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Published: Tuesday, June 24 2014 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

Thanks, Copacetic... but seriously, LeBron can stay right where he is for all I care, especially if the heat cramps him up. He'd be nonfunctional outside today in Phx, that's for sure. So as for him with the Suns: Fuggedaboudit. As for him with the Jazz: A hundred times fuggedaboudit. As for the "humor," sorry, Copa, bud, gotta be real about this, but it'd never even occur to me to write a silly pointless letter like this one. I mean, why even start? Why LeBron in Utah? Kinda like LeBron on Mars? But looks like Nate's gotta fill space on a slow news day and apparently he's hilarious, somehow. So, at least the DN gets a few chuckles from some readers and a handful of comments out of it all. Guess it works for somebody. Just not me.

Alpine, UT

@ Logan:

I believe the list that the Utah Jazz is on for LeBron James is somewhere in his "Top-30 Not-so-Short List".
And that's a fact... even though he wasn't available to personally talk to.!

Lindon, UT

It would never happen, but we can dream, can't we. LOL

Washington, Utah

Great piece. Thanks

Washington, Utah

And phoenix we want lebron not kevin shoots 30 shots a night durant.

San Mateo, CA

Ok. I will take up @Picardy on the challenge! :)

Dear King James,
What is the fun in being a lowly King? Here is your chance of becoming an emperor. Yes, come to the Jazz and win with no princely sidekicks and you will be named Emperor James henceforth. Think about it. Your name starts with J and so does our team! If that isn't destiny I do not know what is. Just say yes, and we will even fire our new coach. You could practice when you wish and call what plays you want on the court. (*Pssst* call your own number every time). We will have promotions like a free taco for every basket, pizza for every block and a dozen Dunkin Donuts for every dunk you make! Your contributions will be fueling our economy.
There is no need for "The decision", just come over and like the life of an Emperor as a JJ or Jazzy James.

King Black
Paso Robles, CA


Only thing is Utah went to the Western Conference Finals when they had a healthy Boozer Memo and especially a healthy AK and D-Will, just that they lost to SA the same team Lebron lost to in the finals, that year.

Utah Valley Guy
Springville, UT

If I were looking to persuade LeBron, I'd have to include a bit about how coming to Utah would not only cement his legacy, but rehabilitate his image - and would certainly NOT suggest that he repeat the PR disaster. By LeBron going to a small market team, especially Utah, he would forever shed the false notion that LeBron is all about LeBron. LeBron is one of the most unselfish players in basketball history, and would be a perfect fit for Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Very Funny Article!
Best Line: "Bring his talents to South Temple."

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