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Kate Kelly's 'conduct contrary to the laws and order of the church,' bishop says

Published: Monday, June 23 2014 2:20 p.m. MDT

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Blue AZ Cougar
Chandler, AZ

I feel sorry for Kate Kelly, I really do. I don't believe her Ordain Women movement was correct in its approach or interpretation of certain passages in the scriptures, but I don't find joy in knowing that she has repeatedly gone against the church in this regard and has been excommunicated. Perhaps her original intent (several months ago) was just a question, but it has certainly evolved to more than that over the past year. I hope she finds her way back, I really do.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


She came with demands not questions. When those demands weren't met, she tried to embarrass the church by going Jason Chaffetz with every camera she could find.

The Mormon church need not cave to pressure from some uncivil people. The church has a right to have a doctrine and to stick with it. They shouldn't ever be held at ransom.

Let this be a lesson to others who desire to overrule those called to receive revelation for the church. No matter how loud you are, how popular you become, and how many cameras you seek out, you cannot overrule the church's inspired leadership.

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

With all of the deep issues she has with the church, I wonder why she hasn't just moved on before it came to this point. I think there is room to grow when it comes to issues involving women and the church. But eventually one runs into the fact that Jesus Christ is male. If the church is too patriarchal, and you believe that no man can understand, teach, or help you, how can a male Savior help you? That seems to be the end result of anyone who has issues with male leadership in the church that runs as deep as the OW group.

The fact is that most people in the church, male and female, will never be in positions of authority. Bishops can be jerks to both sexes. Most members are just people, hopefully trying to be kind and improve their lives.

Anyway, I wish the best for Kate Kelly and her group. But it does seem to me that she would be best in another religion, given the level of issue that she takes with the current church.

Pittsburgh, PA

We should be careful when we take a minor issue we may have in the Church and mistake it for the whole. Even when we get that far most of us are willing to take correction. Very sad.

Provo, UT

Totally not surprising. She tried to steady the ark. Repeatedly. Again I ask: What, exactly, was she thinking? The Priesthood has been exclusively male for 7,000 years. What made her think that she was going to change that? r that God had suddenly changed His mind.... and she was the vehicle in which He chose to do so? That's kind of... hubris?

If she thinks she was privileged to get revelation for the entire church that the prophet did not, well, she's welcome to start her own church. But that's apostasy from the LDS church, and no question about it.

If she didn't get a revelation.... then what on earth was she thinking? Especially after Elder Oaks' talk?

I'm sorry she brought this on herself, but her attitudes and actions could only lead to this. So be it. I hope she comes back like William W. Clayton did.

Ft Thomas, KY

It has always seemed to me that Ms. Kelly and her followers have chosen (perhaps without even fully realizing it) to center their lives on feminism instead of Jesus Christ and His Church.
Ms. Kelly is now at a place in her life where 'two roads diverge in a yellow wood', she can choose to repent and come back to Christ and His Church or she can continue to stubbornly stay centered on feminism. I hope she comes back.

liberty or ...?
Ogden, UT

No surprise, teach against the doctrine of a church and attempt to use media an public pressure to alter its beliefs and you will be excommunicated. Apparanlty she forgot her reccomend questions. She has the free will to believe what she wants but that does not make it doctrinaly correct or acceptable. I wish her well. Another example of someone who let pride kill her testimony. And for her defenders it is okay to have diverse opinions on church issues an doctrine but if you truly do ascribe belief in this church and its teachings then you accept some stances on how policy and doctrine is established in this church and the source it comes from. It would be good for members to re-visit Brigham Youngs statement in the Kirtland Temple in defending Joseph Smith from some members who believed they could do a similair thing and u-surp the defined channels and keys god revelaed through the prophets you might also revisit 2nd peter 1:20-21

Woods Cross, UT

I also feel sorry for Kate Kelly in that she has lost her church membership and all of the blessings that have been and could have been hers. It's not wrong to question, but after you have been given an answer, as hard as it is to take sometimes, you need to let it go. After reading the letter she wrote to her bishop she left them no choice. If the church means as much to her as she says it does she will repent and work her way back. "The natural man is an enemy to God and has been since the fall"

Columbus, OH

I find the title of this article troubling. It places the emphasis on the bishop rather than Kelly, who left the church, who did not even show up for the meeting. I anticipate that most if not all of the media will communicate this event as something that was done to Kelly rather than something she did to herself. I hope she comes back too.


Not a suprise, given her open defiance to requests to stop the open demonstrations, etc.

Typically, a letter is written to the subject of the counsel listing their restrictions, and counsel as they move toward returning to membership. I am sure we will get to read this letter once Ms. Kelly releases it to the press.

I am sure this will help Ms. Kelly advance her career as an equal rights activist as well.

Syracuse/Davis, UT

I am grateful they ex-communicated Kate. This puts her in a position where she can decide to come back to the church, or continue to fight the church. It is her choice. I'm very grateful for the choice the Bishopric made and feel that it was inspired.

Vernal, UT

I wholeheartedly oppose OW in everything they are trying to accomplish in the Church. I believe that if God intended for women to hold the priesthood He would have given it to Eve along with Adam. I would be glad to bring Kate Kelly back into the Church, but only if she repents of her sins and forsakes these foolish and nonsensical ideas.

Kuna, ID

Here's the crazy thing. If that was her only issue, why put your. Membership and commitments to our Heavenly Father behind?
The church must of not meant that much to her.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Let's be honest: When you start down a road like this, you know excommunication lies at the end of it. This is probably the least shocking thing that's ever happened in her life.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

She's not surprised how this played out
I'm not surprised how this played out
Church leaders aren't surprised how this played out

Goodbye Kelly. Good luck to you in your struggles.

mayan elephant
bountiful, UT

I too am sorry for Kate Kelly. This must be a painful and disappointing chapter in her life. I hope her efforts move the LDS church forward to a point where women are equally represented in the Corporation of the President of the LDS Church, the Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS Church and hopefully a to-be created Corporation of the Relief Society of the LDS Church. I hope that women and girls are equally represented in the things like a disciplinary action. I hope that girls are equally represented in the budget for girls camps versus scout camps. I hope that women and girls are allowed to advance in their lives and in the Church through promotions that are equal to boys. I hope that women can confess and confide in other women, including confessions or interviews for the temple or other cultural and doctrinal activities. I disagree that sharing the priesthood equals equality. I do not think sameness is essential. I hope for equality, and maybe Kelly moved that conversation forward. Kindnesses to her.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder what we'd call a company that categorically refused to hire/promote women to top leadership positions. Would we use the same terminology that we'd use to call a church that doesn't have female clergy/priesthood, or something different? If something different, why?

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

How about if now the media now MOVES ON?

This article WILL be the last I read about on "her plight".

Religion isn't like politics where, if you can convince enough folks, you CAN have your way.

She's manipulating the media!

Judith D.
Los Angeles, CA

It seems to me that Mrs. Kelly received what she desired: attention. She will continue to receive attention for a little while longer, and then she'll have time to contemplate her actions.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

All she did was ask. Nothing wrong with asking. They bullying of her parents was a horrible thing. There really is no discourse in this organization.

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