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Published: Tuesday, June 24 2014 6:15 p.m. MDT

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David Mohr
Victoria/BC/Canada, 00

She strikes me as someone who has decided to play hockey but refuses to use the established rules. That then raises the question of why she wants to play the game in the first place. Women has not only access to priesthood power but have used the priesthood power throughout the history of the church. Watch the movie "17 Miracles", written by a man, produced by a man and showing women using the power of the priesthood. The power is there to be used. Ordination does not change the fact that women and men share the priesthood. Ordination simply gives me a specific set of duties to perform as laid out by the Saviour. It is unfortunate that she persists in telling the church how things need to be and that she continues to do this through the media - especially when the media has never been the ruling body of the church but of society - assuming they are a ruling body.

Lafayette, IN

…and that would be why she was excommunicated. :-(

Murray, UT

@David Mohr

Objectively, she has a point. The case rests on whether Emma Smith was granted the priesthood by her husband. If that happened, then subsequent refusal to grant women the priesthood is a sign that divine channels may not be so clear. If she was not given the priesthood, then a sincere effort should be made by the church to set the record straight and confront the historicity to the contrary.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wish she would give it a rest. She's been disingenuous at best and duplicitous at worst about how she has been treated by the church. They've been extremely patient with her.

If she truly had a testimony like she claims she does, she wouldn't have gone out of her way to repeatedly and consistently drag the image of the church through the mud. Challenging the first presidency on a core doctrinal issue is obviously grounds for excommunication.

Besides, I would be legitimately stunned if she couldn't see the irony in trying to undermine the very authority she wants so badly.

west jordan, ut

I find it interesting that she states "She also told reporters Tuesday that her bishop and his counselors believe she will not go to heaven". She has no evidence that this was indeed what they stated and that the letter only states what is necessary to once again recieve the blessings of full membership. The LDS church does not preach such doctrine nor will they condone it. Sure, no once can say for sure whether or not it was stated so, let's just keep it to the facts. She will be the only one to make comments on this matter (her opinion along with the letter), the church and it's leadership will not over turn any appeal she makes. It is sad when believers waver from the fundamental values that have never changed for thousands of years. Today's society wants the change but the LDS church does not cave into society.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

"They took away my membership but they can't take away my testimony." No you turned away from your testimony by repeatedly rebelling against the council of your local leaders.

Manti, UT

So it begins, the dance with the devil so to speak. Ms Kelly is about to find out what it is like not to have the companionship of the Holy Spirit in her life. She will find out that things which she thinks are absolutely true are only the words of the adversary who now has complete access to her. She has defiled her temple covenants, and, through pride, she refused to listen to the counsel of her Church leaders. It is very obvious that she has already begun to twist things among which is that she said that her bishop told her she can't go to heaven. She knows better, yet she seeks more and more media attention at the expense of the Church. She is on a path from which there is no return if she keeps doing what she is doing. I hope that the others who are following her will realize that they have been deceived and become useful members of the Church once again. This is not a plea for answer to "hard questions" as she so flagrantly flaunted. This is out and out rebellion against a doctrine of the Church.

Springville, UT

Is anyone surprised, I'm not surprised.

And down the merry 'road' she will go to kick against the church and the leadership she proclaims to love and wants to be.

It's laughable and sad at the same time.

Cedar City, UT

Its like watching a movie you have never seen before, but you still know what is going to happen next.

Kuna, ID

There's a trend in these actions.


I wonder which part of Mormonism she actually believes in?

It seems to me that Mormonism is something that you can't just accept "part" of. Sure, many Mormons don't do everything they should be doing, but how many of them campaign for abolishment of the "word of wisdom" for instance?

Mormons believe they have a prophet on earth, ergo - anything the church does is condoned/sanctioned/dictated by THAT prophet. NOT political whimsy.

She should start her own church. However I don't think she really wants that, rather I think she wants a continuing forum where she can rant!

In other words - how can she say the church is "true" - while at the same time saying its' not?

Hockey Fan
Miles City, MT

She appears to have drawn her own line in the sand, and her decision places her outside of the Church. That's called agency.


As a non member this is interesting to me in the fact that Joesph Smith had personal revelation and a personal testimony of Jesus, which started the whole church. Now flash forward to the present time and the same behavior is frowned upon, so much so that you are excommunicated.

It did also seem that the accusers were too close to the situation and it should have been handled by people not involved at all.

I understand the church needs to protect its dogma, just seems like this had multiple outcomes but this one was forced.

Light and Liberty
St. George/Washington, UT

No doubt Ordain Women will be endorsing and espousing a whole host of 'truths' to amuse us in the years to come!

Bountiful, UT

From the beginning she has been angling for church headquarters involvement. She has twisted the truth, stating her local leaders refused to engage her in discussion on this matter. Rather than engage local leaders at a disciplinary council, she organized a vigil outside church headquarters. This has not been about "hard questions" or a search for answers. It has always been about trying to force either change or embarassment on church leadership. She's not stupid. She knew how this was going to end.

Here's the part I don't get; When you don't believe in the doctrine, why try to change an entire religion instead of just moving on?

Shelley, ID

As LDS I understand that the authority and power to act in the name of Christ comes from Christ. And He it is who calls his administrators. I do not feel deprived in any way not to hold priesthood office, authority or power because I recognize that I still receive all the blessings, mercies and power of the keys of the priesthood - as all do. A priesthood leader's faith and behavior regarding the awesome nature of responsibilities in the service of the Lord is reflected in the ability to exercise the priesthood.

I am grateful for so many worthy priesthood holders who are a great example to me, a recipient of those blessings and I have the same responsibility of faith and behavior to receive them. I also recognize that personal revelation from God requires that same faith and action for all, without office or station. I recall the story of Rebecca who asked God in faith for information concerning her unborn and the specific direction she received concerning them. That faith in God and in His direction is priceless.


The actions by the church indicate there is no room for personal opinion in the church, at least not opinions that are openly expressed.

Many of the past prophets (Such as Joseph F Smith) have had much of what they said now is considered opinion of a man of his times.

What is the difference? I'm genuinely interested.

dallas, TX

"They can take away my membership, but not my testimony..." Hmmm. Obviously she is not talking about the testimony that the church led by a Prophet of God, or that the fullness of the gospel is on the earth, or that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and leads it through His Prophets and Apostles.

This woman is either very confused or is an expert in manipulation and rationalization. She thinks asking "tough questions" equates to calling on the Prophet to change doctrine. She thinks that "faith building" is claiming that women should have the priesthood, which is contrary to the teaching of the church, which in turn suggests the brethren are NOT acting under the direction of God.

If her testimony is premised on the notion that the brethren aren't acting in accordance with God's will, what exactly does she have a testimony of????? I don't mean to judge, but she really seems like she just wants attention. And thus concludes my rant....

American Fork, UT

Nor should she. The church has the right to be as arcane and backward as it wants and chooses to be. It also has the right to punt her if she won't play by their rules. The church, on the other hand, has no right to expect she will go away or that their actions and doctrines will go unexamined.


They took away my membership but they can't take away my testimony."

Testimony? WHAT testimony? Testimony of what, exactly? Certainly not of the Priesthood. Certainly not of divine revelation, of the calling of the General Authorities as prophets, seers, and revelators, of the temple endowment, or of pretty much anything else that allows one to call oneself a believing, faithful member of the Church.

Also, her understanding of doctrine, as illustrated by her final comment, is ATROCIOUS. Wow. This woman literally knows nothing about the Plan of Salvation or the Gospel of Jesus Christ, let alone having a testimony, if she even knows what one is.

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