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Published: Thursday, June 19 2014 1:55 p.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

Any plans for a football stadium? I had heard rumors that UVU wanted to field a football team.

West Jordan, UT

Don't know if it has changed. But President Holland said that he would rather be the different school in Utah offering opportunities to other excellent athletes the chance to perform. (i.e. Wrestling)


No football. But they are getting a soccer team this fall. Just saw commercial during the World Cup for it. UVU will be the only division 1 NCAA soccer team in Utah. Pretty cool for them!

Provo, ut

Will this help encourage a causeway across the lake?

Orem, UT

I live near Vineyard and am really excited to see this area blossom! The Geneva Steel site has been an eyesore for so long and it's good that something's finally happening.

Having said that, we desperately need, on the Geneva Road side of I-15, a grocery store (yes, admittedly a very annoying First World problem)! I hate driving to the Orem Walmart. It's such a waste of time waiting 15 minutes for the lights to change over I-15! To further compound my annoyance is that this Walmart is crazy busy 24 hours a day! My anxiety level seems to rise three notches every time I shop there. To help my anxiety level I tend to drive up Center St to Target or even further to the Lindon Walmart. This seems silly if all I need is a gallon of milk.

A movie theater is fine and the new Subway has helped, but a grocery store would make all the difference. I have visions of me riding my bike to get the said gallon of milk. It is a wonderful dream...

Herriman, UT

I have heard over and over again the the digital revolution/advances in technology would make land purchases of this nature a waste of money, since we don't need buildings. No textbooks and classrooms. Just servers. Am I missing something here?

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Will the occupants of this super fund site glow in the dark?

Utah, UT

I truly hope this IS NOT for a football stadium. So tired of the 'college is all about sports' mentality. Let's hope UVU goes in a direction of strong academics instead.

It would be phenomenal to have a strong technology department to help develop our own silicon 'utah' valley.

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