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Published: Sunday, June 22 2014 10:20 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Is being "true to [your] authentic self" something that Latter-day Saints should strive for? What does that even mean, anyway? And what do you do if your "authentic self" is leading you to raise opposition and dissatisfaction against the church you profess to love?

Personally, I think it is more important to be true to The Lord and his church than to be true to oneself. I recall a line from C.S. Lewis' novel, The Great Divorce, where nearly all the souls who choose hell over Heaven say, "At least we were true to ourselves."

Suburbs of SLC
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Some 1,000 letters were forwarded to Kelly's bishop by individual members of the church expressing the ways in which Ordain Women had either strengthened their testimonies or helped them feel safe in an environment in which they no longer felt safe. So I would not be so quick to say she has caused harm to herself or others. For many, she has been a great comfort.

Moreover, when someone has made it clear they are an active, believing member of the church, I would hope church leaders would be very slow to remove them, even if they dislike something they have done. If you don't like what she stands for, seek to persuade her of the fallacy of her actions - and do so with love and long-suffering, as the D&C commands. Even those who think she is wrong should acknowledge that nothing about this has been handled with love, and it certainly hasn't been handled with long-suffering.

Murray, UT

Ignore it, she wants an audience.

Montesano, WA

This is what boggles my mind. If I were unhappy with a organization that I was a part of and disagreed with. That made me unhappy why would I want to belong to it? This person seams to me to be very unhappy with the church and want it to change to fit her ideas. Sorry that is not how things work. Want to belong to a organization? you agree to the rules set forth. the same is true to the doctrine of the church. don't agree to it your welcome to leave. you have your free will. there are many other churches out there that will fit your ideology.

Salt Lake, UT

I wonder if Kelly has looked into the Community of Christ (formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). That church has ordained women since 1984 and women apostles since 1998. Perhaps that church would be a better fit for her and her band of followers.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

This whole situation bothers me. I find Kate Kelly's statements disingenuous and her organization's militancy off-putting. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to hold priesthood if that priesthood would be subject to the whims of every fringe group who comes knocking. But if it's true that no one with ecclesiastical stewardship over her has sat down with her to hear her out and try to feel her pain, that seems like a failure on the part of her leaders. And the fact that her leaders didn't initiate any disciplinary action until after she moved away casts doubt on the fairness and legitimacy of the process. The whole situation is harmful to the church as a whole and to individual members, whether they were involved with Ordain Women or not. Everybody loses here.

Cedar City, UT

Part of being in the Church is accepting (even as a male) that you are not ordained to whatever office you feel is owed you.

mountain man
Salt Lake City, UT

As i read her 4 page epistle to her bishop i was touched by her fond memories of growing up in the church.
I did not get the impression that she really believes in the church. It seemed like a letter saying goodbye to that chapter in her life.
I dont mind your questions but i do mind your tactics. I hope if your are excommunicated that you can leave this behind and not try to be a martyre. But my instincts tell me otherwise.

Danbury, CT

I have the exact same problem with Kate and some of her followers that they claim to have with leaders in the church - respect for differing ideas and opinions. I am adamant on treating everyone with respect and believe women have absolutely as much intellect and capability as men (more so in my case!). But I have been sorely disappointed by the lack of respect and dignity that some of her followers have begun to heap on anyone who disagrees with them. We've gone from intelligent discussion to ridicule of a wide variety of church talks, articles, points in the leadership manuals, etc. I hear them say one thing about "respect" and then acting in quite another.

And it's quite disingenuous to act like the LDS church is the only organization on the planet that asks dissent building people to leave. You can blog and write letters to the CEO all you want. But with most corporations if you set up your own rules of engagement, org chart, leadership and sales team and start selling their products a different way outside of the established protocol, they will fire you.

Somewhere in Time, UT

She is clearly determined to push the Church to the point that they have no choice but to excommunicate her. She claims she wants an answer. She has been given an answer. She also claims she won't be happy until she gets ordained. Since that's not going to happen, she will obviously never be happy inside the Church. She needs to find a church that agrees with her and makes decisions based on political pressure NOT the will of God.

I'm sorry for her and her family that she has made choices that have placed her in this situation. In the end she will find no happiness or comfort from it.

Orem, UT

The irony is that if the Church changed and ordained women, many including myself would lose faith. It would prove the Church to be more of a social club than run by God.

Mchenry, IL

I do not understand. I thought the church was about personal revelation? I don't believe she is doing it for notoriety. The whole reason there is a LDS church is a 14 year old boy could not wrap his head around the current churches and practices of his day. There is a difference in publicly stating the LDS ordains women and asking the LDS to ordain women. I don't see a harm for the second.

On the other hand perhaps she should change her affiliation to Community of Christ? Same scriptures, different practice in this regard.

Bradley jennings
Glendora, CA

If anyone is at odds with the LDS church, they are at odds with God.

I truly believe that!

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

KK: Please start your own church already.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Apparently she has little understanding of church doctrine and how the lord reveals his will through a prophet.We are free to believe what we want but when someone begins to push their agenda and recruit others to their apostate ideas they are on the road to apostasy and will be held accountable through a disciplinary council and her membership in the church may be terminated.I hope she can realize that the church is not run or decisions made by the number of protests organized.Those who support her may well find themselves on the road to apostasy if they continue to defend her actions and advocate her belief in public.

cohoes, NY

Is this the beginning of another Mormon splinter sect?

South Jordan, UT

She already knows what the decision will be. Neither man nor woman can change God's law no matter how much they want it to happen. These disciplinary courts are of love and compassion. Thanks to the Deseret News for the great article on June 21st, "How LDS Church Disciplinary Councils Work to Improve Lives."

Her request is a demand. God will not be mocked. Too bad she couldn't make an appearance since this seems to be so important to her.

Tuffy Parker: Thanks for your strong words. I agree completely!

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

I have been to her website.
She has clearly lost her way. She is demanding the priesthood...then in the next sentence asking the prophet to pray about it.
What makes her think he hasn't?
She (along with the rest of us) HAS been given an answer. Elder Oaks detailed it quite nicely in the April Priesthood Session, broadcast in real time to the world.
There have been other talks and articles given to explain the position of the Lord's Church on women and the priesthood.
She wants it her way. She is convinced that the Brethren aren't listening. She cannot accept that she already has her answer.

Murray, UT

@Tuffy Parker

Harm? She's trying to mix things up for a church corporation that already peaked. The issue now has national attention and deserves more than a simple gloss over and could be used as a platform to further modernize the church. We've seen a revision of the reason behind why blacks couldn't hold the priesthood. Why not "consult" with God and see if progressive women can likewise hold the priesthood and reap the benefits?

Cinci Man

It's so easy to see Sonja Johnson all over again. I sincerely hope that the brethren involved in this counsel will be able to render a decision that is inspired of God that considers the salvation of souls, the protection of the victims of her movement, and protects the integrity of the Church. Contrary to what many believe, I know that this process will be carried out with the highest level of Christ-like love for all. There will be no vengeance. There will be no malice. Ms. Kelly has demonstrated her disregard for the very priesthood she seeks. How sad and telling is that? One cannot read the stores of early church members who sought to impose their personal agenda on the direction of the church without seeing many parallels in the OW movement. I'm so grateful for church members leaders who see this what what it is. I'm truly sad when the path of repentance and humility are not embraced by members of Christ's Church. We all need those principles in our lives. But pride can place such a huge barrier upon us.

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