaganda tool for BYU, you have to say the same for the SLTrib and the U of U. Well, apparently it's working for the DesNews, as there is a great deal of interest in BYU sports in this market (majority being in Salt Lake county), with fans of both major universities flocking to its forums. For a market which the pac/utes claim to own, it's interesting that their flagship media outlet (SLTrib) is fighting for its very existence. Hmmmm. I guess ownership of the local market is not so clear cut after all....

Simpe Spectator
St.George, UT

24-17 over an un-ranked team. Greatest win of our lives!! So glad 20 years later we can still brag about it.

Santa Monica, CA

BYU was not the 5th best team in 1984. Maybe not even the 8th best. Simple honest fact. I am happy that circumstances worked out in a way that they could claim the National Championship trophy, but let's face it--I've even heard many, many die hard Cougar fans admit that this is a joke. I've even seen better BYU teams than this. This win over lowly Michigan forced the NCAA to take a hard look at the way that the National Championship is crowned and probably was the basis for undefeated Ute teams (both of which would have mopped the floor with the 84 Cougars) to not be able to play for the National Championship. I'm okay with that, but let's not pretend that this 84 team was something they never were. They were a pretty good BYU team who caught lightning in a bottle with an easy schedule and an incredibly easy opponent in a second tier bowl game. That's it.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Very hot topic for 2 fan bases: Washington Huskies and Utah Utes. Both with lots of jealousy and bitterness. Deal with it.

Go BYU. '84 National Champions!

Dwayne Nielson
Alpine, UT

Simpe spectator 2014 minus 1984 is 30 years, not 20.

Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU was THE MOST DESERVING team to be selected 1984 National Champion as determined by CONSENSUS of ALL FIVE major college football organizations of the day, including the majority of AP and Coaches poll voters.

It's laughable that the haters who whine about BYU 1984 being ranked #1 in both polls, use those exact same rankings to validate their arguments - in other words, the voters were absolutely correct in ranking every other team in the country EXCEPT for BYU.

btw, BYU beat Air Force(8-4) at Air Force, which finished #24 in the final AP poll, HIGHER than Utah's 2004 Fiesta Bowl opponent.

Las Vegas, NV


I can understand your point how BYU winning a national championship in 1984 was a lame duck type national championship. I disagree though I can understand. You have to remember that the national championship in pre-BCS era didn't have the number 1 and number 2 ranked teams pitted against each other except for a handful of times. So if you have to question BYU's national championship in 1984 than you have to question every national champion crowned before 1998 (pre-BCS era) except for the few occasions a number 1 was pitted against a number 2 which hardly happened.

Sandy, UT


There are 4 Officially Sanctioned polls to determine College Football's National Champion.
In 1984, after a 2 year, 24 game winning streak, BYU was voted Number 1 in all four polls...

Coaches.....Waterford Crystal Ball
Writers.....Associated Press
N.F.F.......Macarthur Bowl
F.W.A.A. ...Grantland Rice

BYU is one of only 19 College Programs which has ever been voted National Champions in every "Official" poll in the same year.

In addition, 9 other unofficial polls gave BYU the #1 nod.

All of your jealously and sour grapes will never undo the history books which are there for the ages.

Just as BYU's Hall of Famers and 21 National Award winners, Heisman, Outland's, Walker, Baugh's, and O'Brien trophies etc, are also things which one will never find at Utah's Legacy Closet.

For a real Legacy Hall, containing College Football's most coveted hardware, visit BYU.
Students of the History of College football are Welcome.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


You are correct that the #1 team, didn't play the #2 team often. But no NC team played a team as poor as Michigan (6-6). It wasn't BYU fault, that's just the way it was.

Xert is spot on; even though many don't want to hear it!

Sandy, UT

@ xert

The NCAA did not look at BYU's National Championship at all.

Roy Kramer, head of the Southeastern Conference, created the first illegal cartel i.e. The Bowl Alliance and then the BCS, in order to illegally corner the market on the money. They had to back down a bit when the U.S. Senate held hearings and was about to refer this to the Justice Department with anti-Trust litigation.

This was a result of BYU being baited and then switched upon when they finished 5th in both polls in '96 and were promised either the Orange, Sugar or Fiesta Bowl Game, if they had finished in the Top 6. Lavell Edwards even made the trip to New York.

So you see, without BYU's season in '96 and their mistreatment, Utah, TCU, N. Illinois, Boise St., Hawaii etc. never would have been under the new rules, whereby they all qualified for the phony caste system called the BCS.

You're Welcome!

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