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Published: Monday, June 23 2014 3:40 p.m. MDT

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Kings Court
Alpine, UT

I like how the letter says a disciplinary council was held on your "behalf" as if it was a nice thing being done for your benefit.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

She knew exactly how this would end. So did we. So did all church leaders. Goodbye Kelly, we wish you the best in overcoming your struggles.

common sense in Idaho
Pocatello, id

That is a letter full of love and respect for a valued sister in the gospel. Just my humble opinion. His admonition to continue to pray, attend church and read the scriptures bodes well for Sister Kelley if she will just do so. No hint of condemnation or persecution. Very impressed with the letter and its intent. Now will Sister Kelley humbly accept the counsel of inspired church leaders?


I can't believe her membership was stripped from her via an email. Whether you agree with the decision or not, that is disrespectful to her and what membership in the church stands for.

Cedar Hills, UT

The Bishop and other leaders sound very understanding and according to the letter reached out to Mrs. Kelly in an attempt to help her mend her ways and return to full fellowship.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Kings Court

It was done for her benefit. Who wants to be a member of a church that doesn't agree with something that is (apparently) a cornerstone of her life? Now she doesn't have to renounce her membership.

Ogden, UT

Rad33, they wanted to reschedule with her. This would have been decided in person had she gone to her own disciplinary council. Sounds to me that is the main reason they told her by email. She didn't even care enough to show up to her own council.

Ogden, UT

Kings court, have you been in a disciplinary council? I know leaders take it very seriously and have to show love towards person and protect the doctrine of the church. She didn't even care enough to show up to her own council.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Brave Sir Robin
"Now she doesn't have to renounce her membership."

If she wanted to leave she would've just done that.

Cedar Hills, UT


She was invited to the disciplinary council meeting. They offered to reschedule the meeting if she was willing to go. They even offered to video-conference the meeting so she could present her views. In summary, they bent over backwards for her and in the end they were left with emails and letters because she refused the options that were offered.

Again, this manifests concern on the part of the disciplinary council. I see nothing in this decision to criticize.

Riverton, UT


What part of "I wish you had taken advantage of my offer to arrange a secure video link where we could have talked face to face or my offer to reschedule the council to a date when you could have attended in person" makes you think this could have been done in any other way?

BTW, it was sent via email and certified mail.

Orem, UT


Mrs. Kelley declined to attend the invitation to speak with her in person. Which is more disrespectful?

Herriman, UT

Pretty simple.

Salt Lake City, UT


If she truly cared about her membership or the outcome of the council, she would have re-scheduled or agreed to a video conference. She had plenty of options, yet she still chose to spurn her bishop.

Blue AZ Cougar
Chandler, AZ

I'm glad the local bishop put some of those things in the letter, probably knowing that the letter would be publicly released. Getting his perspective on the matter is important because it sheds light on how disingenuous KK and the OW movement have been. I've gone to their website and they certainly are selective in what they post (both in terms of scripture, quotes of general authorities, and even this excommunication letter received by KK). There are several half-truths and misquotes on their website. I've tried submitting a respectful profile as to why I believe we should not ordain women, but they have not posted it after repeated requests.

I hope other members can see how damaging KK's and OW's agenda has been, and how it has not strengthened faith but destroyed it. They have done damage by slandering the church leadership and, in carefully crafted words, discounted the role of our dear prophet and the Quorum of the 12. I also hope that the church leadership can continue a respectful dialogue as to how we can utilize the talents and insights of our sisters more fully. They are needed and wanted. We love them.

Provo, UT

So basically she was excommunicated for preaching false doctrine and trying to draw others after her. She was, in a word, excommunicated for Priestcraft, (setting herself up as a light to the world) rather than getting the Priesthood.

Tis truly a sad state of affairs. The letter was sent by email and also certified mail, and it certainly sounds like the Bishop tried to be very fair towards her. She was just on a path that led to apostasy, and never deviated.

Lethbridge, 00

@Blue AZ Cougar

Thanks for such a great comment. I very much agree.

Newport Beach, CA

As much as these proceedings may be couched in language of love, the power beneath is plain. The fact is that in a disciplinary council for "apostasy," the court has the power to take away something the other person values -- and uses it as leverage to compel the other person to obey.

Maybe this was necessary. But let's not pretend this is something other than what it is. The apostolic Church wanted Sister Kelly to stop doing something. It could not persuade her, so it compelled her.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

I am sad for Ms. Kelly. I support the bishopric and their decision. I believe they approach this with the greatest of care and prayer. I hope that Ms. Kelly will find her way.


Sadly, Sister Kelly, said that she loves the gospel but seems to me that she doesn't understand the gospel. Because of that she has mistaken the doctrine of the church. I think at this time she should refer to Elder Bednar's talk "Bear up Their Burdens with Ease." In this talk he mentions that sometimes the load will help you to move forward. I wish the best for her and I will keep her in my prayers hoping she can find her way to the truth and repent of her actions.

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