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Published: Wednesday, June 25 2014 7:25 p.m. MDT

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2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

PAC 12 media day!

Doesn't get old. Happy to be with prestigious other schools playing in the second best conference in the nation.

You don't get better by playing WAC schedules like our two brothers!

Las Vegas, NV

Interesting that Travis Wilson is not a captain, hope this means Thompson gets a real shot, don't get me wrong....I'm a TW fan, but I'm hoping Thompson is the real deal.

So PAC-12 media days are in late July, when most of college football is meeting, especially teams from major conferences. That is great planning with the season just a month away. People are focused on football then and are excited for the upcoming season. Can't for the life of me understand why Provo would have their media day in the middle of June? That is odd, really odd, 2.5 months out from the opener odd. Who is paying attention then? Not many, but at least Coach Bronco had time to get his blonde highlights in time for the appearance.

Magna, UT

Football Captains are not selected until Fall Camp. Travis will most likely be voted in one of the Captain positions. PAC 12 Media day is usually reserved for 1 Offensive and 1 Defensive Senior on the team. Wilson is a Junior this year. Anderson and Orchard are Seniors, and they are who Coach Whittingham selected to go with him to Media Days.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Happy that our brothers really think we are prestegous too as we root for them when they play their bowl games because we have good fun watching them!

Go Utes!

Why, AZ

I am happy that my team can go to bowl games and win them.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Nice of the Whittingham's and other u fans to join KISS in a University of Miami shout out photo op

Magna, UT

@Christine B. Hedgefog

The University of Miami "Shout Out" is completely different than the Utes "Shout Out" that uses both hands joined at the thumbs, with only the 2 index fingers pointing up, with the other 3 fingers pointing down.

The University of Miami "Shout Out" uses one hand (or both) with the index finger and little finger pointing up, with the 2 middle fingers pointing down.

Do a Google search about this and you will see that what I have posted here is correct information


I'm excited to watch Orchard again this year. He's a beast.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

to Christine B. Hedgefog & positivethinker

Regardless of what is done in Coral Gables, here, Austin, Eugene, etc... Ridiculous hand gestures such as these need to stop.

They are to sports what wearing flip flops to work is.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Mister J "They are to sports what wearing flip flops to work is."

What then would you call T-shirts with boastful slogans or uniforms with corny names on them?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Mister J - I couldn't agree more. Even as a die hard Ute, I think the silly U hand sign is ridiculous. I feel like I'm back in Boy Scouts 30 years ago making dumb hand signs at scout camp. I'll scream and yell and stand all game long, but I refuse to do the embarrassing "U" sign.

Las Vegas, NV

Mister J

I would love to wear flip flops to work - that would be AWESOME!

Las Vegas, NV

It's a big break-out year for Dres! Top of the PAC!

Go Utes!!

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

to Stringer Bell

Like Band of Brothers and/or Quest for perfection?

to Chris B

Agreed. Lets save the silly gang signs for Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, & the other misfits from Coral Gables.

Louisville, KY

There is nothing wrong with flashing the U! It is a college sports tradition to have these types of gestures.
You have the Gator Chomp, Hook'em Horns, Tomahawk Chop, the "L" for Louisville etc.
Can you really call yourself a fan if you don't have some sort of tradition?
Are you also against the 3rd Down Jump?
Are you also against naming the student section?

I think there should be a five dollar fine for whining on these boards, and the best commenter would get the pot. That would be a great tradition to start...

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Christine "Nice of the Whittingham's and other u fans to join KISS in a University of Miami shout out photo op"

One university was founded in 1850 and the other, 75 years later in 1925. In addition, one school's name actually begins with a "U". Who would you say owns the right to the "U" shout out? Hint: the one founded in 1850 that begins with a "U". Nice try.

Las Vegas, NV

Stringer Bell:

In addition, the block U was built on Mount Van Cott in 1907 - years before Miami was founded. Miami didn't have the split u logo until 1973, some 7 decades after the block U was built. A little knowledge goes a long way!

Go Utes!

Highland, UT

@vegas ute and stringer bell

And yet it was Miami fans that orginated the finger u sign and it was utah "fans" that copied them.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

2013 Ute Seniors... Didn't you get the memo? Not every team in the PAC is BCS caliber. Some would be average WAC competition.

But then everybody who reads your posts knows that you will obfuscate things like that to make the sun shine a little brighter for the utes.

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