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Published: Monday, June 23 2014 4:10 p.m. MDT

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Mission Viejo, CA

I'm planning on being at UConn game. Should be a blowout, but then UVa should have been a blowout. Too bad the UConn game is so early, October in New England is gorgeous. I really do like independence and don't care a bit about NC. Only 21 or so teams have won an NC since 1970 (AC NC that is). BYU is one of them.

That'll have to do for a while. I'm ok with that.

Mcallen, TX

Glad for Independence, and I also don't care for NC.

There are plenty of good teams to play as it is.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not going to directly blame the weather for the UVa loss either. I would blame a call to pass toward the end of the game with the lead in inclement weather when the smart thing would have been to rely on our excellent defense that had been shutting the opponent down the entire game.

Springville, utah

Go fast go hard--go fast go hard-- go fast go hard--PUNT.

casper, WY

At least Anae didn't blame the weather for the Virginia loss. After all If memory serves...Virginia played on the same field in the same weather. They had the same conditions and the same lengthy delays. Blaming the weather is a stupid copout. So nice to see Mr. Anae recognizes that it wasn't the weather. But why didn't he take credit for the loss. Because that loss was all Brad Anae. The pass call was stupid. Punt the ball. Let the defense do its thing. Leave with a win. And but for the insane rugby shuffle pass that he called, the Utah came may well have been a win. So maybe BYU will have a nice season. Offense looks better. Taysom claims he has been working on his timing and touch. Hope so. Defensive secondary looks great. Defensive front could be really good. But the good will come only if the team can overcome Anae's inept play calling. He is the single biggest problem on the team.

Syracuse, UT

Forget everything else.....just win Baby!

Danbury, CT

Anae is the reason we lost at U Va last year - a boneheaded pass play to the flat deep in our opponent's territory on third and long. Who calls those plays??

As much as I love BYU football, I will not have optimism until Anae is gone. We should go after an OC that knows how to leverage BYU's strengths and doesn't go for gimmicky offenses (like we had last year).

Krispy Zadoosh
Salt Lake, UT

@upac. The utes should be on their 7th oc in 7 years by then.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Mission Viejo, CA
I'm planning on being at UConn game. Should be a blowout


Actually, I'm counting it as a loss for BYU. You should also. Your team is notorious for starting 1-2, but it could be 0-3 this year.

Conn is better than Virginia was, and you couldn't even beat them.

Bountiful, UT

I like the enthusiasm and the intent to open up the playbook and put pressure on the defense. I'm hesitant to set any expectations for this coming season and will wait and see if he can deliver on his promises.

Lindon, UT


I lol when I read your post, not because I believed it, but pictured Mr. Magoo out there trying to see what was going on and instructing the Ute cheerleaders on the next play to be run. Most funny post I have read in a long time.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

72coug12, who is Brad Anae?

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Go fast, go hard. Go fast, go hard. KICK-OFF!

newhall, CA

As long as BYU believes Hill is their man behind center they will never go far. He can't throw. He is a scrambling QB and that's that. Look at his accuracy last year...horrible. He can run but he sure can't throw. I would make him a scat back, a running back or a receiver. Had the ball to someone else who can be a deep threat long-ball thrower. Anae is a good guy, but the wrong man for the job. I look for BYU to beat the patsies but struggle against all of the powerhouses. I wouldn't be surprised if Texas blows them out of the stadium, it will be ugly. Revenge is such sweet sorrow.

Alpine, UT

@ U-PAC:

Funny you should mention Mr. MaGoo. At the rate the Utes are going through offensive coordinators, he may be the only one left to choose from before long.

And as far as Utah beating the Y., it's obvious to most knowledgeable pundits that their luck has finally run out with those single-score, less-yardage wins. Hence, Utah's decision to cancel the games with BYU for the next few years. Smart move. Trouble is, they've got to come back to the table sometime. And then the payback will begin.

Draper, UT

How about, "Score lots of points!" I think that's a good idea. No one cares if you run an offensive play every 19 seconds. Scoring points is like cash for a business. No cash, no business. No points, no wins.

Would love to see some actual creativity in the offense. Would love to see the day again where the fans could believe the Cougars can come back like they used to do under Lavell. If BYU is down 10 points, at least for the past few years, you can pretty much count on a loss. Hope it turns this year.

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