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Published: Thursday, June 26 2014 8:25 p.m. MDT

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There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...absolutely no knowledge...".

Mike Lee indicts the Democrats for the same dog ate my homework excuse.

Yet... Mike Lee feels it is okay to offer the same explanation.

Mike Lee would call someone who played that game a hypocrite.

I would agree with his assessment.

Virginia Beach, VA

Gosh, in the picture, he looks completely innocent . . . kind of a like a young Rush Limbaugh.

There's no way anyone who looks like that could be involved in anything illegal.

Just because Swallow and Shurtleff happen to be Republicans, crooks, and ruthless exploiters who routinely violated the public trust, it doesn't mean Mike Lee is.

. . . I mean, come on, just because he's a Republican and looks kind of like Rush Limbaugh doesn't necessarily make his motives, his ethics, and his morality questionable, does it?

Salt Lake City, UT

This is just another PHONEY scandal........not even a smidgen.....the press sometimes just reports on washington political in fighting, these kinds of stories should never see the light of day....besides it was a video, and what difference does it make?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The left always tells you who they fear.

They see anyone who is a threat to their (horrible!) agenda and they set out to destroy them. The left is very adept at "the politics of personal destruction" and using surrogates to carry out the dirty work so that their candidates can call for polite campaigns while reaping the benefits of dirty tricks.

This allegation from "...left-leaning Alliance for a Better Utah..." will eventually be proven false, but meanwhile they get millions of dollars in free anti-conservative publicity by news media "reporting a story."
This is the same sort of despicable trick that Senator Reid pulled on Mitt Romney repeating a baseless and anonymous rumor that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes,

And the same as the endless allegations filed against Sarah Palin (not a single one of which had any merit) but every one requiring her to respond and run up huge legal fees, and smearing her political future.

The same sort of breathless reporting on baseless and dismissed politically motivated attacks on successful Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a great potential Presidential candidate.

We need "loser pays" to stop these abuses!

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Oh boy. Let the "games" begin. EVERY candidate should be investigated for this exact same thing. Let's not limit it to Constitution-loving conservatives.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Which company was involved in short sale of Lee's home?

Which campaign contributor purchased Lee's home?

Which campaign contributor purchased a home and leased it to Lee?

Was the lease agreement at market value ?

I would be interested in more information rather than the last paragraph of the article

Sandy, UT

That translates from Utah Politician to English as:
" The ONLY reason I broke campign contribution laws is because I never thought anyone would find out."

Virginia Beach, VA

So, should I be more worried about Mike Lee or the endless scandals coming from the Obama Administration? Who should I fear more Mike Lee or Barack Obama?

one old man
Ogden, UT

That's okay. Mike has no knowledge anyhow.

Roosevelt, UT

Senator Lee who was in trouble financially does not know and has no knowledge of someone giving his campaign $50,000....lets see how that one rates.

ding ding ding...I bet he tells great fishing stories too.

one old man
Ogden, UT

So, should I be more worried about Mike Lee or the endless scandals coming from the Utah Republican Party, such as the previous two Attorney Generals and countless other smelly situations? Who should I fear more Mike Lee or the Utah GOP in general?

Kearns, UT

People short sell houses all the time. Why is it our business?

If we are worried about 50K for Lee, how about the literally billions that came from "bundlers" that were contributed to Obama's campaigns? My guess if you did a forensic audit of anyone in a high profile office campaign contributions, and followed them to the source, you'd find this happens with everyone's campaign.

The way to solve it? Remove the petty restrictions on contributions from individuals. If I have the money and want do give money to a candidate, then I should be allowed regardless of the amount.

Layton, UT

Knowing Mike.... I believe Mike. Thank you for your service Senator Lee.

slc, ut

I find it difficult if not impossible to be lectured about fiscal responsibility by the like of Senator Lee.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

DN Subscriber, unless you work for the IRS, you have NO idea if Mitt Romney paid his taxes or if he even owed taxes. As you will recall, he initially refused to disclose his income tax returns at all, and only later released one year's worth.

I can understand that many people like Mike Lee and want to believe that all his dealings have been honest. Many people do admirable things and it's easy to assume they are good and honorable in all their dealings. But when money or power are involved, all too many of them have feet of clay. Blindly insisting that this can't be true (because you admired and trusted this man), is sticking your head in the sand.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Flashback, saying that "everybody does it", is a) not true, and b) puts you on record as supporting the best government that money can buy. Is that your intention?

Bradleyc, I'm sure you know people whose spouse was cheating, and when they found irrefutable evidence, they still refused to believe it, because they "knew" the spouse wouldn't lie to them.

Anyone who voted for the government shutdown, or hangs around those who engineered it, is not "serving" the people. Anybody who badmouths Obamacare but doesn't have an alternative that will work (like Romneycare--oops, they're the same thing), should forego his own health insurance and see what it's like to have to live that way.

Sandy, UT


"Service?" WHAT service? Obstructing? Serving his own religious beliefs over the needs of the country? For being a horrible example of fiscal responsibility in the form of student loans and a hefty mortgage simply ignored?
If the people of Utah can't see past his myriad inadequacies as a public servant and figure, perhaps this investigation will expose him beyond a shadow of a doubt, and paint him in true colors. I do not feel optimistic for his chances of skating past this (and possibly other) misdeed.

James E
Tooele, UT

"Legally, ignorance can be a defense. As far as publicly, as far as professionally, as far as the citizens of Utah are concerned, it's not a defense because he's ultimately responsible," Holyoak said.

Translation - "...we know this will never lead to any legal repercussions, but we also know conservatives hate corruption (unlike Dem voters who think it's cool) so we'll do 6-degrees of separation to suppress his base, whether or not Lee actually knew."

Don't fall for this political operative trying to smear an actual hero of the republic.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

What do these scandals say about the intelligence of Utah voters?

By what percentage did Mike Lee win the election?

By what percentage did John Swallow win the election?

By what percentage did Mark Shurtlift win the election?

Yes Utah voters view each candidate and vote for the most qualified and best suited candidate.



"Legally, ignorance can be a defense. As far as publicly, as far as professionally, as far as the citizens of Utah are concerned, it's not a defense because he's ultimately responsible," Holyoak said.

Unless it is a Democrat, and then it is "Innocent until proven guilty." Which translated means "the process to determine actual guilt is so lengthy that everyone will forget about it by the time the person is actually found guilty."

This is nothing but an attempted smear of a good man trying to do something good. The evidence of this is that the comments that support Holyoak are the same commentators who hate all things conservative, moral and religious.

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