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Published: Tuesday, June 24 2014 6:35 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Be strong, O Albion! Stay true, noble Alta! Ski only, now and forevermore!!!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

This is an open-and-shut case. First, snowboarders are not a protected class (like race, religion, gender, etc.). Second, there is a long precedent of access being restricted on certain modes of travel on public lands (Forest Service trails with restrictions on horse travel, mountain bikes, ATV's, etc. are common). Third, Alta's lease effectively means the public land becomes private during ski season - that's why they're allowed to charge "admission" and police the area with a private police force (ski patrol).

Seldom Seen Smith
Orcutt, CA

If my grandmother can learn how to snowboard, these guys can learn how to ski. On the other hand, she was born pre victim mentality.

Salt Lake City, UT

If these people get to bring their snowboards, I want to be allowed my sledding disk on the hills. How about an ATV! Downhill ATVing is really fun and I feel heavily put out that Alta is so bigoted that they refuse admission to my disks and tractor.

Such a waste of tax dollars.

Upstate, NY

This will go into the law school curriculum as a the prime example of a frivolous law suit -- if they are really serious about this. On the other hand, it could be a spoof. It is difficult to tell.

Layton, UT

And I should be constitutionally protected if I want to take my shovel to my neighbor's yard...

Lehi, UT

The snow boarders should go and find another slippery slope somewhere else. There are plenty in Utah. If Alta was forced to allow it, then the price should be set at $850 a day. If it is such a big issue these people should be willing to pay plus it will offset the frivolous law suit expenses that Alta has incurred. As some wise person once said, "In the last days, spoiled brats will attempt to appear at Alta on snow boards." or something like that.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

But we are entitled -- that's what our society teaches us now!

Logan, UT

I love everyone's opinions! Especially "if my grandma can learn to snowboard..." True but funny! I think law suits are out of hand. Everyone sue's for everything and anything. There is actually a law that prohibits "Frivolous" lawsuits, but these judges keep letting the lawyors get away with them. Such as the older woman who sued Mcdonalds because the coffee was hot... ummm am I the only one that doesn't know coffee is hot? My favorite is the man who put his winnebago on cruise control and went in the back to fix something to eat. And when he crashed he sued the manufacturer because it did not say you couldn't do that. I think we need to re examine our judicial system and stop the madness!

midvale guy

This is just another symptom of what a ridiculous world we live in. If someone or some business does not give me exactly what I want then they are being discriminatory or even worse, bigoted. Everyone should have the right to choose who they do business with and if someone disagrees with them then feel free to boycott them. You cannot force people to do business with me, why should consumers expect the force businesses to do business with them if it's not the best interest of their customer base. The self-centered perspective of things like this are the downfall of our society.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that the boarders may have a point if they can make the case that they are intellectually impaired to the point that they are unable to master the rudiments of skiing.

This from a guy who has never skied or boarded, but wished he'd tried boarding when his knees were more flexible.

Give it up dudes, life is full of disappointment.

Kearns, UT

By rule, a catcher in baseball (boy or girl) has to wear a protective cup. Should those that don't want to wear such a piece of equipment be allowed to sue because they feel discriminated against? Why not?

These guys should just give it up. One of the many reasons that I really dislike snowboarders.

Niskayuna, NY

This is lawsuit abuse.It's absurd and should be dismissed, in fact it should never have been filed.

Weston Jurney
West Jordan, UT

I'm gonna sue that vegetarian restaurant that won't serve me a steak!

St George, UT

But if the 14th Amendment must require equal protection for -everyone- than this should be perfectly okay, right? Oh, is it not right if it's on private property? So are you saying that a gay married couple can be not married on private property too.

What about forcing Utah to accept marijuana to be legal here? Equal Protection, right?

You see, using the 14th Amendment like this is a huge slippery slope. Stay tuned to see these kind of lawsuits all over the place. If Gay Marriage must be legal under the 14th, so can everything else.


Since we sre now legally protecting other behaviors (homosexuality), it will only be a matter of time before our friends on the left pick up the cause of this latest oppressed group and march forth into "full equality" with those bigoted skiers.

Don't worry, boarders, society just hasn't "evolved" on the issue yet. Give us time....

Sioux City, IA

As was stated previously concerning photographers and bakers, "If you open a business for the Public you cannot refuse to do business with them". This is very similar to those situations. The ski slope is open to the Public so it doesn't matter that I have only one wide ski and no poles; you must allow me on the slopes.

Utah Valley Guy
Springville, UT

In the old days, we could fix areas where the Constitution was broken and resulted in absurd outcomes under the rule of law we all lived by, even judges and the President.

Now, the executive and judicial branches have become laws unto themselves and no longer abide by rule of law, and We the People are so politically divided as to be helpless to restore sanity.

So you get absurd lawsuits like this, where private businesses are no longer free to pursue their own best interests without having a lawyer nearby. Our "free enterprise" system needs to be renamed...

Todd Mcmahon
Madison, WI

The Forest Service has made Trails just for hiking. It also has trails specifically for mountain biking. They have lakes where no motors on boats are allowed, thereby being a trails for motorless watercraft. There are jeep trails, snowmobile trails, XC skiing trails and ATV Trails. So what's wrong with a trail just for downhill skiing? Absolutely nothing. Conversely, if snowboards want a place on forest land where they can snowboard without skiers, that's fine, too

Highland, UT

This is hilarious!

See......?! This is just another one of the "slippery slopes" (pun intended) that is brought about by such fervid advocates of SSM! (sarcasm intended)

Actually, it is a sad state of affairs that this really is so much like the SSM debate. Snowboarders and skiiers are not the same and never will be. Yes, there are bi-snow-skiiers, I'm sure. Stop your whining and be what you want without trying to force change on the way things are and have always been. Ski slopes are for skiers. Marriage is for heterosexual couples. Snow boarders are free to snow board on snowboard slopes. You're not missing anything that happens on the ski slopes. Snowboard away, and be happy!!

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