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Published: Wednesday, June 25 2014 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Ivins, UT

I think the LDS Church has every right to make rules for its members, and its members should obey the rules or leave the Church. However, the Church has no right to make rules for people who do not believe in the LDS faith. What a huge violation of separation of Church and State for the LDS Church to try to interfere with secular law.

Portland, Oregon

The 12th Article of Faith states: "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law."

Let the courts rule as they will; a civil marriage is not a Temple Marriage and never will be. It is nothing more than a contract between two persons and is binding only in this lifetime.

The laws of man, however, cannot command the Elders of the Church to seal that which cannot be sealed. While men and their capricious laws might make a mockery of sacred institutions and ordinances, only those who obey the Lord will receive his blessings.

San Diego, CA

Once again the rich white male leaders have spoken... however this time we won't just shut up and blindly obey. This is going to become a trend as the church lurches forward into the new millenium.

Salem, ut

Will homosexuals sue the local Bishop and the Church when he will not marry them? I suspect so. What is going to happen when the Church changes policy and only seals couples in the Temple? Are there going to be law suits of discrimination for that, too? I would not be surprised.

This is a real mess for sure but, when we go against the eternal morality of God, it is what we get.

So sad for all sides.

Kaysville, UT

There is no demeaning or degrading in the belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman. That is a belief much like your belief as you stated. If the belief of marriage is only between a man and a woman then your tirade is also demeaning and degrading to my personal and religious belief. You stated you are exactly how God intended you to be. I disagree. God placed you here to become more than what you are. Your statement basically says you have zero choice in who you are. That would be contrary not only to God but to Maslow and Jung.


Eagle 78 -

The "normalization" of the gay lifestyle through the media and entertainment does affect my life. Being unable to watch a tv show or movie without at least one character being gay, or school cirriculum which teaches that this lifestyle is not only normal and acceptable, but something to be celebrated are all just as much an attack on my beliefs as you claim the LDS Church has made on yours.

Why do your beliefs matter more than mine?

Christ said:

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)

"And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me."
(Matthew 10:38)

Doesn't sound to me like the "love and accept everyone" Jesus that so many think exists...

Helendale, CA

"Man's law cannot make moral that which God has declared to be immoral." Of course, for those who choose not to believe in God or who put their own personal desires above God's law, they couldn't care less what God says. It's, "I want the right to do what I want to do when I want to do it, where I want to, and with whom I want to." That is the secularism sweeping our nation.

Brian Utley
Freedom, IN

What is this "traditional" stuff? Traditions change. It happens all the time. Mormons should know this as well as anybody; because with them it happens almost every general conference (as far as I can tell). Now folks are in the embrace of creating some new "traditions." What's wrong with that? To me, playing the "tradition" card in this marriage argument is like trying to play with a deck with five aces...or, if you're somebody that only uses Rook cards, a deck with chartreuse as the fifth or wild suit.

Blue Collar
Huntington, UT

Marriage is a man and a woman. That is what marriage is. Nothing can ever change that. You can have sex with who ever and what ever you want in today's world, but true marriage is a man and a woman, a Mom and a Dad. And nothing will ever compare to what a Man and a Woman bring to the table, Never!

Here, UT

RedWings says:

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)

You can think of us as the sword perhaps.

Has it occurred to you that we can't watch tv without every show being about heterosexuals? I consider it a blessing when I get to see a show that has even one gay character. The problem is that they're still portrayed in the usual stereotypes. I consider it a real blessing when that gay character is portrayed as a regular person.

Why do your beliefs matter more than mine (such that you get to enact them into law as to deny me the benefits you enjoy)?


Did it ever occur to you that you're religious beliefs to "get what I want, etc."?

Dan Taylor
Keyser, WV

So i guess if a bunch of people want to start a movement where they can go anywhere naked that should be allowed to. I mean isn't it against their rights to make them put clothes on their bodies. What it they feel freer and epecially in hot and humid areas where it adds even more temperature to their bodies. The gay agenda is no different than the one I just discribed. It is about peoples rights is it not? Someone going to the mall naked doesn't effect anyone else and their families. Or does it? What if they say not letting them do that is infringing on their civil rights. I know you can say there are places where they can go that allow that, but what if they just want to have the same privaleges as everyone else and go to the local Mall or grocery store? Bottom line is: You can't justify wrong behavior by playing the "rights" card.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

@RedWings When your belief teaches you to segregate people that don't meet your ideal or to remove compassion and inclusion from school curriculum then a sane person would start to question those beliefs. I'm not sure what your point is with Math 10:34 but if you think Jesus was advocating killing people that didn't believe in him I think you have it wrong.

Los Angeles, CA

We're dealing with Civil Marriage here. What any religion believes is the will of God has nothing to do with this. These laws affect people who don't belong to the same church you do. No religion will be forced to marry any couple they don't want to, but there are religions who do want to sanction gay marriages--what about their religious freedoms.

Phoenix, AZ

"The judge did his job, as he is supposed to do."

The judge erred. Even the Supreme Court has been known to err from time to time. They are, after all, human.

If homosexuals can marry, others who love each other, such as father/daughter should also be allowed to marry. Same with siblings. Same with polygamists. Apparently, other types of marriage combinations that can be conjured are disgusting to the judge. There is no logical excuse for others who love each other to not be able to enjoy married life just like homosexuals.

"Unlike with same-sex marriage, there are legally valid reasons to limit marriage involving close relatives, etc."

'Legally valid' is no excuse to prohibit marriage for those who love each other. At least that's what homosexuals are telling us.

Los Angeles, CA

Redwings--nondiscrimination policies don't and have never pertained to Churches. This is simply a scare tactic.

Los Angeles, CA

Tyler D, there is a difference. The majority of Americans now support gay marriage, this was never the case with abortion. Even most young religious people support gay marriage or don't care about it.

Miss Piggie
Phoenix, AZ

"One step closer to marriage equality for all citizens of every state. A happy day."

Agreed. And the next steps will be to legalize polygamy, siblings marriages, close relative (such as first cousins or aunt/niece). Cant wait to marry my grandfather (who is still married to my grandmother). There's now no reason to block these types of marriages. The 14th Amendment's Due Process and Equal Protection clauses dictate such. Finally, the courts have seen the light and have moved the country away from discrimination in marriage. Happy day!

The next step? Eliminate marriage altogether.

Medical Lake, Washington

@RFLASH, I very much appreciate your view point and your apparent determination to treat everyone with civility and tolerance.

With that, I remind us all that the LDS church, along with it ongoing stance against gay marriage continues to encourage this same type of civility towards everyone; even those who do not share our view points.

It is interesting how those advocating same sex marriage are often insistent that anyone who disagrees with them are hate filled, homophobic bigots. By my own personal view point which I share completely with the LDS church leadership, I shall continue to advocate traditional marriage, to resist same sex marriage - but through peaceful means and with mutual respect and common courtesy for all involved.

Springville, US-UT


You don't have to agree with same-sex marriage. You don't have to like it. That is completely your right. What isn't your right is to try and wield the law as a weapon to help you discriminate against others. Gay people isn't something you want to see on tv/movie? Change the channel.

Telling someone that they are a lesser human compared to you because you disagree with their lifestyle is wrong.

Also, please don't quote scripture like it some how bolsters your point. Not everyone believes what you do, and for many people those words are meaningless. You could quote Lord of the Rings and it would have the same impact in our eyes.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

It amazes me how people will still quote the Bible in their argument against gay marriage and gay sexual activity. Don't they know that everyone's already heard all those biblical quotes, again and again and again? And that if they were going to accept them as "God's Word," they would have done so by now? Do these posters really think that someone who's for gay marriage and gay sexual activity will read *their* posting and suddenly cry, "Oh, I've been wrong! I repent! Please forgive me, God!"

As to those people who are annoyed-to-outraged at the comparison of gay civil rights with African-American civil rights, the comparison is valid as to *principle*, not as to "degree of suffering." (Though God knows, gays have suffered deeply too.)

Anyone who believes in Mormon doctrine is free to join the Mormon Church. Anyone who believes in the validity of same-gender loving relationships is free to support gay marriage. It's a free country. End of story.

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