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Published: Wednesday, June 25 2014 4:10 p.m. MDT

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east of utah
Saint Joseph, MO

Any relationship to Anson Winder of BYU?

East Coast Ute
Storrs, CT

east of utah, his first cousin, from what I've gathered.

Springville, UT

I really enjoy your comments. sounds like you really do your homework before you comment. I too am excited about the upcoming season. Where in the top ten in the nation would you put your money on the Utes finishing this year ?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

A McDonald's All-American is joining the Utes as a walk-on? Man, Larry K can recruit!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow. And things were looking bright before this kid commit.

No reason we can't be dancing next season. And I look forward to the challenge.

Gooo Utes!

Las Vegas, NV

Sporting News came out with it's 2014/2015 preseason rankings. Utah is 21. Considering what Coach K inherited, what he has done with the team in three short years and the strength of schedule for this season, that is high praise indeed!!

Love it!

Go Utes!

East Coast Ute
Storrs, CT

This is nice, and a fun addition to the story of the rivalry for when the Utes go to BYU, but realistically he doesn't project to be playing much. He's a walk on playing behind two seasoned veterans in Taylor and Wright, and another promising combo guard in Ogbe. If he plays at all, it is likely to be a few minutes here and there like what Van Dyke got last year. Still, a welcome addition to the team, and a quality player for practice at the very least. Welcome aboard, young man, and good luck.

Salt Lake, UT

@VegasUte: don't be too excited now.
Only 2 Pac-12 teams on the preseason ranking:
#1 AZ and #25 Oregon

Utah will make the top 25 by December.
Mark my words!

let's roll

Best of luck to this young man on the court and in school at the U.

BTW, there were over 400 McDonald's All-American Nominees in 2013, the 24 that played in the All-American game were selected from those 400+ nominees. Winder was one of 13 players from Nevada nominated that year (there were 9 nominated from the state of Utah). He was not selected as a McDonald's All-American.

Highland, UT


"A McDonald's All-American is joining the Utes as a walk-on? Man, Larry K can recruit!"

Nope. You probably need to re-read the article.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Seems like a pretty solid pick up, especially for a walk-on. Good luck, and congratulations to Winder

Richmond, VA


It's ok man, no big deal! To some, if you're an All American nominee, you ARE considered an All American! Time will tell if he plays like one indeed! Meantime, let's allow their fans to bask in the thrill of adding another quality player on their roster. I can't wait to see them come to the Huntsman Center. I've been hearing a lot about how they're going to defeat the Cougars again this year, and in fact that worries me a bit. With Mika missing from the line up, I don't really know if we can match up with them. Hoping for a different outcome though than last year.

Good luck to the Utes in all their games except against our Cougars!

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

He will really help us win Carroll College!

Go Utes!

Highland, UT


But he isn't a McDonalds All American. I wasn't commenting on whether or not he is a quality player as I really don't know but a McDonalds All American he isn't. But it isn't about the player anyway, it is about another utah "fan" who is always commenting about, and running down, BYU and its fans making a false statement and deserving to have it pointed out.

Utah, We want our money back
PAC Country, CA

To all the "We're #1" ute fans, the article says he is a nominee only. I am sure that there are thousands of them out there. Get your facts straight and please remember that you you have road games that actually count in your w-l record and we all know how that turns out.

Las Vegas, NV

Utah, thank you for giving us our money's worth:

"To all the "We're #1" ute fans" - that would be Chris B. "Get your facts straight"

Thanks for dropping by!

Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV


I won't be too excited until we start winning our road games. I know the preseason rankings mean nothing, I just like the idea that Coach K is getting the recognition he deserves for turning the program around. I have much more optimism this year than any other year since the Majerus days, but that optimism is tempered. I do believe in Coach K, even if this year is not a huge break-out year.

Go Utes!!

Salt Lake, UT


Good point...Utah needs to start winning road games.
I'm confident they will.
This is the first season since the last year of Bogut...that I
really look forward to the start...

Ogden, UT

How is a McDonald's All-American nominee a walk-on? Something doesn't seem right here. Did he experience some kind of injury after being a nominee or was he not eligible due to grades/ACT score etc?

Don't get me wrong, as a Ute fan I'm happy to have him, but that's strange that he'd be a walk-on.

Highland, UT


I don't know that it is strange. Being a great HS basketball player does not always transfer to being a top college prospect, much like being a great college player does not always transfer to being a great professional prospect. Let me give you an example I personally know of.

Back in 1984 there was a HS basketball player at my HS (Provo HS) named David Houtz. He was a great HS basketball player and in fact wasn't just a Mcdonald's All American nominee he was an actual McDonalds All American. He was a big man for HS basketball 6'6" with a good build but he was too short to be a college big man and not athletic enough (ie quick, jump high, ball handler, outside shooter) to be a guard in college so he didn't get much major college interest, just JC interest. I'm not sure but I don't think he ever played college basketball. But he was a McDonalds All American and a great HS player.

I don't know if Winder will be good or not but I hope that helps answer your question.

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