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Published: Monday, June 23 2014 9:20 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Sign and trade Hayward, #5, and #23 in exchange for Jarrett Jack and #1.

Burley, ID

I sure hope this isn't true. I don't want to see Favors and/or Burks get traded even if the Jazz could get Wiggins.

Waltham, MA

@Thriller and Desnews, Please quit posting you want to trade hayward for picks in the draft. Hayward is a restricted free agent and the Jazz can't even talk to him until July 1 about being with the Jazz, let alone trade him (he is not under contract...). And no, they can't work out a deal to do it after they sign him, that is dishonest and against league rules and will get the Jazz fined.
Favors and Alec is too much. Favors, and #5 and a future pick (I would restrict it to not be top 6), is okay, but not Favors and Burks. too much. Seems like a good deal for Cleveland to get #5, #23 and Favors to give us #1. If we could get wiggins or jabari seems hard for us but we have to stretch to get that legit franchise player/star. I love Favors and would be sad to see him go, but I'm glad the Jazz are at least offering this, weather or not the other team accepts it.

Layton, UT

We want Parker!

Pocatello, ID

If the Jazz feel that Wiggins or Parker are franchise type players, then they should do whatever they need to in order to make it happen. Favors has multiple all-star potential, and Burk a solid but never better than a 3rd option. That is absolutely a trade to make. I will be disappointed if the Jazz don't pull the trigger at that because the feel the price is too high.

Orem, UT

Let's see what really happens, this may all be a distraction. I don't believe that the Jazz will give what Cleveland really wants and so this becomes nothing more than interesting talk. I think the Jazz are covering up something and allowing this trade talk to dominate the airwaves. Just be patient, Jazz fans. This could be all smoke and mirrors.

provo, UT

obviously there are pros and cons to this trade scenario. first of all, losing players like favors and burks who are two of our most promising prospects is a gamble. both of these players have shown a lot of improvement and potential, but more importantly have seemed to have found a home in salt lake. picking up a player like andrew wiggins is enticing, but at what price? sure he has made statements like, "i will be a star wherever i go." but how long does that mentality last? could we potentially have another d-will falling out? I think that if we are to give up two core players along with a #5 draft pick we need to make sure that the guy we are investing in isnt just a great player, but somebody who will be committed to a small market team long term. in today's game it is easy for players to have limited perspective and get fed up with a small market team that has years of rebuilding left to do.

Tokyo, Japan

i hope they dont do this....this kind of stories...makes people become not loyal to the club...especially when you think about burks' contract next season...i would rather trade...Enes Kanter and the 5th Pick...and leave it at that...nothing more nothing less...Favors is a key Cog for us defensively in the middle...and Alec Burks is an all-star waiting to happen...

Ivins, UT

Favors Burks and the 5th pick are too much for Wiggins or Parker. Favors is getting better every year and the team has him locked up for 4 more years. One of Corbin's biggest blunders was not playing Burks enough. Hopefully Quinn Snyder will rectify that situation and Burks will get enough minutes to show how great he is. I would actually rather trade Favors than Burks and expect right now that Burks has the most potential on this team to be an all star.

Temecula, CA

I don't want Favors traded...he's just too valuable. And, if Favors and Burks are traded, that might be it for me as a Jazz fan. As I've said before, if they decide to move Kanter, I would probably be supportive.

Madison, WI

It's going to take a long time to rebuild if we keep developing our young talent, and then trade them before they peak for even younger guys.

South Jordan, UT

One thing I loved about Kevin O'Connor is that he never seemed desperate and so he usually came out pretty good with his deals. Lindsey has never seemed anything except desperate so I believe he ends up paying a premium for each move he makes.

IN all honesty, I think this draft is about six players deep for what the Jazz should be looking for. I think they could be very happy with Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, Exum, Vonleh, or Gordon. So why would the Jazz give up so many assets to target Wiggins above all the others? Is he really worth Favors, Vonleh, and Burks? He couldn't even carry his college team to the championship even though they had as much talent as anybody in the country. What makes the Jazz think he can carry an NBA team to the promised land?

There must be things we aren't seeing as fans. Perhaps the Jazz are really close to getting Tomic in the fold so they can spare a center (Favors). Or maybe there is some buyer's remorse that they overpaid for Favors with last years contract. Who knows? As Coleman said, let's wait and see.

St Louis, MO

Andrew Wiggins is far from can't-miss superstar. Teams seem drunk on his athleticism, and at worst he seems like he'll have a long, solid career, but the hype machine is writing checks he'll be hard-pressed to cash. The kind of trade the Jazz are apparently considering is something you do for a clear-cut alpha dog. Whiff on a trade like that and you set yourself back five years, at least.

West Jordan, UT

Defensively, to me that would be a mistake to trade Favors. As shown last year, defense wins games and Parkers defensive skills are not the best. Favors was the bright spot defensively for the Jazz. If you want to offer up someone, offer up Kanter as he was a revolving door at times. Dennis Lindsey knows what he is doing so until after the 5th pick on Thursday, this is all speculation.

Remember people! The jazz have assets to obtain free agents as well possibly so I would not be surprised to see something else occur.

If I were Parker, with the LDS population here, I would not want the pressure.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

Favors is not as good as some people think. Let him and Hayward leave. The Jazz will be better off without either one.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

I suspect they will end up with Joel Embid since no one else wants him.

Sandy, UT

This is making me crazy! Are we going to keep on rebuilding forever because we let go those we have been rebuilding on and think there "might" be somebody better out there? We want a player loyal to the Jazz, but is the Jazz loyal to its players? I realize changes need to be made for various reasons, but please not Favors or Burks. They are forming a good solid base from which to grow. Even with the fifth pick, the Jazz have several good prospects to select from and develop along with our core group. It takes the time it takes, but don't start all over again from scratch. Oh well, whatever.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Throw in Greg Miller and now the Jazz have the makings of a decent trade.

Springville, utah

If they trade Favors, I surely do hope they get rid Lindsey!!! On the other hand, it would give us a chance to watch yet another of the Jazz players he has traded play in the post season.

St Louis, MO

"Let him and Hayward leave. The Jazz will be better off without either one."

And replace them with who?? The phrase "let them leave" sounds like you should eventually let them both walk as free agents with no compensation at all. While they obviously have plenty of improving to do, they're both young enough to get considerably better, especially if the team around them improves. Neither are likely true franchise guys, but how many players are?

I'd love to hear realistic alternatives for replacing them . . emphasis on the word "realistic."

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