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Published: Thursday, June 26 2014 11:20 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

I LOVE this pick - nice job Jazz!

This kid will bring in (back) a lot of fans. I for one am excited to see him play.

Tokyo, Japan

I didnt understand the pick...knowing the fact that...Exum wanted to play for the Lakers...i dont know...i just have this sick feeling that he wont be with utah after his rookie contract

Provo/USA, UT

Another PG!!! He's a kid, another player we are going to have to wait on to see if he is going to be any good. We needed a Center or Power Forward this is just another sign that Jazz ownership really doesn't care about who the put out on the floor. It seems like we have good coach now that Corbin is gone!!!. Noah Vonleh is Still on the board Just Saying..... As along time Jazz fan I'm sick of seeing the Jazz being stupid with their picks. Although the guy that is in Charge of the Jazz now built the San Antonio Spurs and they just won another title their 5th in 15 years so hopefully he knows something that we don't.

Temecula, CA

Fantastic potential. long and quick, very young, very unproven, this is an intriguing, possibly astute pick. I think that the Jazz were thinking Embiid, Gordon, then Exum, but who knows, this kid could turn out to be an awesome NBA player. Barring an injury, he won't play much this coming year, so let's see who the Jazz go for next.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Easy choice.

The best player available. You don't draft need in the top 5....you take the best player available and many predicted Exum would not be available when we made our #5 selection.

Trey Burke better step up his game last year vs this year or he may be out of here. Trey struggled with length and getting inside. The Jazz got this year what they wanted last year.

Should be interesting.

Edogg Washington
Washington, UT

Ya. He was projected to be a game changer but I'm having second thoughts. If I was going point guard, Smart would have been my guy. I just have a gut wrenching feeling about this pick. I think Trey could mop the floor with this guy.

Edogg Washington
Washington, UT

In defense of Jazz management, I was upset at the picks before Exum, and the picks after. I just wanted all the top 8 to come give a go at Utah. Make a decision then. The draft is a crap shoot no matter how you look at it. Sometimes your lucky, most of the time your not.

Tokyo, Japan

@Edogg Washinton

I dont think Trey Burke could mop the floor with Exum...i mean...trey burke couldnt finish against NBA bigs...and Exum is a huge question mark...sort of like Enes Kanter...i guess we are drafting unknowns...for an unknown future...i dunno...im sitting here..not knowing if i am happy about it...or not...but i have faith in Lindsey...and i want him to at least build his team i'll give it a shot....the GM of the pistons...assembled the bad boys for 10 years...San Antonio lucked out on the draft...they got Duncan...and a returning david robinson...plus...they got great scouts...getting manu and parker...and stealing kawhi....to be honest...i thought we would get kawhi rather than burks...but...im still good with burks...but with the Exum pick...Burks might be thinking he'll be the 6th man again...

Salt Lake, UT

why didn't we pick Julius Randle??? We don't even know if Exum can play.

Morgan, UT

Well this Utah Jazz draft pick can be defined by many different words, I know which one I would chose, which one would you?
Sneaky, Sly, Risky, Well informed, Great Potential, Smart, Forward Thinkings, Creditiable or my choice...Not again!!!


Great pick! ESPN kept reporting that the Lakers were going to get Exum. Truth is, we need him a whole lot more. This kid could really be special.

Welcome to Jazz Nation, Dante!

Morgan, UT


And you know this kid could really be special...and you know this, how?

Colorado Springs, CO

Great pick Jazz. This kid showed up at the combine and Jazz scouted the U19 games last year where Exum shined. He can play the 1 or 2 but I believe the Jazz will play him alongside Burke. Bring Burks off the bench or play these 2 side by side with Exum at the 1. Any way you slice it burke, burks, and Exum make the Jazz guards dangerous.

Hood was a steal at 23. Most experts had him in the mid teens. This guy can shoot and was only 2nd to Parker on Duke. Finally a shooter for the Jazz. He is a significant upgrade and he should backup Hayward if Hayward sticks around. Add a big in free agency and the Jazz are instantly a better team. Exum could be very special. Some have said the next Kobe or Mcgrady. I'll take either!

Tokyo, Japan


i dont think Exum is here for the longhaul...im pretty sure he'll just finish his rookie contract...he didnt even attend his supposed scheduled workout here...i think Exum is a big risk...when he played against the likes of Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton on the Under 19 tournament...he only scored 7 pts in 15 mins of play against team USA...though i heard comparisons of a young Penny Hardaway...we simply just dont have enough game footage to determine that...plus the quality of the players he played against...one thing that i recall watching clips from draftexpress...is that...he dribbles mostly on his right...finishes with his right...and passes with his right...im still not sold on the pick...we could've traded down...and drafted vonleh...and PJ Hairston...

Morgan, UT

I am rethinking my remarks about our pick, It finally dawned on me that the Jazz are looking to move up higher in the lottery draft pick next year...they are looking to add to their ping pong ball total for a better chance at number one.

My bad.

Midland, TX

Exum pick was risky, but it's hard to deny his athleticism and upside. I would rather the jazz had drafted a big at #5 like Vonleh or Randle, because Favors needs help with interior defense. We just don't know how long Exum will take to develop and the Jazz rebuilding just keeps getting extended. Hood was a good pick up at #23. I think he still is improving his game and should end up being a strong back up or starter in his career. Definitely he will provide some nice depth and improve shooting, since Hayward may or may not be there. I would have loved to have gotten Napier at 23 as well though. Lebron may be right that Napier will end up being the best PG in the draft. I would have taken Vonleh with Hood/Napier. Now we just need to get some bigs in free agency and some toughness defensive minded players.

Krispy Zadoosh
Salt Lake, UT

If only the Jazz had got your opinion before the draft.

Platte City, MO

I can't believe some of the comments I am reading! Great draft for the Jazz! I am excited about the potential of both of these picks. Listen, the Jazz management has access to information that we are not. They are not stupid...there is a reason they are making a living doing this and we are all out here writing about it. I trust them and am excited about what is to come with this Jazz team in the future. GO JAZZ!!!!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The Jazz continue to amaze.

The Jazz just drafted Kobe and Kawhi...


Salt Lake City, UT

I am so stoked for this pick! I don't get how anyone who follows basketball could not love this pick for Utah. The Jazz need a superstar and Exum was the only player available who has super star and not just all star potential.

And getting Hood and 23 makes this a perfect draft for Utah!

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